Heihachi VS Geese w/ Commentary


23 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    These bad bosses and even badder dads are going head to head...now with commentary!
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    1. Brady Sneed

      day 7807 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

    2. begolly awm

      Hit girl vs bat girl.

    3. Bronson Wolfe

      Can yall plz put yuaske from to yu yu in a death battle

    4. Minister Evil

      M. Bison vs Athena Asamiya (the battle of the Psycho Powers).

    5. David Hoy Jr

      Gargoyle Vs Gargos

    6. waflwolfiee

      Anne Boonchuy vs Luz Noceda One day...

    7. a random flowey on the internet

      The last one was a megalomaniac vs a *ruler* this time a mafia boss vs am owner of am international multi-billion dollar conglomerate not that hard to see the pattern and mikasa's poor as a potato so i am mildly concerned

    8. dany

      Omni-man vs Homelander OH YEAH!

    9. Povelitel' Vselennoi

      Give us Heero Yuy vs Setsuna F. Seiei vs Mikazuki Augus!

    10. Alstead

      We need a battle of the ultimate 10 year olds. Bart Simpson vs. Ash Ketchum.

    11. TheCreepypro

      now this is commentary it is both insightful and funny

    12. Jesse Church

      Please do a death battle with negima! If you read the manga he is sooo powerful. It would be really cool to see him in a death battle. I think he would be a good match against ainz ooal gown or aka momonga

    13. Kuso

      do goku vs naruto that’ll work revive your channel

      1. Skeleton Crew

        You’re saying that like it’s dead

      2. S N 7584

        How? That matchup is such a one sided stomp. Naruto has negative ways of winning against Any version of Goku after saiyen saga.

    14. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    15. TheFastright PTG

      stop putting these commentary videos on YT ITS DISTRACTING AF

      1. V2Blast

        ...How so? Couldn't you just... not watch them?

    16. CZERO/FOOL

      14:20 I didn’t realize that’s a nod towards the Ken Parry from EVO.

    17. robert leo

      azula vs mikasa

    18. The Pillar Boiz

      Do Omni man vs Homelander

    19. animegx45

      Geese had his goose cooked in the end.

    20. Conner Bader

      Bakugo, Deku VS.Saskue Naruto

    21. Danny Evering

      I want to see zenitsu from demon slayer in a fight

    22. incredibles11

      In light of the recent release of Mortal Kombat, please do Sub Zero vs Elsa (Mortal Kombat vs Frozen).

    23. Metal Sonic 098

      Don't forget please Make: sailor galaxia vs Zero ( sailor moon vs Mega Man)

      1. S N 7584

        Galaxia stomps

    24. Epic-Ace-Studios

      Juggernaut 13 ghosts vs Jason Vorhees Friday 13th

    25. Dani Saur

      Maple vs Shield Hero

    26. Agatha Harkness

      Who else wants them to do Atom Eve from invincible vs Scatlet Witch or Firestorm

    27. One big Pile 1993

      Omni man vs home lander should be next

    28. Aelthaliste Aelthaliste

      Geralt of rivia vs someone

    29. DaBacon Pham

      Ooh, I really want to see thing vs kalibak. I believe that would be a pretty good fight

    30. Toby Hollopeter

      Goku vs. Zoro

    31. Mark Dave Andrade

      Do Shaman King VS Demon Slayer!!!!!!

    32. James Taylor

      Dying Light VS Mirrors Edge parkour death battle.

    33. Rachard Caution

      hisoka(hunter hunter) vs Ulquiorra(bleach)

    34. zazzy mun

      Can you guys do ms frizzle from magic school bus vs someone else

    35. David rosado

      At some point please do Inspector Gadget vs Gizmoduck and also Gabriel Yulaw (The One) vs Bruce Leroy (The Last Dragon) so it's The One vs The Glow

    36. Lost Warrior

      Can you do Super man vs Jiren

    37. Cherry ann Espalmado

      who is the winner! bakugou vs deidara

    38. First one


    39. Jean Hodge Weekes

      We need Goku vs Saitama if possible bc there are so...many debates and a death battle is the only thing that can settle this

    40. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Ladybug vs The Ninja (Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir vs Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja)

      1. ZerØ-X Glitch

        @Simba cartoon fan I did it!

      2. Simba cartoon fan

        @ZerØ-X Glitch in the Video description

      3. ZerØ-X Glitch

        @Simba cartoon fan okay where is it?

      4. Simba cartoon fan

        @ZerØ-X Glitch no the suggestion Form

      5. ZerØ-X Glitch

        @Simba cartoon fan They are, and by description do you mean comments?

    41. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Winx Club vs The Guardians (Winx Club vs W.I.T.C.H)

    42. William Oleniuk

      Dude just had a thought for an awesome Battle Royale death battle you put the Zerg from Starcraft franchise versus the bugs from the Starship Trooper franchise and see who would win a purity of essence or the insects wishing to destroy Humanity

    43. Joshua Sanders

      Bro please please do a nightwing vs dare devil

      1. God King Troy Calypso

        Are you new here? Cuz they did that fight a while back. It was their first ever live action fight

    44. Aaron CCS

      Still waiting on Naked Jehuty Vs Turn A Gundam (mech battle) and Arcuied Vs Gilgamesh (type moon battle)

    45. Elementer !

      Rocket Raccoon from Marvel Comics VS Tails the Fox from Sonic Lucina from Fire Emblem VS Asuna from Sword Art Online Ash Williams from Evil Dead VS Beatrix Michelle Kiddo, the wife from Kill Bill Rorschach from Watchmen VS Black Cat from Marvel Comics Sabertooth from Marvel Comics VS Beast Boy from DC Comics Alphonse Elric from FMA VS Cyborg from DC Comics Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda VS Sans from Undertale Stargirl from DC VS Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics Gorilla Grodd from DC Comics VS Rhino from Marvel Comics Lockheed from Marvel Comics VS Happy from Fairy Tale Bullfrag from Ben 10 VS Froppy from Boku No Hero Academia Elastigirl from The Incredibles VS Plastic Man from DC Comics

    46. Brick Zone Animations

      how about starfire (DC) vs Firestar (Marvel) what do you think?

    47. JBladeKing22

      Can you do a 3 way battle between (Hyperion vs Superman vs Homelander)

      1. JBladeKing22

        They all have the same powers

    48. ali smeer

      Wiz: Balancing work life with fatherhood is a trial which puts many parents to the test, and those who can successfully strike an equilibrium often see great fortune on both ends. Though not every father is quite up to the challenge. Boomstick: You got that right! Because running a powerful corporation and holding global martial arts tournaments are more important than being there for your kid, apparently! Stupid dads, never caring about their children… Wiz: Heihachi Mishima, Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and father of Kazuya Mishima. Boomstick: And Geese Howard, CEO of Howard Connection and father of Rock Howard. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick! Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle. Heihachi Wiz: Ever since the days of World War II, the Mishima family has created and maintained an industrial empire, capitalising on the war and developing military resources. Even after Japan’s loss in the war, the Mishima family persevered, though their resources turned away from military efforts, and instead into martial arts. Boomstick: Opening a dojo, multiple generations of the Mishima family would become incredibly skilled martial artists, and the dojo would prove to unite them with their partners in life. For the current head of the family, Jinpachi Mishima, his son would find himself that special lady one day when Kazumi Hachijō showed up on their doorstep. This son was Heihachi Mishima. Wiz: As time went on, Heihachi and Kazumi would become impressive fighters in their own right, growing a rivalry to continually test each other. This rivalry eventually blossomed into love, and from this love, their child, Kazuya Mishima, was born. Jinpachi loved the child as well, and though all seemed well for the young couple, not everything was as it appeared. Boomstick: See, Heihachi eventually took over the Mishima Zaibatsu from his father, and shortly after, Kazumi came down with an intense fever. Heihachi gave no quarter to tend to his wife, but she got up and suddenly attacked him while he was treating her. The next day, Kazumi had no memory of the events, and her fever was gone. For a while, Heihachi believed that Kazumi was suffering from a split personality disorder, but on one stormy night, his belief was proven incorrect. Popup: Some time before Heihachi took over the Zaibatsu from Jinpachi, Kazumi would save a wounded Akuma, leaving him indebted to her. Kazumi asked for him to kill Heihachi and Kazuya if she failed to do so for fear that they would one day become threats to the world. Wiz: While Heihachi was practicing martial arts in the dojo, Kazumi confronted him and proclaimed that he would one day become a threat to the world. As they fought, Kazumi revealed to Heihachi the reason she married him in the first place. Her family, the Hachijō Clan, wanted to kill him, and it was her destiny to do so, as she finally assumed in her Devil form. After a long and gruelling fight, Heihachi was able to defeat his wife, but she tried one last attempt to kill him. She was no longer the Kazumi that Heihachi knew and loved. He had no other choice than to mournfully end her life… Boomstick: As Kazumi lay dead on the floor, Heihachi shed a single tear over the loss of his wife. Emotionally distraught and embittered, her death hardened Heihachi’s resolve, and he set out to uncover the secrets of her devil transformation. Turning the Mishima Zaibatsu’s resources back to warfare-based manufacturing, Heihachi steeled himself for what he had to do. Knowing that his son shared the same blood as his mother, Kazuya held the potential to be a devil as well, and so he threw his 5-year-old son off a cliff. Wiz: But Kazuya clawed his way back up, only surviving thanks to the Devil Gene within his blood. A genetic mutation passed down the generations, it allows the host to turn into a monstrous devil. Yet despite this, Heihachi still loved his son and continued to care for him, teaching him the family’s style of martial arts. Heihachi also adopted another child, Lee Chaolan, as a rival for Kazuya to push him to grow stronger. Wanting to prove that it was not his blood that carried the Devil Gene, Heihachi fathered another child, Lars Alexandersson, to further prove that Kazumi was the one who passed the gene along. Boomstick: With decades of experience under his belt, Heihachi is among the world’s greatest hand-to-hand combatants. He uses the Mishima Style Fighting Karate, which he taught to Kazuya, but his style is influenced by Goju-Ryu Karate, which translates to Hard-Soft Style. This style utilizes both circular and linear movements which combine hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent such as joint locks, grappling, takedowns, and throws. Popup: Heihachi’s martial arts prowess has assisted him in victories over the majority of Tekken’s cast of characters. Proving himself more physically capable than most, if not all of them, Heihachi can undoubtedly perform feats that lesser characters have accomplished, like Raven tossing NANCY-MI847J or Feng Wei shattering mountains. Wiz: And he’s learnt moves like the Flash Punch Combo, a family staple, the Demon Backhand Spin, or the Mishima family’s signature 10-Hit Combo, which keeps you in a string of attacks you can’t escape until you get hit with the Dragon Uppercut. Heihachi has also learned the art of Ki control, and as a result, can channel the element of lightning, amping his strikes to absurd degrees, like with his Electric Wind God Fist. And with all of his skill, Heihachi hosted the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, where fighters from all around the world would come to compete. Boomstick: Yet despite Heihachi’s immense strength and skill, Kazuya managed to win the tournament, and took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. He also threw Heihachi off the same cliff he was thrown off, finally getting his revenge. But Heihachi survived! And took on Kazuya in the second King of Iron Fist Tournament. Heihachi would ultimately defeat his son, taking back the Mishima Zaibatsu, and throwing him into a volcano. Because cliffs weren’t enough, apparently. But not before Kazuya could knock up this chick named Jun, who would give birth to their son, Jin Kazama. Wiz: And Jin would come to see out Heihachi upon his mother’s death, and was taken under his wing. Though Heihachi had ulterior motives, seeking to use Jin to bait out Ogre, the God of Fighting, for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Heihachi wanted to use his power for world domination, ironically spurred on by Kazumi’s betrayal. But Jin got to Ogre first, killing him before Heihachi could properly use his power. Heihachi then promptly gunned down his grandson and shot him in the head. Boomstick: Heihachi wanted to rid the world of the Devil Gene, and he knew Jin carried it as Kazuya had. This betrayal let open the floodgates and Jin’s devil form burst forth, lashing out at Heihachi before flying off. And then it turned out Kazuya wasn’t as dead as everyone had thought, and he was out for justifiable revenge against Heihachi, as you do. So they met in Hon-Maru temple at the end of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, where the biotech firm, G Corporation, sent in a bunch of robots that self-

    49. S L


    50. Damian Brown

      Donkey vs pumba (shrek and lion king)

    51. Ko The beast

      Can you do Naruto versus luffy

    52. A. ROSES


      1. S N 7584

        Do all of you hate hisoka or something? Orochi stomps hard. A better MU would Be Orochimaru vs Mayuri kurotschi from bleach as they're both nad scientists with a thirst for dissecting new specimen.

    53. Devon Griffis

      Here me out John wick vs riddick

    54. The hB Edits

      O god I haven’t watched this channel in years I remember when you had 80k subs lol.

    55. Marcus

      Can u guys do Atom vs Ant-Man

    56. The FaKe is Fake

      You should do Super baby 2 vs Venom

    57. Different Mando

      General thragg vs general zod?

    58. Scorbunny Star Alicia

      I want Sans from Undertale in a Death Battle but I'm not sure who he would be fighting against that has enough similarities to have an even matchup, got any suggestions? Btw Shantae needs redemption after that DBX fight with Shovel knight...

      1. BJGvideos

        @JayHerboGaming "Confirmed" where? And do you mean the one from OFF?

      2. S N 7584

        @JayHerboGaming who's "the judge" again?

      3. JayHerboGaming

        He's confirmed to fight The Judge, but I prefer Koro-sensei

    59. jhon anton adajar

      John wick vs Hutch mansell

    60. Zapples The comment shitposter

      Now i just wanna see geese falling into a toilet bowl...

    61. Christopher Herman

      Tricky from madness combat vs. The mask

    62. Maryland Man

      Jiren vs Sentry (Dragon Ball Super vs Marvel)

    63. Brendan Bonmon

      Spider-Man vs Beast Boy Generator Rex vs Blue Beetle Damian Wayne vs X-23 Akame vs Kitana Randy Chunningham vs Jayden Shiba Rey vs Korra Juniper lee vs ??? Stitch vs ??? Kim Possible vs Sam Simpson K.O. vs ??? Dipper Pines vs ??? Star Butterfly vs ??? Zak Saturday vs ??? Cyborg vs ??? Starfire vs ??? Eren Yaeger vs Ken Kaneki

    64. Brick Zone Animations

      Or Nightwing (DC) vs Black Widow (Marvel) Vote for these battles 👍👍👍

    65. Brick Zone Animations

      Sandman (marvel) vs Sand demon (DC) What do you guys say?

    66. BorgBunnie

      Day 1 of asking for Pyro from tf2 vs Krieg from Borderlands 2

    67. Brick Zone Animations

      Or Elongated man (DC) vs Ms marvel (marvel)

    68. Mehtab Hussain Saifi

      Kazuya mishima (tekken) vs ???? Ans?

    69. Chaotic_Acid YT

      Terraria vs minecraft

    70. Vlad fire

      Can you please put Asura from Asura's Wrath?

    71. Lil Cory

      Death battle ideas A long list be warned Jake vs guy dangerous ( subway surfer vs Temple run ) Beast boy vs Ben ten ( DC vs Ben ten ) Mickey mouse vs bugz bunny ( Disney vs Warner Bros) Randy cutinham vs KO ( 9 grade ninja vs ok ko let's be heroes ) Scott vs Nathaniel ( Scott the woz vs Nathaniel bandy) Clay face vs sandman ( DC vs marvel )

    72. mattia benedetti

      I want Voldemort vs Zeref (Harry Potter vs Fairy Tail)

    73. Lachlan Cinanni

      I wish they could make a death battle with dc king shark maybe near when new suicide squad comes out

    74. Hina Abidi

      Yah know geese sounds like he drunk

    75. The Austin

      Sooner or later soneone is going to request LOL KING KONG VS GODZILLA It's eventually going to become a death battle I don't know when but someone's going to to go nuts asking for this

      1. justincone777

        Didn't Hollywood already do that

    76. Sam Gaming

      Megatron vs rainbow dash (transformers vs my little pony)

    77. Đức Khoa Nguyễn

      Yeah of course Heihachi Mishima will win because he older yeah the old always beat the young

    78. Buster Wolf

      I’ve got some ideas for a Death Battle: 1) Jaune vs Sokka (RWBY vs Avatar 2) Sun Wukong vs Kim Wu (RWBY vs Killer Instinct) 3) Sun Wukong vs Xiba (RWBY vs Soulcalibur) 4) Sun Wukong vs Mashirao Ojiro (RWBY vs My Hero Academia) 5) Mulan vs Lie Ren (Disney vs RWBY) 6) Zuko vs Cinder Fall (Avatar vs RWBY) 7) Steve vs Terrarian (Minecraft vs Terraia) 8) Penance vs Pain (Marvel vs Naruto) 9) Jake Long vs Juniper Lee (Disney vs Cartoon Network) 10) Xenomorph vs Warrior Bug (Alien vs Starship Troopers) 11) Jenny Wakeman vs Robotboy (Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network) 12) Nemesis vs Pyramid Head (Resident Evil vs Silent Hill) 13) Magneto vs Tetsuo (Marvel vs Akira) 14) Alex Mercer vs Cole Macgrath (Prototype vs Infamous) 15) Kazuya vs Wesker (Tekken vs Resident Evil) 16) Shigaraki vs Kabuto (My Hero Academia vs Naruto) 17) Nova vs Geo Stellar (Marvel vs Capcom) 18) Shulk vs Lightning (Xenoblade Chronicles vs Final Fantasy) 19) Falco vs Rocket Raccoon (Star Fox vs Marvel) 20) Marth vs Pit (Fire Emblem vs Kid Icarus) 21) Steven Universe vs Akko (Cartoon Network vs Little Witch Academia) 22) Ike vs Cloud (Fire Emblem vs Final Fantasy) 23) Levi Ackerman vs Roy Mustang (Attack on Titan vs Fullmetal Alchemist) 24) Percy Jackson vs Aqualad (Half Blood Chronicles vs DC) 25) Solomon Grundy vs Abomination (DC vs Marvel Comics) 26) Mei Hatsume vs Miu Iruma (My Hero Academia vs Danganronpa) 27) Sandman vs Crocodile (Marvel vs One Piece) 28) Viewtiful Joe vs Wonder Red 29) Agent Venom vs James Heller (Marvel vs Prototype) 30) Ego vs Mogo (Marvel vs DC Comics) 31) D va vs Peni Parker (Overwatch vs Marvel) 32) Hiccup & Toothless vs Hiro & Baymax (How to Train your Dragon vs Big Hero 6) 33) Ness vs Frisk (Earthbound vs Undertale) 34) Black Manta vs Lancelot (DC vs Fate) 35) Tanjiro vs Hyakkimaru (Demon Slayer vs Dororo) 36) Zeref vs Meliodas (Fairy Tail vs Seven Deadly Sins) 37) Deku vs Ms. Marvel (My Hero Academia vs Marvel) 38) Shuma-Gorath vs Cthulhu (Marvel vs Cthulhu Mythos) 39) The Mandalorian vs Goblin Slayer (Star Wars vs Goblin Slayer) 40) Madara vs Aizen (Naruto vs Bleach) 41) Saitama vs Koro Sensei (One Punch Man vs Assassinatin Classroom) 42) John Wick vs Beatrix Kiddo (John Wick vs Kill Bill) 43) Wolf vs Shadow Ranger Crueger (Star Fox vs Power Ranger SPD) 44) Morrigan vs Jeanne (Darkstalkers vs Bayonetta) 45) Jotaro Kujo vs Delsin Rowe (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vs Infamous) 46) Goten vs K.O (Dragon Ball vs O.K K.O: Let’s Be Heroes) 47) Katsuki Bakugo vs Homura (My Hero Academia vs Senran Kagura) 48) Overhaul vs Scar (My Hero Academia vs Fullmetal Alchemist) 49) X-23 vs Musubi (Marvel vs Sekirei) 50) Pico vs Phil (Pico’s School vs Riddle School) 51) Scott Pilgrim vs Kyoko (Scott Pilgrim vs Rave City) 52) Pan vs Zoe (Dragon Ball vs Digimon) 53) Luke Cage vs Adam Hunter (Marvel vs Streets of Rage) 54) Baby vs Vanitas (Dragon Ball vs Kingdom Hearts) 55) Jibanyan vs Meowth (Yo-Kai Watch vs Pokémon) 56) Beast Boy vs Reptil (DC vs Marvel Comics) 57) Gilgamesh vs Yhwach (Fate vs Bleach) 58) Kenpanchi vs Garou (Bleach vs One Punch Man) 59) Johnny English vs Austin Powers 60) Sabrewulf vs Man-Bat (Killer Instinct vs DC) 61) Ban vs Grimmjow (Seven Deadly Sins vs Bleach) 62) Soldier vs Sarge (Team Fortress 2 vs Red vs Blue) 63) C. Viper vs Ada Wong (Street Fighter vs Resident Evil) 64) E. Honda vs Ganryu (Street Fighter vs Tekken) 65) Nathan Drake vs Rico Rodriguez (Uncharted vs Just Cause) 66) Jacqui Briggs vs Braddock (Mortal Kombat vs Agents of Mayhem) 67) Spinal vs Cervantes (Killer Instinct vs Soulcalibur) 68) Mirajane vs Seras Victoria (Fairy Tail vs Hellsing) 69) Quicksilver vs Sonic (Marvel vs Sega) 70) R.O.B vs Astro Bot (Nintendo vs PlayStation) 71) Saber vs Ralphtalia (Fate vs Sheild Hero) 72) Minoru Mineta vs The Deep (My Hero Academia vs The Boys) And before someone even thinks about putting this on the comment section, the answer is yes, I do know there is a suggestion form. Doesn’t mean I can’t also post suggestions and get other peoples opinion

      1. Buster Wolf

        @S N 7584 Meliodas vs Asta was actually my original idea but the. I thought Zeref and he curbstomped by that Yao character. Then I seen Meliodas vs Zeref as a suggestion so I went with that. Plus, Meliodas can return

      2. S N 7584

        Meliodas vs Asta and Zeref vs Hao Asakura seem like better matchups for both charecters

      3. S N 7584

        @Buster Wolf nah, it's ok. It's pretty easy to mistake the two as they literally have the same name

      4. Buster Wolf

        @S N 7584 Apologies. I barely watch Black Clover, so I didn’t know who he was

      5. S N 7584

        @Buster Wolf I'm talking about Dante from Black clover, not Dante from DMC

    79. ZerØ-X Glitch

      She-Hulk vs Supergirl (Marvel vs DC)

    80. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Omni-Man vs Homelander (Invincible vs The Boys)

    81. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Wasp vs Bubble Bee (Marvel vs DC)

    82. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Korra vs BoBoiBoy (Avatar The Legend of Korra vs BoBoiBoy Galaxy)

    83. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Ladybug vs The Ninja (Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir vs Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja)

      1. Simba cartoon fan

        @S N 7584 do you thinks Super Pokémon stars making people having headaches will his lies and spamming

      2. Simba cartoon fan

        @S N 7584 I prefer Mat Pat better in the comments than that lousy dumb diancie

      3. Simba cartoon fan

        @S N 7584 And still If Super Pokémon stars always starts blah blah blah every Time No one will ever listen to his lies every again

      4. Simba cartoon fan

        I thinks People will see Super Pokémon stars as a moron and spammer that people will unsubscribe his channel

      5. Simba cartoon fan

        @S N 7584 wow Super Pokémon stars Sound like the son of Caliou Don’t you thinks

    84. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Wonder Woman vs Kratos (DC vs God of War)

    85. Gamer Dude064

      Kat Gravity Rush vs 2B Nier Automata Al Simmons Spwan vs Jackie Estacado The Darkness

    86. Casey Decker

      One thing's for sure, I am NOT looking forward to the next Death Battle, since I've never been a fan of episodes that feature only anime characters, especially ones that I'm not familiar with at all! XP

      1. Casey Decker

        @Mega PoNEO I've never heard of "Jewelpet", BTW.

      2. SuperPokemonStars

        @Mega PoNEO No turning allies against each other.

      3. Mega PoNEO

        You may skip the Battle Royale of Ruby's human partners (Jewelpet) if it happens.

    87. Unoriginal Moniker

      Fun fact: Heihachi does have an English voice in Soul Calibur II.

    88. JulanyDaniel Alonso

      Do mewtwo vs lilith

    89. ryen gtr fan

      Pacific rim Jaeger gipsy danger v darling in the franxx strelitzia

    90. Aurageyser Knight

      Electro from marvel vs livewire from dc

    91. terrell grant

      Baki Vs Ohma!!!

    92. Plasma's Legacy

      Can you guys like give first members something new? Cause you stole commentaries from us

      1. V2Blast

        I suppose there is the Death Battle Cast post show, Sudden Death.

    93. Ricky Games

      Sarge (Army Men Series) vs Sarge (Red vs Blue)

    94. Brick Zone Animations

      Or Kim posible vs Sherlock Holmes what do you guys think of these ideas?

      1. Simba cartoon fan

        @S N 7584 i know right I laugh at Chef PP screams like a girl than heard Super Pokémon stars being a jerk to everyone makes hate his channel and still doing Ladybug vs Spider-Man and still super Pokémon stars have to ruin people’s fun by act more like a moron by having a fake cat blanc laser that it just him playing solar smash

      2. S N 7584

        @Simba cartoon fan SML isn't even half as bad as superpokemonstars.

      3. Simba cartoon fan

        What about Super Pokémon stars vs Super Mario Logan That means no Cat blanc laser Or death note allowed

      4. SuperPokemonStars

        Dude, Sherlock has no special powers or tools.

    95. Stephen Lucas

      You can barely imagine what a Heihachi in English. Me: Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Blood vengeance would like to have a word with you.

      1. BJGvideos

        Isn't he voiced by Jamieson Price now?

    96. kamonomerrill

      The Flood (Halo) vs The Tyranids (40k)

      1. JOHNNY Walker

        That be sick Fight.

    97. JayHerboGaming

      Yoda vs King Mickey- March 8 Shadow vs Ryuko- March 22 Lex Luthor vs Dr Doom- April 5 Heihachi vs Geese- April 19 Blake vs Mikasa- May 3 Sans vs The Judge- May 17 Goku Black vs Reverse Flash- May 31 Akuma vs Garou- June 14 Bill Cipher vs Discord- September 6 Kirby vs Pac-Man- September 20 Link vs Cloud- October 4 Ant-Man vs The Atom- October 18 Dio Brando vs Alucard- November 1 Ruby Rose vs Maka Alburn- November 15 Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly- November 29 Galactus vs Unicron- December 13 Edit: Honorable mention goes to Genji vs Raiden

      1. Brick Zone Animations

        @JayHerboGaming oh ok.

      2. JayHerboGaming

        @Brick Zone Animations oh I thought you were talking about this season's theme

      3. Brick Zone Animations

        @JayHerboGaming ???

      4. JayHerboGaming

        @Brick Zone Animations np

      5. Brick Zone Animations

        @JayHerboGaming cool i never knew it thanks every one in this chat for supporting my idea!!

    98. kamonomerrill

      Let’s be real, Blake and Mikasa have absolutely nothing in common.

    99. Benjamin Richardson

      New Unstoppable force vs immovable object fight: One punch man vs Joaquin (One punch man vs The Book Of Life)

    100. John Swag

      Bring back behind the scenes