Akuma VS Shao Kahn w/ Chris Kokkinos | DEATH BATTLE Cast #217


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    Street Fighter takes on Mortal Kombat in today's Death Battle Cast!
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    1. Kafael

      I really don’t believe shao khan could beat akuma but based off the arguments.. shao khan is way more versatile and capable of taking the W

    2. jblue88 hood gamer

      It's funny how they say that Shao Kahn can read minds so can M Bison an Rose an Dhalzim and Ryu beat all 3of them both so it doesn't mean much

    3. jblue88 hood gamer

      If Shao Kahn can't see lui Kang fist coming he's not toiching Akuma period.

    4. jblue88 hood gamer

      I love shao kahn he is powerful but he's not Akuma Powerful that's real talk.

    5. Patrick Wentzell

      Lego World Collides with ours mysterious cosmic brick have fallen from the sky. they are being researched by government officials. we will have more information at a later time in the meantime watch more of these videos.

    6. Katie Reed

      Akuma beat Kenpachi Zaraki! Shao kahn has no chanse


      Make this make this MAKE THIS I've been recommending Akuma vs shao kahn for years

    8. Bruce Wayne

      OOoo make some more X-Men battles I got some Magneto VS Madera Psylocke VS Hiei Gambit VS Hisoka Cable VS Future Trunks Magik VS Asta (black clover) Mystique VS Chrollo (hxh) Rogue VS Ryuko (kill la kill) Mr Sinister VS Orochimaru Sabretooth VS Katakuri (one piece) ShatterStar (Xforce) VS Zoro (One Piece) Onslaught (xmen) VS Aizen (bleach) Storm VS Kakashi Apocalypse VS Lord Beerus

    9. MAxx MAxx

      Akuma destroys a meteor, island and the moon. By the way in sfv nekali try to suck akuma soul but failed misereably He fought ashura in a stalemate battle. Drop from the atmosphere


      Akuma vs Yujiro Hanma

    11. Sagar Asthana

      When is this coming out?

    12. Obersmoffe

      11:30 MK3 isn’t canon anymore, the events never happened. Soz Also, he only used it once during an invasion attempt to strengthen bonds between earth realm and himself. I doubt that would work in death battle.

    13. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    14. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    15. London Rhodes

      I feel like the toon force is stronger with bugs.

    16. Sam Ulvila

      I think that Akuma’s ability to resist Khan’s soul suck depends on how much power he has vs khan. If he has more raw power than khan then he would counter it and if not then khan would win. I’ve never seen Shao khan express raw power the way akuma has, so I feel like akuma could still whoop him

      1. Sam Ulvila

        It’s interesting because Shao Khan has some hack abilities that could insta-win the fight, but Akuma’s raging demon is also a one shot that he could use to win, aside from those things I still think akuma has a raw power advantage and khan has versatility, could he brainwash akuma maybe?

    17. Shenanigans Fπckery

      are you gonna make this two fight?

    18. Haj Johnson

      Asura Wrath Akuma seals all deals period #1.

    19. Richard Crawley

      I just watched this and I KNOW I'm 2 weeks late. But I do want to mention that Shao Kahn couldn't just open a portal and suck souls. He needed assistance from Sindel. So if its only one on one you shouldn't have used that argument. Also, If I was Good Ol Boom Stick, I would've mentioned all of M.Bisons feats and just stated that the first appearance of Akuma was flying in unnoticed and killing Bison right before he kicked you, the player, ass without mercy.

    20. Jayson D

      Barney vs Big Bird Doraemon vs Dora Totoro vs Snorlax Haku (Spirited Away) vs Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) Hello Kitty vs Pikachu

    21. Kayla Kosatka


    22. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy im trying to comment on the most recent because I really wanna see this fight

    23. Emperor SW

      I remember when shao beat Freddy Krueger (an invincible demon from dream realm)

    24. Trevon Williams

      Can you do Naruto vs goku

    25. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    26. kosh12319

      To decide if akuma can beat shou Kahn just look that liu Kang who won

    27. Catherine Cintron


    28. Jon

      Shao Kahn got beaten by a Liu Kang (without any sort of amps) multiple times and loses to Kitana in MK11. Base Akuma can decimate an island, Shin Akuma destroyed a meteor, Oni is beyond that. While I'm uncertain if this can be considered cannon Oni stalemated with Asura, and he punched Asura so hard he destroyed the moon in their fight. Remember this isn't punching the Moon, this is punching something else so hard that he destroyed a moon. Mk vs DC - Is definitely not cannon, but even it is, in that game it states that the Rage caused power levels completely in flux, which is why Mk characters could hold their own and beat DC characters. It doesn't indicated Shao Kahn's powers at all. The feat they mentioned with Shao Kahn tanking an Elder God empowering Raiden, he gets defeated later, that blast was clearly nowhere near Raiden's max power. In the timeline Raiden doesn't intervene, that same Shao Kahn, Liu Kang beats him.

    29. Josaiah Rhodes

      Joshua (Final Fantasy) Vs. Mugen (Samurai Champloo) = Realistic Fight

    30. Josaiah Rhodes

      Colm (Fire Emblem) vs Locke cole (Final Fantasy)

    31. Rman Nayr


    32. Andrew Whiting

      I am so proud of ya'll for finally ripping into Disney Star Wars, if only a little bit, by the way.

    33. Andrew Whiting

      Akuma can punch Asura in the face and live getting slapped back.

    34. Corey Wilson

      Asura vs akuma is literally non cannon

    35. Devin Long

      Predator vs "Mando" (Din Djarin)


      Are they gonna do these fights?

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    37. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá

      Akuma vs Lord Raiden

    38. Big booty Boi

      Deadpool vs scorpion???

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Try in suggestions

    39. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

      Isn't that I did this suggestion?

    40. Kara Marcas

      a bit unusual but pls do Buffy v Blade

    41. Indiana Olson

      The volcano feat is a pretty big deal. Over 4000°F, 300 decibels, poisonous fumes, and hundreds of tons of molten rock. All with Akuma in the epicenter.

    42. PengyAnimations

      58:42 for the trailer.

    43. vsg4467

      Would an imperial star destroyer vs a galaxy class starship count as a death battle idea

    44. Damian Ramos

      Jeff/Eartbound Vs. Edgar/FF6. Both are gadget boys from a JRPG for SNES

    45. Flynn Guest

      here is an idea Mumm Ra vs Skeletor since the whole Lion O vs He Man.

    46. Alizhan Abdikalyk

      Idea: Aizen vs Madara. Shao kahn vs Akuma.

      1. Marki Moo

        YESSSS!! I'd kill to see an Aizen v Madara episode!

    47. Jeffery smith

      Can we get a Kylo ren versus itutchi utchia

      1. Jeffery smith

        Ik there was the obi one and kakashi but there both run aways from there family

    48. Identity Withheld Gaming

      Death battle ideas: Daniel Larusso vs Dre Parker King Kong vs King Louie Mephisto vs Trigon Eren Yeager vs Jotaro Meta Knight vs Metal Sonic

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        These need to do in suggestions

    49. Dlow Mighty

      Shazam vs Gladiator Some Time this Year Black Adam vs Apocalypse Black Panther vs Midnighter Scorpion vs Nightcrawler Deathstroke vs Captain America Ninjak vs Snake eyes

    50. senato21

      Dark side never merged with shao Kahn darksides Avatar merged with a shao Kahn

    51. senato21

      Doesn't akuma and his brother gouki have a way to protect their souls?that's why akuma didn't succeed in killing gouki

      1. senato21

        @Son Omni werd I just assumed that nothingness and darkness had techniques or abilities that overlap kind of like the Jedi and the sith.also dunno if ermac can be compared to akuma he was made of good souls while akuma has given himself completely to the dark side which might make his will harder to bend

      2. Son Omni

        Akuma doesn't use the Power of Nothingness, also Gouken is his name not Gouki.

    52. Maphisa Mlambo


    53. Jacob Weatherford

      Shao khan vs Akuma could be a very interesting fight but I think Akuma would win inevitably

      1. Dynamic Gaming!

        @Sam Ulvila Agreed it’s like wen you compar Shao Kahn to Akuma there resumes are so different as far as Kahn he’s lost to so many people even killed by Kitana so it’s like wen you compare the people who has defeated him in comparison to Akuma there’s really not a high chance of Kahn defeating Akuma in either shape or form I got Akuma for the W on this one his resume even in cross over games he’s DOMINANT one of the greatest fighting games characters of all time to be honest💯😩

      2. Jacob Weatherford

        @Sam Ulvila I'm not sure there is a single character in mortal kombat who can stand up to Akuma except maybe fire God liukang and even then it's unlikely

      3. Sam Ulvila

        If Akuma has more speed and power then he would win more times than not, especially since he can go raging demon and has a good chance of surging khan’s soul absorption. If he’s faster than khan then khan would have a hard time even landing any of his hack moves to start with while Akuma would just mop the floor with him and not give him any time to use his powers

      4. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    54. rod cent

      I'm scared disney might try to sue them

    55. TheKastdragon

      Elle vs Clementine..........(The Last of Us vs The Walking Dead)

      1. S N 7584

        Rooting Clementine betting Elle

    56. Theo Headon

      Madara Uchiha VS Sosuke Aizen Battle PLz

    57. Sageki Shiba Production

      Jayden Shiba from Power Rangers Samurai vs Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda if this sounds dumb forget I brought this up. But please I would love to see how this would turn out.

    58. Michael Song

      Doesn't Disney own the Star Wars universe? Mickey is insanely powerful entity in Disney universe, while Yoda is nowhere near as powerful in the Star Wars universe.

    59. Michael Song

      I doubt Akuma stands a chance against Shao Khan. First of all, Akuma does not have intangibility. When he's dodging using what seems like intangibility, it's just that Akuma moves fast to leave an after image, from the POV of the attacker. Second, if his meteor destroying feat counts (capcom vs snk), then you should count MK vs DC feats (in which case, SF doesn't stand a chance). I personally don't count either games as canon, since they're crossover. My vote counts towards Shao Kahn, despite that I like Akuma better.

      1. Michael Song

        @Noor Muhammad Akbar Oh. I don't really know much about Shao Kahn, since I stopped playing at UMK3.

      2. Noor Muhammad Akbar

        If we are counting the akuma meteor feat, we are including something that is phenomenal, Normal Shao Kahn would be Universal+ via being slightly above Raiden and Fujin via in the comics, I would show the scan later. Final Boss Shao Kahn would be Multiversal, considering how he Tanked Elder God Raiden’s attack, Raiden is Multiversal because he is amped by the Elder Gods in MK9, if we Scale the Universal+ feat that Raiden did to the Elder Gods, the Elder Gods would be High-Universal, because? Shinnok tanked it, Shinnok tanked the Universal+ beam that Raiden did in the comics. In conclusion: Shao Kahn solos SFverse if Composite.

    60. Emonkey

      Do The mighty numbers vs The robot masters

    61. ImpressionWorks1

      A few years ago Chad: we banned Yoda for death battle Next battle Yoda Vs king mickey Me: liar 😡

    62. The Mandalorian Ghost

      When is Doom slayer coming to death battle?

    63. Ernie Moreno

      Is this when the next death battle was announced?

      1. Breaker X


    64. God Like

      I’m rooting for yoda

    65. existed D

      After yoda vs micky do spider man vs Deku from mha

      1. existed D

        @S N 7584 I know but it would be cool because they are very similar but my boy spider man wins

      2. S N 7584

        Spiderman destroys Deku.

    66. Tis'nt Merealname

      You guys should discuss a Daedric Prince battle royale.

      1. Albedo

        There is next to nothing to pull from besides statements and legends with no footage

    67. lion tiger

      liu kang from mortal kombat vs jago from killer instinct vs ryu from street fighter vs jin kazama from tekken vs fiery phoenix from tao feng fist of the lotus vs Siegfried Schtauffen from soul calibur vs Kyo Kusanagi from king of fighter vs Batsu Ichimonji from Rival Schools vs ein from dead or alive vs Akira Yuki from Virtua Fighter vs Yugo Ogami from Bloody Roar vs Asad from kakuto chojin back alley brutal vs Paragon from marvel nemesis: rise of the imperfects. omnipotent fighter HEAVEN VS HELL ROCKS

    68. pain uzumaki

      Spongebob needs to be in it

    69. pain uzumaki

      I been watching you guys for a while Im a big fan Akuma vs shao Kahn is a great match Asura wrath should be in it. And inuyasha One punch man also Find someone to beat Superman. I know broly can

    70. Wesley Molt

      Here’s a potential future battle: Naruto vs Minamino Shuichi. Which host of the fox demon Kurama is the most dangerous?

    71. loboeternal

      Call it death-jury

    72. Aaron Coggins

      Chad, the heroes couldn't jump to Lightspeed because they only had one Jump left, and the villains couldn't jump to lightspeed because they can't stop on a dime to show up right in front of them

    73. Bode Dopler

      You would make a death battle of this

    74. 我愛小毛球

      So when will YUGI appear?soooo∞n? 😀😀😀

      1. Void

        Its highly unlikely, yugi is not a character who can be power scaled on any way, he is not a "fighter "

    75. Fox Mc' Lox

      Thumbs up if King Mickey Won!

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    76. Fox Mc' Lox

      Thumbs up if Yoda Won!

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Yoda will win in legends

    77. Phantom Vaporeon

      Hey anyone think they can come up with a death battle including Hibiki Tachibana for Symphogear

    78. akhil saji

      Ryuga from beyblafe metal series make a video

    79. Broad View Analysis B.V.A

      Zoro (one piece) vs Nightcrawler (one piece)

    80. Fishing for likes

      Ainz ooal gown vs settra the imperishable Just a suggestion :P

    81. Rakshith G raj

      Sir plz make a video on Saitama vs Goku

    82. erik sandnes

      doomfist vs jax

    83. Steven M Attrell

      Me (to my brother): “The next Death Battle is Yoda vs Mickey Mouse.” My Brother: *Looks at me confused “Wait. Original Mickey or Kingdom Hearts Mickey.” Me: “Kingdom Hearts Mickey.” My Brother: “Ok. That sounds interesting.”

    84. Praful. V Gaming

      Shut up. My exam is on March 7th

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Reveal will be at 2am at 8th March 2021

      2. Alejandro Hernandez Toribio

        Good luck!!

    85. Enzo Guevara

      Do Zilla jr. vs Kong jr.

    86. NerdMania

      32:25 is the teaser

    87. Blitzering Titan

      Makunouchi Ippo vs Joe Yabuki. A title bout to the death between these two iconic fighters would be a match that would get the fans raving!

    88. Louis Grafenstine

      BA NHA NHA !!!!

    89. Richard Osborne

      Wow I thought Mickey would face Bugs, and Yoda would face Meta Knight

    90. Anu Nkafu

      At the end i saw the next death battle for season 8 an i was all WTF is this??? 59:02

    91. Undrifted Pop


    92. Xocky The pinheaded

      i mean mickey could just use copyright

    93. MadHatterCiesus

      Yoda vs Mickey Mouse. I'M EXCITE!

    94. Issei Hyoudou

      Issei vs goku

    95. duncan blackwood

      Can you redo the ben 10 death baltte vs green. Lantern

      1. duncan blackwood

        @Skeleton Crew or maybe him vs madra

      2. Skeleton Crew

        @duncan blackwood why that match up doesn't even make sense

      3. duncan blackwood

        @Skeleton Crew yea lick put him up against spider man

      4. Skeleton Crew

        @duncan blackwood so you want a different matchup

      5. duncan blackwood

        @Skeleton Crew i meant they could mack him fight a different person

    96. Jeremiah Krause

      Absorbing Man (Marvel) vs Kevin 11 (Ben 10 Omniverse)

    97. Brandon Foley

      Ooh! Or Isaac Clarke vs Gordon Freeman

    98. Brandon Foley

      Ansem vs Darkness or Timmy Turner vs Johnny Test Please! Maybe Invader Zim vs either Robbie Rotten or Crypto. Really hoping to see Frank West vs Ashley Williams

    99. TheNukebrother

      I would love to see all of the calculations that go into death battle episodes and have a full breakdown of why someone wins, obviously not on the main episode but as its own thing, for those of us who are interested in knowing and confirming the numbers that you calculate.

    100. Elijah Pizarro

      Now I have an idea how about *kenshiro vs yujiro hanma*

      1. Pesci is the best character

        I love Baki but Kenshiro kinda stomps.