Mega Man Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!


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    Pop culture's deadliest characters fight to the death! Experts Wiz and Boomstick analyze the fighters' weapons, armor, and skills to find the decisive, unquestionable winner. It's your dream match-ups come to life!
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    1. mario and luigi 2017

      I have only heard about 2 mega men before getting trophies of the other 3 mega men. The two I knew the names of back then were the original Mega Man and Mega Man X.

    2. YT Ultraman

      Battle Royale Idea: Ultra Brothers Battle Royale

    3. Flashy Green x

      I only here again to listen to all the mega man story’s again

    4. Michael Song

      Which game did .EXE and Starforce fight? Player seems to be controlling .EXE, so that means it must be one of .EXE games, but I don't remember ever fighting Starforce.

      1. Michael Song

        @Gunvolt 524 Thank you.

      2. Gunvolt 524

        Operation Shooting Star, it was a Japanese exclusive and it was pretty much a re-release of Battle Network 1 with an added Starforce scenario.

    5. Papes

      22:44 Is that a mf jojo reference

    6. Carnotaurus Kun

      King dedede vs king k rool

    7. Ming Dao Feng

      Still enjoy coming back to this, i hope you guys do another battle royale in megaman universe. But using other characters like bass & treble, protoman, zero, and other anti-heros and rivals to the megamans

    8. Ethan Statler

      That timeline was humanity's last chance no, there is another.

    9. Sebastian Tudela

      X maverick

    10. Quentin Antoney

      death battle is tremedously awesome if im being honest i wanted the og mega man to win

    11. Dragma XE

      Something tells me these just wanted to see EXE win and count the star force one out because it wasn't nearly as fan loved as it's predecessor. Also the fact that they only went into such details only for the victor while giving EXE's adversary only a few facts and then just simply throw him to the curb because these morons just didn't care about any of it as long as their personal faveorite had won in the end.

    12. Clayton Fontenot

      I wanted x to win!

    13. Koala From Tomorrow

      Doesn't mega man staforce have a shiled too

      1. Gunvolt 524

        Yeah he does but EXE can also have one through customization. Edit: All the Megamen here technically have shields: Classic: Mirror Buster, Leaf Shield etc X: Rolling shield, Guard Shell Volnutt: Shield Arm EXE: Shield or Reflect Navi Customization Parts Geo: Just kinda has one by default.

    14. Koala From Tomorrow

      I am still upset that mega staforce ended abruptly

    15. Music 4MySoul

      If you're willing, follow Jesus Christ until the end. He loves and cares for everyone of you. I've seen Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. If you seek Him you will find Him. The Lord is coming back very soon to rapture His people. They will be taken out of harms way, because this is the end. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. The antichrist, false prophet, and the Two Witnesses are alive today. I don't want to see anyone disappointed for all eternity. I want to see many of you in the kingdom of heaven. And please avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. It is dangerous for your soul.

    16. Jumpy Wolf

      The music used in this at 1:18 is very nice wish i know where to find it

    17. Ernesto Olvera

      Sooo.... MEGAMAN. EXE is Faster than flash?😳👀

      1. Gunvolt 524

        Not really

    18. Ryan Murphy

      I’m really surprised that mega man X lost 😞

    19. Oliver Channing

      When you said this isn’t mega man this is mega man X and I got an ad so it said this isn’t mega man it’s... mega man

    20. nobody Flores

      I’m pretty sure exe Hub mode sounds like he’s straight up God

      1. Gunvolt 524

        @nobody Flores With the way DB hyped EXE up here, I could easily see why people think EXE is an invincible Cyber Jesus that could match Zeno from DBS or the Living Tribunal. EXE's feats are significantly blown out of proportion here and with context (there'd be a quite a bit to uncover there) aren't nearly as impressive as they sound.

      2. nobody Flores

        @Gunvolt 524 but he still sounds like he’s straight up god XD

      3. Gunvolt 524

        Only in terms of the Cyberworld, it only really appeared in Battle Network 5 as a Deus Ex Machina and even then didn't fully destroy Nebula Grey. Despite what DB says, Hub Form never actually showed any reality warping abilities outside of the net. (a world comprised of data) and pretty much ignored the setup EXE would need to have to fight in the Real world in the first place. Edit: Hub Form is a form that EXE can't reliably change into whenever wants to anyways.

    21. GavinB

      Also, comics OG Mega Man (from the Archie Comics) fought and killed robot god moon, you know, no big deal.

    22. Mira Satyr

      Sadly the battle net series is a pretty forgotten one almost no one talks about . ___ .

    23. dragonwolf

      4:12 Me: oh hey it's the thing from my knightmares. Me 2 seconds later: AAAAAAHHHHHH KILL IT WITH FIRE

    24. Mega PoNEO

      11:56 Those are Digimon, and there are also jewel-based versions called Jewelpets.

    25. GX EX YT

      Someone could explain me wtf is the factor X from megaman X?

    26. Bot Retro

      Where’s mega man zero?

      1. Gunvolt 524

        The reason Zero isn't here is because Screwattack only used the Megamen in Classic Megamans final smash from Smash Bros for this royale.

    27. CrisMegaFan XD

      I don't care if he loose, Geo is still my favorite MegaMan Geo×Sonia 4 ever

    28. Homeboi

      Poor volnutt

    29. Aston Martin

      That was an amazing battle!! But what if you do a Yu-Gi-Oh! battle royale! death battle with Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, Yuma Tsukomo, Yuya Sakaki and Playmaker! To see who is THE best duelist in the Konami Universe!!

    30. Frog Counter

      s0...can any of them beat goku?

      1. Anonymous

        The composite Megaman EXE here could pull it off Edit: I should also mention that said composite is buffed by having 3 contradictory continuitues mixed into one and wanked even further by having a dungeon from the 4th game of his series completely taken out of context.

    31. Ahmad AbuGhazaleh

      all of mega mans came in one place and begin to fight , what the heak ? did they notice that they are mega programs to fight evil ? I think that Dr willy will have fun with the last one I guess

    32. Dolores Solano

      Next time there's a death battle just bring out protoman and bass does those other two are from a completely different timeline

    33. sanji ate o all blue

      I'm betting on x

    34. Benny E. Vilca

      "You NEVER saw it coming!"

    35. Creative and funny name

      I call BS! Boomstick can't have only known how to make chicken, since he constantly flaunts his squirrel cooking, which is not available on Blue Apron. He even ate a Squirrel in this episode!

    36. CreepXD

      Guess we know what must done, FLASH VS MEGAMAN.EXE. who is faster

      1. Anonymous

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU For all we know, he could've also been referring to Jay Gerrick. Wally the fastest incarnation (the one that actually fought Sonic there) was the one I was referring to. This is being generous to EXE (giving him an chance against Wally at all) and assuming his speed wasn't miscalculated or wanked here.


        @Anonymous You’re clearly talking about Wally.


        @Anonymous Cause it seems like he was referring to Barry Allen.


        @Anonymous Remember: Bart Allen, Barry Allen, Wally West.

      5. Anonymous

        Watch the Flash vs Sonic DB. Flash better has speed feats.

    37. Kurber Bing

      Lucky X didn't fire his insta-kill hadouken

    38. Sapphire Shinobi


    39. Ekliim

      Volnutt was the only one who didn’t stand a chance

      1. Ekliim

        @Anonymous by that I mean he didn’t have a time stop or a black hole



    41. Terry Schneider

      Nice shot Boomstick.

    42. Emerson Cotton

      idea ra's al ghul and winters` TMNT vs BATMAN

    43. CK - 16

      Mega Man: Into The Mega-Verse

    44. 2Dguy

      kinda sad zx didnt even get the chance to enter

    45. HunterBeatBilly98

      2:37 Or as dan like to call it: THE N BOMB

    46. SK. Trollingston

      They also forgot EXE's ultimate chips. The Prism and Voodoo Doll....

    47. Josh Wilson

      What music did they use for Mega Man’s (OG) Analysis, I must know.

    48. Pablo Castro

      22:43 yare yare daze

    49. Sum Guy

      The most inaccurate death battle ever!!!!!! Megaman should’ve won not Megaman!!!!!

    50. fatebit

      my boy x got third place, that's good enough for me :D

    51. NigelPlayz

      Battle network and star force are canonically in the same timeline.

    52. SK. Trollingston

      I wonder how Megaman EXE would do against Ultron, or Zero, or Superman. You guys should do an elimination tournament where all the Death Battle winners fight each other.

      1. Gunvolt 524

        Can't speak on Superman or Ultron but the imaginary EXE here would destroy Zero. If Zero fought game canon EXE, it'd depend on where they're fighting. In Cyberworld EXE would win but in the real world Zero would have an advantage against EXE

    53. System_ 56

      The winner is megaman

      1. Sum Guy

        C’mon wtf you spoiled it 😂

    54. CurtisClover

      Starforce: The only timeline woth a good ending Me: I'm kinda rooting for X, but .EXE seems pretty strong..... ....STARFORCE HAS PLOT ARMOR OH NO EDIT: nvm; had us in the first half, not gonna lie

    55. Iya

      Rock - heavily armored and equipped with deadly weapons X - heavily armored medic equipped with deadly weapons EXE - cyberspace god Star Force - space sentinel Volnutt - heavily armored

    56. Jordan

      Everyone: *talks about megaman winning* Me: "wait... was that a jojo reference?"

    57. red

      We had a we had a gen 1 starter Battle Royale then we had a mega Man Battle Royale and now a eevevolution Battle Royale

    58. Danny'sDungareeDanceoff

      The EM one and the 2nd/ hacker one are the only 2 I care about I'm betting on the Wave guy tho lol

    59. bahaethenoob135 79


    60. WJ Peck

      what song was played for X’s intro

    61. Multifunfunman

      I'm happy that .EXE wins. He was my first exposure to Megaman in the anime 'Megaman: NT Warrior: Axess'.

    62. Ookami

      .Exe is my boi 👌🏽💙🔥

    63. Konur Alp Yıldızkan

      Classic Mega Man should have won because he has the greatest weapon... Metal blade :P

    64. Skull Man [DWN-032]




    65. Elijah Gumm

      Ngl at the end of the Legends intro boomstick spat some real ass facts

      1. j B


    66. Obadiah Abilio

      I have an idea, since we had all of the megaman battle. We should have all of the rolls battle.

    67. Keagan Hale

      God I wise death battle would make another mega man death battle already

    68. Hello Simp

      I love how they measure everything in American

    69. Darth Cerebus

      The real question here being "Can EXE do all of that outside in the real world where this fight would actually happen?" Because if he just has a fraction of his potential, since it's all code and being code himself making it far easier to be a thing, much like Sigma's and Ultron's whole scenarios, it's possible that he could just be on par with X and even just regular Mega Man if he doesn't have all of his data world potential being an entirely different reality with different rules of reality.

      1. Gunvolt 524

        @RouroniRockman Starforce takes places 200 years in the future with more advanced technology in the EM wave world. It's really odd to me that you keep insisting on using things from Starforce to validate things from Battle Network, a series that happens 200 years ago at that point. The EM beings exist in the real world and for the most part have different physiology from Netnavis. It doesn't make sense to me that you're equating them just because they can interact with each other. Navis are confined to the cyberworld, EM beings aren't. If Gregar or Falzar left the Cyberworld (something they were never or pretty much any Battle Network Era program were capable of) especially something of a cybeasts caliber, it would've been bought up and there definitely would've casualties in the process if a cybeast were just wandering around unless Iris were suppressing it, even then it would've been seen and bought up since Gregar and Falzar are massive. Hub Bat and Full Synchro is pretty much Lan synchronizing with Hub to the point that their DNA is 100% linked almost in a 1 to 1 link and again is a unique case in BN that isn't really replicated by anything else. As a matter of fact I'd chalk full synch as more of a personal synchronization issue between Lan and Hub personally than a net to real world issue. It's certainly weird that netnavis could move from comp to comp with no explantion. The programs and netnavis moving into the real world to move into the real world to go wherever they want to is another theory and there isn't really much to support them having this ability, if they could......why would copybots be necessary if any Netnavi or program is capable of moving into the real world? I'll admit I set myself up for that and you got me on duo that being said things from Battle Network generally don't take place outside of Earth. Duo is pretty much the exception to this. Duo himself is the O.S of a planetary asteroid shaped rocket system from outer space (of pretty much unknown origin) that destroys planets with evil. So aside from Duo (which the cast of Battle Network needed extensive preparation and an entire games worth of time to even enter his server) whos basically an alien who happened to pass by earth, when has anything from Battle Network ever been shown to affect anything beyond the scope of earth? So servers in Battle Network and Starforce have images in their backgrounds to suit their themes, given that Duo's server is obviously space themed and that it's inside an asteroid shaped rocket, it makes sense for the server of an asteroid shaped rocket that travels space to have images relating to space inside of it. If those were actual Stars and Galaxies (something that has never actually been stated btw) than it'd be incredibly odd and inconsistent for Duo's server to be the only exception to servers having images for their themes. Tbh the only people I've actually seen that say those images were actual stars and galaxies were people who either haven't played Battle Network or people who blow Hub out of proportion by saying he's universal or multiversal. Battle Network 5 is pretty unclear with this but again it's very strongly implied that all those holes just warp to the Nebula server. Even when Nebula Grey is connected to Soulnet his influence would've only affected things on a global scale instead of a galactic or universal scale. Aside from Hub form (a form he could debatebly access at this point) I don't really see a way for him to defeat Geo even then doubtful Hub form could just poof a form like Red Joker or Black Ace out of existence.

      2. RouroniRockman

        @Gunvolt 524 I'd hardly call it derailed. Original post of the thread was asking about EXE doing stuff in the real world., nothing more. I've been making a case for such and limiting myself to game sources for the challenge. Real world/Cyber world bleed is a tad more common than you give it credit for. Full Synchro, Hub.bat, the Gospel Incident, Soul Net, pretty much any instance of programs/Navis moving from one isolated cyberspace to another; the real and cyber worlds aren't as isolated as you think. Starforce re-contextualizes this. Duo came from space. By definition that is outside the scope of Earth. What's your basis for saying that the stars and galaxies are not actual stars and galaxies? If you're talking about the "NebulaArea" in BN5's postgame, I could see that being an additional server for Nebula.The name and all that, anyhow. On the other hand, Shademan does refer to it as a world. The transformations are changed every two games for gameplay variance and the previous are dumped without in-game explanation. I'm willing to chalk that one up to gameplay affecting the narrative.

      3. Gunvolt 524

        @RouroniRockman I'm not sure what happened but somewhere along the way my comment about EXE's victory got substantially derailed into a discussion about Battle Network head canons. EXE being able to will himself into the real world just because he's a powerful Navi is head canon and aside from the Gospel incident isn't really consistent with other things that happened in Battle Network. With that being said going to bring it back to the original topic. Nothing in Battle Network was implied to affect anything beyond the scope of Earth. The "stars and galaxies" shown in the victory analysis were just images from Duo's server inside of an asteroid. The "Dark Galaxy Universe" that DB mentions from BN5 isn't even seen so there's no way to confirm if it even is another entire universe and even then considering that the postgame dungeon is, a part of Nebula's hideout is called "Darkworld" and is stated to be where all the negative energy goes along with the dark portals leading there, it's pretty strongly implied that the "Dark Galaxy Universe" was just Nebula's sever. Nothing in the BN games aside from maybe Hub form puts EXE on Geo's level and that's not even a form he has access to normally otherwise he would've deleted Gregar and Falzar instantly.

      4. RouroniRockman

        @Gunvolt 524 You are correct about the building more or less being a giant server; that said, the fact that the distortions and radiation all ceases with the death of the Virus Beast implies that it was the direct source of the phenomenon. And so, my logic is as follows: We know that the entire point of the Gospel program initially was to make a copy of Bass and not to fuse the real and cyber worlds together, so logically the real/cyber bleed and the radiation must be an unintentional side effect. That kind of effect, especially as it was not directly related to the function of the program, implies that it is thus related to power. Sean tried to make the Gospel Beast stronger than the first Bass clone, and the radiation increased drastically. Now consider everything that happens in Starforce 1 with the advent of Cepheus: EM beings like Mr. Hertzes as well as Navis(reminder that Navis like EXE were still a thing in the first one) begin to materialize in the real world as humans start to both be significantly harmed from the radiation and also start to take the first steps to becoming EM beings themselves. This is explained as being due to the FM King's level of raw power, IIRC. Even the part of the space station where Geo fights Andromeda is already mostly transformed into EM waves. We can say for certain that this isn't alien EM-wave exclusive since the Muians were able to do similar things. So there's a direct relationship between power and emitted EM radiation. And because the EM phenomena are clearly comparable to the Gospel incident, those same rules appear applicable. Thus having established the relationship between power levels and EM radiation, it's a fair conclusion that EXE should be able to materialize in the real world by consistently emitting a high enough level of power and thus enough EM waves. The reason that he wouldn't do it is obviously that it's not worth killing everyone with EM radiation overdose just to say hi. As far as Bass goes, as much as he hates humans, his number one priority seems to be fighting strong Navis and being strong himself. Otherwise he'd spend all of his time wreaking havoc across the net when instead we only ever really see him in the Undernet (with a few notable exceptions). His conversation with Wily at the end of 3 seems to imply that it's the strength aspect of absorbing the Guardian program that is the first thing on his mind. The fact that Wily gets to take revenge on Net Society (and humans by extension) seems to be an afterthought. Not saying that he wouldn't kill as many as possible if he was already there, but I can't think of a time where Bass was actively trying to kill humans otherwise (besides the whole thing with Alpha, and even that seemed more like a secondary goal for him). On the note of the Cybeasts, Gregar/Falzar somehow moved from inside MegaMan inside the PET to into the Copybot at the end despite Lan not connecting the PET, so maybe they can?...Come to think of it, there's a lot of that in the BN series, where Navis end up in places that they should have no access to. On the note of the AMians and FMians, you're right, but Navis were also still a thing in Starforce 1. And it shouldn't be a case of incompatibility between the two since Geo and EXE were able to interact the way that they did in Operate Shooting Star. I'd say that there's a good reason for the overlap.

      5. Gunvolt 524

        @RouroniRockman It's been a while since I've played BN2 but iirc the entirety of Gospels hideout building was stated to be a giant server, that along with the mass of bugs forming Gospel led to strange circumstances (radiation, net distortions in the real world area and vice versa). Aside from the Gospel incident, the only 2 notable things from the net that affected the real world (aside from common virus incidents like burning ovens) were Soulnet and Copybots. Hub being able to warp into the real world without a copybot and fight without a modified copybot is just headcanon. In general Navis need copybots to exist in the real world. It was stated that Navis need a modified one to use their abilities, why would Hub be an exception to this rule? If EXE had the ability to conviently warp into the real world whenever he wanted without a copybot he would've done as would Bass. If the terraforming was just because of Gospels power, two completed and more powerful cybeast Falzar and Gregar would've had the same terraforming effects and would've wrecked havoc on the real world as well as the net. I'm pretty sure EM-wave beings especially AM-ians and FM-ians are just capable of interacting with the real world in general.

    70. Clav D

      Oh my.... there are like 15 ads on this video....

    71. Dudepool

      I guarantee I owe $20XX on rental fees from the X series still. I totally didn't contribute to the death of my local rental store 😳

    72. Redant

      What the music on 1:49?

    73. Joshua Sipes

      I like how classic and x were the serious ones

      1. Joshua Sipes

        Also my fave megaman one and set a record in one video


      MegaMan X is anime sh*t

    75. John Clair

      i disagree with the winner for one simple factor... mega man X had a move that one-shot any opponent! the Haduken was an instant kill so if he used it on any of them prior to launching their strongest moves... he was the winner for sure!

    76. Andrés Alejandro Gómez

      They just forgot a few things, and it's about Megaman.Exe and Geo Stelar, and it's that they can use Program Advance (Galaxy Advance on the Geo side)

    77. SunBroNation

      This is my favorite death battle

    78. Dragon Ice

      Who got a stickclash ad

    79. Chainsonic

      Alternate Ending: Star Force Mega Man: "uses Red Gaia Eraser" Everyone: "dies"

    80. Ted Scheett

      Yeah, .EXE might have won the battle, but who is the best looking Mega Man? Personally, I like X's design.

      1. Nathaniel Cody

        For me it’s 1 exe 2 volnut 3 x 4 classic 5 star force

      2. Gunvolt 524

        For me designwise it goes: 1. Starforce 2. X 3. EXE 4. Classic 5. Volnutt

    81. ElGarchompInklingShiny

      23:43 Oh No! X, into Maverick

    82. Rafał Stawarz

      Can someone tell me what is this music in 4:38 ?

    83. Steven Pillco

      Don’t even ask how they got there just attack on sight

      1. j B

        Every other death battle: ME TOO!

    84. Rare Username

      Volnutt and Yamcha should meet

    85. Tyrell Thiel

      Anyone else here for the hyper-nerd "nth-illion megatons of tnt" arithmetic? Geez I love it

    86. sam whary

      Awww. My sweet geo.

    87. RogueStyle 24

      I wonder if after marvel vs capcom infinite if X’s infinity buster can be applicable here

    88. ThatGamerGideon059

      I enjoyed this episode as much as the next guy, but what I was really hoping for was fights between the Megamen of different timelines, as that was something more difficult to compare to, at least at a glance.

      1. ThatGamerGideon059

        @Josefumi Kujo Starforce takes place 200 years after Battle Network. Same timeline.

      2. Josefumi Kujo

        Different timelines? What do you mean? I thought EXE and Starforce ARE from a different timeline :0

    89. Izumi Hirano Ch.

      22:44 JOTARO MOMENT

    90. Tim V110

      finally a voice of reason.....thank you boomstick lol

    91. Dungeonology

      Question: How is MegaMan.EXE even in the real world to fight anyone? He alone requires some external means to enter the real world, and in the Mega Man Battle Network games (which IMO should have been the only source they used for this instead of combining every take on the character into one) the only method is the CopyBots from MMBN6, which normally don't have weaponry save for modified ones (and even then, who knows if a robot body in the real world could pull off all the things MegaMan.EXE cam do in the Cyberworld).

      1. Gunvolt 524

        @JuukaRock The issue with the Gospel incident at least in the games is that we're *assuming* any Navi or Program can just will themselves into the real world just because Gospel was terraforming an island and the net, an ability that none of the other final bosses or stronger navis/programs displayed. The question is, was that really because of Gospel in particular in the games or just because of the excessive bug frag radiation inside of the giant building sized server? Even if the Battle did take place in a beyondard like area, so EXE could use his full power, Screwattack still buffed him to absurd degrees here.

      2. JuukaRock

        @Gunvolt 524 Beast+'s final episode, Rockman and Netto forcefully drag themselves out of Cache's cyberspace as their Cross Fusion form into the real world to fight him. Once they beat Cache, Rockman separates into his own entity from Netto, sans Dimensional Area or final boss reality bending. Also whether or not a character can do something easily doesn't matter in death battle in terms of whether or not they get access to the power. Otherwise, a lot of desperation power-up type techniques don't get included. You can also easily say this fight happens in a Beyondard-like area, where cyber entities and physical beings interact 1-to-1.

      3. Gunvolt 524

        @JuukaRock The second point, yes Gospel did cause real world to net bleed but the question is, was that caused by Gospel specifically or the amplification of bug frag radiation inside of a giant building sized server? If it was an event of excessive bug frag radiation inside of a giant server, I doubt navis like EXE or Bass could easily recreate this, if at all. It's been a while since I've watched the anime but I do need to ask was EXE willing himself into the real world an event that happened during Beast or Beast+ or was it an event that happened prior? A lot of EXE's feats for this royale were taken out of context to make him seem way stronger than he actually is.

      4. JuukaRock

        The anime shows the manifestation of digital beings without the use of dimensional areas, and as they said in the video, there was an instance of Mega Man.EXE doing it himself. In games, it's true that the weapon-less copy bots are the safest way to enter the real world, but Gospel in the second game was causing a merge of the cyber and real worlds through its own power and radiation. It stands to reason beings that could overpower Gospel, like MegaMan, could do something similar if placed into extreme conditions.

    92. spooder danker

      22:44 oh? So you approach me? Instead of running away your coming right towards me?

    93. HadesRageTV

      Volnutt honestly didn't have the best arsenal to go against these other ones.. but I still love the character.

      1. ThatGamerGideon059

        @Dungeonology I mean, the Shining Laser was (at least in Legends 1) created using X's own buster. That's gotta be worth something.

      2. HadesRageTV

        @Dungeonology Volnutt's arsenal alone wouldn't be able to match the other megamen, other than the shining laser.. maybe that one mega bomb weapon in Legends 2 would do damage as it can destroy large reverbot opponents with at least 5 hits. However, it was apparent that he wasn't gonna last long, even if he had hype built around him. I think if they would made Legends 3, and given him more weapons, he'd be able to last a lil longer.

      3. Dungeonology

        I'm fairly confident if he'd been given the fully-upgraded Shining Laser for this fight he'd have been able to take down at least Classic Mega Man. For some reason they brought up the weapon but didn't bother to go into how powerful it is. The thing can destroy both of Mega Man Juno's forms in the first Legends game in mere seconds. However, X especially would probably make it a priority to take Volnutt out as quickly as possible after the Shining Laser's power was made apparent.

    94. demilung

      Audience Application Award goes to Volnutt. You got one, buddy.

    95. demilung

      Love and peace are lies, God is dead, and we're all fucked!

    96. Dungeonology

      If they'd given Volnutt the Shining Laser in the animation he would have stood more of a chance and possibly defeated at least Classic Mega Man. In the first Legends game the fully-upgraded Shining Laser can defeat the final boss in 4 seconds, AND it has unlimited energy, so Volnutt could have just spammed it during the battle royale as long as possible (though classic Mega Man or X could still have stopped time to take Volnutt out, but likely not before he'd already demonstrated the need to take him out by destroying one of the two with it).

    97. Chase G

      All turn into stronger forms Volunteer: puts on helmet

    98. Riley Ferrante


      1. Riley Ferrante

        @Dungeonology hence the INFINITY BUSTER should have been considered in this A MEGA BUSTER THAT USED INFINITY STONES TO FIRE AND ONLY X CAN USE IT

      2. Dungeonology

        Well, the Infinity Buster was from a crossover game that isn't canonical to the Mega Man X series...but they also used X's feats from the manga and combined three different versions of MegaMan.EXE from sources that contradict one another into one (MegaMan.EXE is only Hub in the continuity of the games, for one thing), so I don't really get what their criteria is for whether a source should count or not.

    99. Terry Schneider

      My favorite part is when boomstick uses the mega buster.

    100. Utopia Cobra

      21:10 Get Spiked Nerd