Jake VS Amethyst w/ Zoe Terhune | DEATH BATTLE Cast #224


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    The gang is joined by Zoe Terhune to talk cartoons, video games, and dogs alongside the very animated community Death Battle Jake vs Amethyst! This episode is brought to you by Quip! ( Go to getquip.com/cast to get a free dispenser with any refill plan. ) and Blue Chew ( Visit bluechew.com and use promo code DBC at checkout to try BlueChew FREE, for just $5 shipping! )
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    1. David Gordon

      # amethyst

    2. David Gordon

      Amethyst can shapeshift

    3. David Gordon

      Amethyst has totally way more magical monsters Than Jake Jake and Amethyst has cooler weapons Than Jake amethyst Lake amethyst has fought over a thousand gem monsters Jake is way out of amethyst's League amethyst is totally taking this death battle plus she's train so better strength better weapons amethyst for the win

    4. SomePersonIn TheBackground

      Spolier: They just have a eating contest

    5. Kemar Sterling


    6. Kemar Sterling

      Jake made a

    7. Kemar Sterling


    8. Kemar Sterling

      Jake is really old

    9. Kemar Sterling

      Jake the do go

    10. rolay 7

      That dummy will never replace Mogg Slothman in my heart. No one knows what happened to him, but I hear he was delicious.

    11. Brady Sneed

      day 7805 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

    12. Kylar Williams

      Who actually watched this? XD

    13. john98765333

      Zoe has terrible taste in Games. TLOU2 is trash compared to 1.

    14. john98765333

      18:15 The Gems glow all the time when they are used for anything, like, say, pulling whips out of them. Also, Amethyst's Fire spindash hit Jasper and did like, no damage. That whole arc was about, "You don't have to be as strong and as perfect as she is, you are fine just the way you are." At no point does she really get stronger, heck by the time of the movie she admits to being rusty and weaker. And in Future, there is no fighting really. Also the fantasy sequence is just a parody of DBZ. It's about as canon to Jasper's level as the Uncle Grandpa crossover is to the plot of Steven universe. Also Jake and Finn had an entire episode where they went through the trials to gain magic powers.

    15. Shannon Ellison

      Amothist because she can fuse and shape shift into animals and more but jake is good in combat dut he can be killed

    16. Elizabeth Cross

      Kids show: gloomius Maximus vs. Robbie Rotten!!!

    17. Emrys Adaar

      The none of them do their research lol crazy all this argument about whether or not amethyst has organs when it stated multiple times their bodies are light constructs basically being Holograms with Mass. IE no organs at all

    18. Timinox Primal

      Jake will destroy amethyst

    19. Rager Squad

      Why such random characters lmao. They are gonna be fighting for so long they just get tired and faint

    20. Blaze9516

      So amethyst speed blitzes but jake can be calculated to planet level so amethyst wins because she doesn’t need sleep or anything like that

    21. Dope nut

      This needs to be a real episode, I would love to see the fight in action.

    22. Intensifies

      Luffy vs Natsu goddammit.

    23. Intensifies

      PFFFt jake definitely has fighting experience even without his powers that will carry him in battle. The mans uses knvies swords and the stuff between. He may not have fought for that long compared to amethysts but don't sell his experience short.

    24. King Jojo

      Jake basically has the Toon Force. Literally nothing Amethyst can do.

    25. Sergio Canseco

      When they started talking about the TLOU2...disliked...it was not challenging, story wise or game play wise, it wasn't rushed but it was half baked and given a pass. Basically TLOU but nothing you do mattered and gameplay was a copy and paste of the first. Nothing was relatable to the first or "braking morale" or "evolving with generations" and no red dead 2 was about revenge is bad but necessary for the inevitable.

    26. Clever Tinkerer

      Boomstick cant be cutesified, i love him flaws and all.

    27. Maria Elena Jimenez De La Cruz

      Jake Can Use Powerfull Magic

    28. valevalero luna

      jake the dog is cool

    29. stoff g.g

      nope not today cartoon characters fight to the death your channel destroyd my favrit character not this time bad channe🖕👎🤬😠

    30. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto. Please

    31. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    32. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    33. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    34. Abdul-Qawi G.

      Zoe. Please watch the sub of Clannad. It's way better than the dub

    35. Abdul-Qawi G.

      Zoe!!! WHY!!!!!

    36. Fancy .Fancington

      I'm late to this party and haven't watched the episode yet, but I'm positive Jake wins. It's canon that Amethyst loses to anything capable of basic thought.

      1. Marcellinho Cardozo


    37. Joselino Doumolin

      Jake jump into a volcano and didn't die...

    38. youramoron bro

      Jake solos the verse

    39. Austin W

      Amethyst #2 all day she’s a being of light that can manipulate into anything even if jake figured out that he had to shatter her I doubt he’d be able to plus she’s gained speed since her fusion with Steven going super speed(not saying she can do that but the experience enhanced her speed)

    40. Jason Schmidt

      They need to do jake vs courage the cowardly dog! Twould be fair

    41. mewtwo's wrath

      Hello I am rock person

    42. mewtwo's wrath

      Gems do not have organs

    43. Question king Agnew

      Joker can hisoke is maybe

    44. Question king Agnew

      BEETLE VS FIREFLY WILL GET IN DEATHBATTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL FIGHT 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😜

    45. John Sayles

      Jake is susceptible to disease, poison and fire, and he does require food and water, he was left withering away on his dad's fake world for weeks. Also he can be cut and impaled if he isn't able to change his shape in time. What's more, I think his low pain tolerance should be considered. Best example to be considered should be his fight with Finn, as it took relatively little damage to throw Jake off his game. Meanwhile Amethyst has fire and cutting at her disposal due to her whip, and while Jake can deal enough damage to poof her, Amethyst does have hundreds of years of combat experience under her belt and does have an extensive history of fighting monsters larger than herself who have also featured unique abilities.

    46. David Johnston

      We want 40k

    47. Aras Etdöger

      Jake slap's em

    48. Project Delta


    49. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very cool!

    50. pot fox

      Gems when severely damaged reform into their gem to heal which can take weeks where the only time Jake has been shown to be defeated or near death is over stretching (has the ability to form a small planet with modern city society) or poison some OP method of attack where enough force can break a gem jake fights a variety of creatures in all forms yes with help and by himself but the gems really only fight gems and gem monster and social issues😉💎⚔️

    51. Slayer gxngスレイヤー


    52. KevinVega95ps3

      This channel died LMAO

    53. Tim Kirtland

      Chewbacca vs. Worf

    54. Taj Albright

      where is the battle? Jake vs Amethyst, I'm confused

    55. Wesley Brookman

      Trigon vs Dormammu Yusuke Urameshi vs Meliodas Shinra Kusakabe vs Bakugo John Wick vs John Rambo Martin Riggs vs John McClane Max Rockatansky vs Max Payne Judge Dredd vs Punisher Hellboy vs Blue Devil Neron vs Mephisto Jason Bourne vs Agent 47 The Tick vs Spaceboy Mikasa Ackerman vs Hit-Girl Blue Marvel vs Icon

    56. Lightning2153

      The Last of Us Part II is amazing, regardless of your personal preference.



    58. Mr Zenox

      I wheezed every time they brought the dog throat slicing topic

    59. NemesisSlasher 1356

      Those two are more likely to sit back and party than try to kill each other.

    60. Curtis Mize


    61. Trey sosmooth

      Let just be honest we vote Jake cause we just like him better

    62. Nicolas Ubiera

      The very clear answer for Amethyst is to bubble Jake, put fire in the bubble all the air leaves Jake dies

    63. Zachary Ames

      Please do jack slate or Rally Vincent vs. revy (black lagoon, gunsmith cats and dead to rights retribution), saya vs. kenshin (kenshin ryourin and blood c) , genshin impact character vs. ?, Harley quinn vs. ?, claymore character vs. ? , Shinobu vs. hibari ( ninja nonecense and senran kagura), Billy joel blaskowits vs. caption America or a contra character or gi joe(wolfenstein, contra series, and gi joe), and ivlis vs. rias (high school dxd and the gray garden). please reply and like alot pls.

    64. Andrew Livingston

      I just got the greatest idea. Who else wants to see Frank Drebin vs. Inspector Clouseau?

    65. Kitty Cat Cat

      lois griffin vs marge simpson

    66. BigGahmBoss

      The Last of Us 2 haters can sit and spin. That's one of the greatest stories in a video game

    67. Chronoflare Andedare

      I am interested in an incredibly (possibly weird) fight. Connor from the Confinement series made by Lord Bung vs Kirby

    68. Gacha studios

      I made this suggestion I DID

      1. Putra Siregar


    69. Daniel Wood

      I really hope that Heihachi kills Geese by impaling him with his hair, and then throwing him in the volcano after saying one more badass line.

    70. s type Eveline

      No one believes

    71. Intell Oyell

      You could have used the Tekken 7 models to make a 3D fight What made you guys decide to go with 2D

    72. Chrisought

      Kitara vs lapis Ok so this idea isn’t fair towards kitara but it would be a cool dbx

    73. Chrisought

      Reasons why jake wins: 1. Jake fought Creatures and people with gem weak spots before 2. Jake shrunk down small enough to hang off fins finger print 3. Jake has full control over his entire body he can literally move his organs around 4. Prismo 5. Amethyst is literally the weakest gem and cannot be scaled to any of the other gems, just because she had an emotional feat broken doesn’t mean she can beat jasper and be scaled to her she only beat jasper because Steven fused with her 6. Jake is hecka strong and can easily shatter an Amethyst gem 7. Amethyst can’t change her shape and for too much or else she will wear herself down 8. Jake can stretch for as long as he wants, in the chips and ice cream episode jake literally stretched a part of his body(chips and ice cream) far outside his house and slept the rest of the night meaning stretching isn’t that big of a problem for him he can do it in his sleep 9. Jakes reaction time and survivability is much higher 10. Amethyst weak spot being her gem is literally her Achilles heel she literally broke it when she feel on top of a rock imagine if she was fighting jake who has much higher feats of strength breaking through buildings It’s a cool idea but jake takes this fight without a doubt there is just too much going against amethyst

    74. Hunter K

      pingu vs. wow wow wubzy

    75. Chrisought

      There is literally no one amethyst is gonna win she’s the weakest gem...

    76. Chrisought

      Ben... you literally said so many wrong things in your argument.... jake is a great warrior and also amethyst is not on pare with jasper she only beat her when she fused

    77. Chrisought

      Fat gum(my hero academia) vs the Blob(Marvel) Steven universe(...Steven Universe) vs star butterfly(Star vs the forces of evil) Piccolo(dragon ball) vs Martian Man Hunter(DC)

    78. Tim Kirtland

      The Gorillaz vs. Dethklok

    79. FireTypes4Ever108

      I really hope they make this fight happen

    80. Dustin Barboza

      What about Kratos versus Thanos god of war versus marvel

    81. Adam Marshall

      Amethyst will win

    82. Joshy Jones


    83. White Knight

      So this pretty much hard confirms Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly.

    84. Justin Greenland

      I think the big take away from this is DON'T watch the english DUB of Clannad. It's a great show, the dub was just atrocious.

    85. fox

      Y’all are both uneducated on both characters 🖐🏽💀

    86. Cristian Emanuel Lopez Ramirez

      -Reapers vs Floods-

    87. Mr X

      Ametyst !!! Win !!! Jake will not win after proper research you will know that # Ametyst !!!

      1. RipzMad:•

        Amethyst consistently loses every fight and have a huge weakness that is her gem.

    88. Aasaad Mays

      But they are both lazy # both Jake would probably date amethyst since they have the same abilities.

      1. Intensifies


    89. Aasaad Mays

      Jake can also shape shift into his friends Jake can shape shift into amethyst and have the same weapon as amethyst.

    90. Aasaad Mays

      Jake can also disguise him self and change his personality.Jake also carries a mace.Jake has died but then came back as demon and a zombie.

    91. The Austin

      46:56 oh look the obvious death someone's going to end up falling into the death

    92. Aasaad Mays

      Amthes can shape into her friends.jake can control fin and you his sword when fin is a sleep.

    93. Aasaad Mays

      Jake if he stretch him self to thin he loses his strength.

    94. Ethan Saveley

      Jake Will win this

    95. jaymandogify

      So if by any chance you guys see this how about blade vs death stroke as a suggestion

    96. CyberBlooper

      I wonder if they will do Katara from Avatar against Juvia from Fairy Tail

    97. Mixxa Velly

      Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck

    98. Puffi


    99. Luke Moses

      The 19thstnd?

    100. Jdjdjd Dksmsiskxd

      Natsu vs asta I gotta see it