Star Wars Prequels VS Sequels w/ Game Attack | DEATH BATTLE Cast #219


29 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

    Which Star Wars trilogy is the worst? Shaun Bolen of Game Attack joins us to decide!
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    1. Forever Marked

      Prequels BETTER WIN

    2. biotic god

      dath nox vs palpatine

    3. goracyi

      The Sequels are unforgivable sorry. Prequels win

    4. Anakin Skywalker

      Prequels is my winner

    5. lacanidjion

      It's hilarious how the scourge of Ruin Johnson nut hugging just warped their minds to try to justify no plan for a WHOLE trilogy. You lose sequels good day sir.

    6. Jamari Stanley

      Do The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    7. The gaming Collins

      The winner is sequels im kidding it’s prequels. Prequels had a better story and showed us the origins of vader . While sequels is like let’s give a annoying to op girl more powerful than anakin I was like heck naw that’s all the sequels are just about this bad actress while prequels had young vader which was cool seeing him turn into vader in the best Star Wars movie ep 3 revenge of the sith .

    8. Kyle A

      That lightsaber doesn’t need his respect it it’s not his! But there were more things done wrong with Luke. And Empire Strikes back is a cliff hanger for its time.

    9. Kyle A

      I like how the guy defending the Sequel literally said Luke redefines the Jedi then stupidly says Luke and Ben Solo were effected by it. And the fans being blamed by people about poorly planned movies and that lightsaber isn’t his!

    10. Kyle A

      The prequels fight scenes are way better. Watch Shadversity on fight breakdowns. The choreography was tight for revenge of the Sith best lightsaber fight in skill.

    11. Kyle A

      This argument in defending the Sequels is so bad and proves the problem and the dude trying to defend the Sequels is constantly wrong 😑 and between how bad Micky vs Yoda and trying to say Luke was fixed with the Last Jedi I’m not going to lie makes me look at this group as far less intelligent and more they are scripting fights. Sorry Last Jedi was a train reck and Luke deserved better.

    12. Peter Hanes

      I think the clincher for me was not even the apologists for the sequels can defend "Rise of Skywalker." Every prequel has their flaws, but they also have their good points. Even the Phantom Menace had Qui-Gon Jinn. But "Rise of Skywalker" had nothing good about it.

    13. D1_E5TE

      Prequels win. Reason? THEY HAVE THE HIGHGROUND

    14. Utkarsh Rastogi

      Ummm... Prequels vs what again?

    15. Ultra Brian

      Prequels are better, many people even liked or loved Episode III Revenge of the Sith back in 2005.

    16. ra ro

      PREQUELS by curb stomp

    17. Vorpal Dork

      Kennedy Shang-Tsung-sucked the soul out of Star Wars, by not respecting Lucas enough to finish his story well before going on her crusade. The lack of cohesion and blatant disrespect killed it, looking at you RJ

    18. Rob

      The prequels are awful let’s be real. So much CGI, terrible dialogue, god awful acting, pathetic in so many ways. People really love to hate the sequels. Are they perfect, no, are they better than the prequels? Definitely. Try sitting through attack of the clones... 🤮

    19. UnbiasedAlienCritic

      The Sequels make the Prequels look like the OT in quality.

    20. sonofjafarreturns

      The only reason everyone hates on the sequels is because George Lucas didn’t make them

    21. Caleb Torres

      Sequels: I fear nothing except that, that thing scares me Obi wan : Hello there!

    22. rhunter42dragon

      The prequels only sucked by comparison to the original trilogy, they're pretty good when judged on their own. The sequels on the other hand actively tore apart what so many people had spent almost half a century building (RIP, expanded universe 😭)! Which is better? It's not even close! Prequels by light years! Though I do like Rey.

    23. Nick Foxsnowpaws

      Older Star Wars movie 🍿 was awesome and Star Wars prequel it’s all right so far but Disney Star Wars disappointed very awful sucks bad and awful too well rogue one and solo Star Wars story was wonderful and epic too

    24. Derek Ball

      I love that all it took was quarantine for Ben to finally give up on trying to do normal intros. "Hey I'm the wiz guy" 😆

    25. HidanVenom

      Prequels Idc🤣🤣

    26. London Rhodes

      It's sad to realize that they would be canceled now if there old material really surfaced.

    27. Alec Holland

      This Game Attack guy is super smug, would never watch a stream to see him.

    28. Gothic Glypso

      Prequels no debate

    29. TheKingRiku

      I love these guys, but listening to them gush over those awful amd creatively bankrupt sequels for 35 minutes and to never really get to the prequels was woefully disappointing.

      1. Alec Holland

        They could theme talk about ep 9 but go ahead and say ep 2 is the worst one lol

    30. DaScorpionSting

      The characters from Lucas’s movies will be more memorable than the ones in the Disney trilogy

    31. J Double C

      I can’t believe I’m saying this but The Prequels where actually better

    32. thebigEdziu

      Hmm... I didn't watch the all sequels movie so I hard thing to decide. I would go with prequels. Good luck Shaun with your March To The Top !!

    33. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    34. Pearson Yam

      you guys need to watch Scene38 reimagined - the rechoreographed fight between obi wan and darth vader

    35. Anthony Frank

      The Sequels just suck in general

    36. Microwaved_fork

      The thing is that the prequels ruined everything while the sequels ruined themselves. I’d rather take self contained damage instead of the bombs in Hiroshima.

    37. Derick Pelton

      I mean, they both only have 1 good movie.

    38. Andrew Abbey

      No matter who wins, 2 truths will not change: 1. the original trilogy is always superior 2. the fanbase is loaded with hypocritical defecation-constructed pigs

    39. Andrew Abbey

      The winner of this battle is obvious: The original trilogy dope slaps both remaining trilogies and takes the gold

    40. Cleveland Brown

      they're all inferior to the glorious Expanded universe. Disney canon is trash and prequels while expanding the lore are better in their book form.

    41. thedarkangel613

      I know Ben really doesn't like the prequels but i feel he is purposely ignoring core themes for his point. the Jedi weren't seen as sympathetic. the moment we are introduced to them is when they are testing kid Anakin and they straight up say no we don't wanna train this kid for no real reason. they are always portrayed as arrogant, and it was a focus. THEY LITERALLY PLANNED A COUP BECAUSE THE DIDN'T LIKE PALPATINE (before knowing for sure he was a Sith) It just wasn't the main focus of the movie because, one of the many problems, with the prequels is that George wasn't trying to do a LOT with those movies and i don't think it was perfectly balanced even though i do enjoy those movies.

    42. BlackMercury 279

      Did we just not get a Q&A for Yoda vs King Mickey? Similar to Winter Soldier vs Red Hood?

    43. Indiana Olson

      The arena on Geonosis was really cool and the movie also explains where both armies are made. Everything on Kamino was pretty cool. Jango is just as cool as Boba. Ren's outfit, helmet, and saber are awesome though. The Saber also makes a lot of sense, but the fights make don't.

    44. Indiana Olson

      The prequels were just more passionate and wanted to tell a story.

    45. RDeathmark

      I love the mental gymnastics tying themselves in knots here as they try not to be too critical of the sequel movies because they aren't supposed to agree with 'toxic fans' about things, I absolutely love the sequel Defender attempts to make JJ Abrams responsible for the failure of The Last Jedi because he handed Rian Johnson story pieces that didn't have nice little bows tied on them with the expectation of either bows being tied on them or them being carried over to the third movie and instead Ryan Johnson set fire to them and tried to do his own thing regardless of what that meant for what came before and what would come after

    46. NightlyFlare

      The later movies in the prequels are great, not the early prequel movies The early sequel movies were great, not the later sequel movies Coincidence?

    47. Mr. J

      Prequels 100%

    48. Rbs Kk

      Do one tsuna vs someone

    49. Alex Justice


    50. TAW Gaming

      Controversial opinion: I love both the prequels and the sequels

    51. Magee Aaron

      I respectful disagree with you on the Prequel trilogy. I understand that it had it's awakard acting and anticlimactic moments. However, besides the Clone Wars series being better than the movies, it was still George Lucus' vision. Instead of trying to please people on the criticism, he tried to make improvements, rather than dramatically changing everything. The Sequel trilogy makes no sense what's so ever. It's not only disrespectful, but it's down right ludicrous. Rey is nothing but a Mary Sue, Ben Solo was a wasted potential, the Resistance makes no sense because we have a NEW REPUBLIC!!! Snoke was a huge disappointment and Palpatine returning was a last minute fan service that disrespects everything in both the Original and Prequel trilogy. It's so much flaws in the Sequels I can't even count. For example: Luke Skywalker had three weeks of training and still lost to Vader. Rey discovers she had the force and beats Ben Solo?!!!?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ People make the excuse that because Chewe shot him, but there's been Jedi and Sith who have been blasted before and haven't lost so pathetically. Another part. Leia and that female from Last Jedi made no sense. But she sacrifices herself for the greater good in stupid way that could been prevented. I loath the Sequels so much I almost stop watching the Star Wars franchise. Until the final season of Clone Wars came out and I started to watch Mandalorian series. The Mandalorian series is so satisfying and made me love the Star Wars franchise again. Plus, Katherine Kennedy hates that because she never cared about the fans. Till this day she wants to cancel the Mandalorian series, which shows that she doesn't care about Star Wars. Jon Favenu and Dave Filoni do. They completly understand what George Lucas wants, what the fans want and what story they want to tell. They really care about Star Wars as a whole. The real story after Return of the Jedi is The Mandalorian. It respects everything the Rey series did not. However, I still respect your opinion.

    52. MrBocks

      I don't think the fans are to blame from Rise of Skywalker, more that the disjointed storyline told by multiple different directors and a massive amount of corporate oversight limiting visions of each kinda dragged the whole thing down into the dumps. J.J. tried to make an open ended first film, Johnson had his own vision that was entirely different from J.J. and he did that, leaving the third movie having to be patched up to make sense as a trilogy and Disney didn't really want ANOTHER controversial film splitting fans so they limited a lot of stuff good or bad and it just didn't work, it was too late.

    53. Mikey Kaboom

      I like both the prequels and sequels. But neither comes near as good as the original trilogy.

    54. Scott Rollins ,jr

      Luke went to the ancient 1st camp site of the 4 jedi who left the royal guard ranks. the force is abundunce - the darkside innsists. kylos rage was the lure that endened asijjs last hope to maintain the clone army construction yards klyos knights of ren run for kylo aft ep deleted scene - emperial guars supreme commander of one of the eight intertwined clone army batallions the 1st order of the sSith if both Darth Lords Fall: act like not until the Clones Elect the Highest Score by Fear or Vote Ownership Deeds Of the universe every sSitth who are limited to only their # ;s & Reach ownership of 1 galaxy = will be for ever called This Name Above urs until u get land in another galaxy : known as Darth Sidious (the 1st one to be called galactic emporer ) ^For the Universe Clone Army Prison Empire) sSith Aprentis learn electricity & construction yard ownership trying to not be kill by the Royal Guards: masters of the equipment_less tor'ture craft masters the aprentis cant kill a royal guard but the eternal clone army general can anakin, fett, asajj, tyranus, snoad & Grievance sat as the sSith Royal Guard Cloaks&Light sabar proof javillined Red Cloaks - As Maul was with Sidious (creater of the clone armor assention) 8 inter twined battalions commanded by the approval the the universe clone army shrine origin: 2 sSith ^ Red Cloaks =8 sSith destroy force wielders world to incubate the dark seeds setting planets to civil war to gain its strength that breaks away. grievance left the reich of the Red Cloak for a chance an the Eternal General SPot // sSith desperately for all the keys on Eternal life & power Xc Starfleet GenAna xXx Bison ( * my twitters bookmarks has the beauty of the the greatest story of all time Star wars episodes 1 - 12 \\ in a few tweets non profit fan page

    55. Jake Hefner

      Bolen with that haircut and mustache looks like Chloe's stepdad in Life is Strange

    56. James Johnston

      Sequels were better films, prequels were a better trilogy.

    57. Sage Animations

      tbh i thought the second movies of star wars were pretty bad

    58. Ursa Prima

      Please go back to your day jobs. Hacks like you makes powerscaling even more of a joke.

    59. lion tiger

      sigmar vs melkor

    60. Lel Peppa don't care

      Suggestion: Do a Bowser Battle Royale. (Giga Bowser vs Dark Bowser vs Fury Bowser vs Dry Bowser vs etc.)

    61. Ralph Jacob bravo

      can you make donald and goofy vs mario and luigi (kingdom hearts vs super mario bros) pls can you make it pls pls

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Do in suggestions

    62. Solid butter Productions

      Ooh ghost rider vs deadpool

    63. Charles Austria

      DEATH BATTLE pls make a fight between goku and wang ling from the daily life of the immortal king

    64. Lightning2153

      The Last Jedi isn't bad, you just don't like it. Big difference.

      1. Caelan

        Murder isn’t bad, you just don’t like it. Big difference.

    65. Sammy

      They should do jerin vs madara

      1. Sammy


      2. S N 7584

        Jiren? Madara gets stomped like an ant.

    66. David ryan

      I don't know what these sequels are but they sound disappointing.

    67. Old Crow

      Oh no, I'm not brave enough for politics.

    68. Ce'Airra Figaro-Bazil

      could you do elsa vs shoto todoroki? i’ve seen so much debates about it and i personally think elsa would win

      1. SuperPokemonStars

        @Wes Bradley-Taubner They will become violent and start hurting themselves and others. It will cause another protest, and it's your fault.

      2. Wes Bradley-Taubner

        @SuperPokemonStars tears and trauma for them

      3. SuperPokemonStars

        @Wes Bradley-Taubner What about the million little girls who admired Elsa?

      4. Wes Bradley-Taubner

        @SuperPokemonStars yeah the death of the character who sang let it go would please so many people.

      5. SuperPokemonStars

        @Wes Bradley-Taubner Death Battle means that Elsa would either kill someone or get killed, and imagine the reactions of all the children watching it!

    69. The Doh Bros

      Bless You Trust God

    70. Romeo Climons

      Yall should do more with the marvel character spiderman in more death battles he is a extremely creative character.!

    71. Israel Reyes

      They say God gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors... but Ben was plain trying to defend the indefensible.

    72. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 16. Flashpoint Batman vs The Punisher (DC New 52 vs Marvel)

    73. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 15. Horror Monster Battle Royals (Jason Voorhees vs Michael Miers vs Freddy Kruegers vs Slender Man vs PinHead vs Ash Williams vs Xenomorph Queen vs Predator)

      1. Armando Delgado

        Ngl you have great ideas

    74. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 14. Broly vs Archie Knuckles (Dragon Ball vs Archie Comics)

    75. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 13. Paper Luigi vs Archie Tails (Nintendo vs Archie Comics)

    76. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 12. Paper Mario vs Archie Sonic (Nintendo vs Archie Comics)

    77. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 11. Jason & Evan vs Dan & Drago (Mecard vs Bakugan)

    78. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 10. Bumblebee vs The Wasp (DC vs Marvel)

    79. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 9. Vampire Batman vs Zombie Spider-Man (DC Comics vs Marvel)

    80. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 8. Ant-Man vs The Mighty Atom (Marvel vs DC)

    81. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 7. Live-Action Video Game Battle Royals (Mario Mario vs Pixels Pac-Man vs Detective Pikachu vs Movie Sonic The Hedgehog)

    82. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 6. Luffy vs Mr. Fantastic (One Piece vs The Fantastic 4)

      1. Wes Bradley-Taubner

        They did this in DBX

    83. Michael Stone

      Death Battle 5. Yoshi vs Spyro (Nintendo vs Sony)

    84. Michael Stone

      Death Battle 4. Zero vs Meta Knight (Mega Man X vs Kirby)

    85. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 3. Spongebob Squarepants vs Gumball Watterson

    86. JayStapes

      I left Last Jedi with no hope for Star Wars..hated the film..tbh. All my friends loved it, but the more they rewatched it the more they came around to my point

    87. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 2. Sonic The Hedgehog Battle Royals (Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic vs Boom Sonic vs Movie Sonic vs Archie Sonic)

      1. S N 7584

        @SuperPokemonStars I won't, cry about it

      2. SuperPokemonStars

        @S N 7584 You will hurt yourself if this idea becomes real.

      3. S N 7584

        @SuperPokemonStars yes promoting battle royale.

      4. SuperPokemonStars

        No promoting self harm.

    88. Michael Stone

      Death Battle idea 1. Cell vs BlackWarGreymon (Dragon Ball vs Digimon)

    89. The Utility Man

      The prequels had meme's made for them. The sequels had meme's made about them.

    90. The Brother Channel

      Do Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel. I wanna know who will win the battle

      1. The Brother Channel

        @Caelan I can see that, after Wanda and the vision

      2. Caelan

        Scarlet Witch easy

    91. Cowboy colt

      When you gonna do something with John constantine

    92. Love Hawks

      So... Yeah... Marvel has done the Scarlet Witch vs. the Phoenix match up in the comics. Scarlet Witch willed the Phoenix Force out of existence House of M style. No more Phoenix. Speaking of House of M, no more mutants. Scarlet Witch, with three little words, made the snap look like a blip. When Wanda comes to burn Jean Grey, this Phoenix is not rising again.

    93. Nacho Chips

      Kylo the angry nerd and ren couldn't even learn proper light sabre skills. I think they forgot that the word light is well.....very LIGHT. They wielded the sabres like they weighed 20 to 30lbs. what garbage.

    94. Andy Torres

      My DeathBattle suggestions: 1. Misaka Mikoto(A Certain Magical Index) vs Cole McGrath(Infamous) 2. Kuroko Shirai( A Certain Magical Index) vs Nightcrawler(Marvel) 3. Sakura(Street Fighter) vs Videl Satan(Dragonball) 4. Mileena(Mortal Kombat) vs Juri Han( Street Fighter) 5. Sailor Moon(Sailor Moon) vs Madoka Kadame(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 6. Reptile(Mortal Kombat) vs Riptor(Killer Instinct) 7. The Hulk(Marvel) vs Saitama(OnePunchMan) 8. Homura Akame(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) vs Sailor Moon(Sailor Moon) 9. The Lizard(Marvel) vs KillerKroc(DC) 10. Shantae(Shantae) vs Chelshia(Khimera Destroy All the Monster Girls!!) 11. Shantae vs Zizou Olympia(The Legend of Dark Witch) 12. Plastic man(DC) vs Monkey D. Luffy(One Piece) 13. James Bond vs Ethan Hunt(Mission Impossible) 14. Michael Myers(Halloween) vs Jason Voorhees(Friday the 13th) 15. John wick vs Robert McCall( The Equalizer) 16. The Joker (DC) vs The Green Goblin(Marvel) 17. Alfred Pennyworth(DC) vs Walter C. Dornez(Hellsing) 18. Alucard(Hellsing) vs Dio Brando(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) 19. HitGirl(Kickass) vs Damian Wayne(DC) 20. Viewtiful Joe vs Scott Pilgrim( Scott Pilgrim vs the World) 21. Digimon Leader Battle Royale: Taichi Yagami and Agumon with his Bond of Courage Digivolution, Daisuke Motomiya and Veemon, Takato Mastuki and Guilmon, Takuya Kanbara, Masaru Damon and His Agumon, Taiki Kudou and Shoutmon, and finally Tagiru Akashi and Gumdramon 22. Johto Pokemon Battle Royale 23. Jojo villains battle Royale 24. White Lotus Battle Royale (Avatar the Last Air Bender) 25. Lucemon all Forms(Digimon) vs Trigon(DC) 26. Pikachu & Ash(Pokemon) vs ZatchBell & Kiyo(ZatchBell) 27. Momori & Mirai(Valkyrie Drive Mermaid) vs Maka & Soul(Soul Eater) 28. Bowser(Super Mario) vs King K.Rool(Donkey Kong) 29. Ghost Rider(Marvel) vs Spawn(Image Comics) 30. Superboy(DC) vs Son Gohan(DBZ) 31. Miraculous Ladybug Battle Royale(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) 32. Billy Butcher(The Boys) vs Stain(My Hero Academia) 33. Eevee evolution Battle Royale(Pokemon) 34. Hyakkimaru(Dororo) vs Tanjiro Kamado(Demon Slayer) 35. Little Mac(Punch Out) vs Makunouchi Ippo(Hajime no Ippo!) 36. Beatrix Kiddo(Kill Bill franchise) vs Machete(Machete franchise) 37. Dr. Neo Cortex(Crash Bandicoot) vs Ripto(Spyro the Dragon) 38. Clayface(DC) vs Sandman(Marvel) 39.Selene(Underworld) vs Alice(Resident Evil) 40. Link Battle Royale(The Legend of Zelda) 41. Akuma(Street Fighter) vs Kazuya Mishima(Tekken) 42. Froppy(My Hero Academia) vs Greninja(Pokemon) 43. Froppy(My Hero Academia) vs Toad(Marvel) 44.Percy Jackson vs Lapis Lazuli(Steven Universe) 45. The Parasite(DC) vs The Absorbing Man(Marvel) vs Kevin 11(Ben 10) 46. Sakura Haruno(Naruto) vs Morgiana(Magi) 47. Wiz vs Boomstick(Death Battle)

      1. S N 7584

        @SuperPokemonStars you seek help because you take fiction wayyyyyy too seriously and can't differentoate between Fiction and reality😂😂😂😂

      2. SuperPokemonStars

        @S N 7584 You seek help because you think making friends kill each other and rendering worlds without heroes is a good idea.

      3. S N 7584

        @SuperPokemonStars please go seek some help

      4. SuperPokemonStars

        @S N 7584 He stop, I stop.

      5. S N 7584

        @SuperPokemonStars for the love of real gods and Jesus, STOP IT.

    95. mutalord

      good to see shaun on this channel again

    96. Steve Samuals

      I feel bad for Ben having to defend the sequels.

    97. DalouGaming

      ple have started doing a gaming channel to but not sure we're I'm going wrong I could use some tips and pointers please

    98. TheGGamer

      Like Deadpool Once said while fighting the mask “I can stop Hilter from being Born *Rewrite the Star Wars Prequels* or even make you take off that mask”

    99. Warlordgab

      Prequels stomp really hard

    100. Kolgax

      The prequels at least didn't entirely kill Star Wars for me. After watching the first 2 sequels, I don't believe there is any possibility for good new Star Wars stuff anymore. But screw the Prequels too... midichlorians?! Darth Vader complains about sand? Arguable racist tropes... The OT isn't without flaws too, but at least it was campy in a charming way. If there is to be more Star Wars I think everything but the Original Trilogy needs to be de canonized.