Kermit VS Froppy w/ Elyse Willems | DEATH BATTLE Cast #215


77 миӊ. көрүүлөр38

    Elyse of Funhaus fame jumps into a battle of muppets and quirks!
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    1. derek hughes

      Crush her kermit

    2. chaniboy

      Some much needed laughs, thank you

    3. Gambit08

      Can Elyse voice a character in a future death battle episode please?

    4. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    5. Gilbran Ramadhan


    6. 13 1

      Kermit has guns he defeated all for one and even perfect cell.

    7. Patrick Wentzell

      Here is an idea no one has thought of Statler and Waldorf the Muppet Show vs Budd Abbott and Lou Costello Improve comedians in a Death Battle imagine that crossover hecklers versus improve. this is a suggested idea I like please no hate messages or insults ok. I'm gonna ask what many think about this and should there be payback for the heckling they did to others over the years.

    8. Moonior

      Kermit stomps

    9. Lyrica - All Things Considered

      They both would probably get depressed by someone calling them the wrong name

    10. Bird Lord


    11. darkmikasonfire

      She has such a cute smile. If Tsuyu doesn't win, I riot. She's effectively a giant poisonous tree frog. Kermit is a fairly large standard ass frog. Ben isn't allowed to make these arguments anymore, froppy was a solid perfect easy win and he failed again for the second week in a row.

    12. Arella Playz

      Yeah a- no

    13. Arella Playz

      New sub ^^

    14. Mega Bolt

      I'm gonna have to come back to this later... I remember thinking of an ideal opponent for Froppy but, I can't remember who it was... ............. Gimme a break, this past year stressed my brain just as badly as everyone else, alright?! Edit: On the one hand, "Froppy vs Greninja" came to mind but, I don't think that was the frog match up I was originally thinking.

    15. B

      This has got to be the most unexpected thing that I've seen coming

    16. The Animation Nerd

      Kermit FTW

    17. Death

      Honestly I give it to Kermit

    18. Yellow Crewmate


    19. Mr Dee Pop

      So if this is a death battle cast video then does it come a death battle

    20. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶

      “Hell hath no fury for an angered weeb for a rage billows inside”

    21. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    22. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    23. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    24. Ronan Mason


      1. Andrew Jodon

        DAU Kermit would stomp. He can go super froggy 3 and has also survived blows from Shaggy.

    25. gaming kid

      Pls animate this battle Kermit vs froppy

    26. J93u983fh8ruwi

      I wonder what the track would be called...

    27. Ares Huls.

      Performative skills don't translate. If you learn to fight or swordfight for play or movie, you stage's nothing like real fighting

    28. Kayla Kosatka


    29. thebigEdziu

      I would've vote for Kermit :) Hi Elyse !!

    30. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy im trying to comment on the most recent because I really wanna see this fight

    31. Eli McCoy

      Froppy wins,Kirmit loses,simple as that.

    32. Alex Eisenhauer

      Fr-oh-ppy , right??

    33. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

      1. Jan Jacob Tumbaga

        Id say Randy would win because Ladybug can only use her power once but Randy can use his unlimited times.

    34. Raed za 3

      OBVIOUSLY froppy

    35. Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle

      you should do Sesame Street vs the muppets show death battle

    36. Benjamin Huether

      A better matchup may be Kermit vs. Hobbes the tiger, since both draw much of their power from imagination, and both are fuzzy to the touch.

      1. Benjamin Huether

        Oh, also: Miss Piggy vs. the Kool Aid Man.

    37. Austin The Super Luigi Fan

      Honestly the fight should have been Miss piggy vs The Granny from Madagascar

    38. Rman Nayr


    39. Rman Nayr


    40. Meow Meow

      Kermit will win by just staring at her he his almighty

    41. GamersOtakusUnite

      People always act like death battle is well researched. This is the truth guys. Just 4 regular online guys debating and have some bias. Just like every other online people XD

    42. Hyper JANK

      Cermit with a C enters the chat

    43. Jan Carlo Oliveras Jiménez


    44. biby311

      & froppy can make her self , invisable.

    45. biby311

      What in the , heck I didn’t know how this muppet was so overpowerd

    46. biby311

      Now this is not fair , a puppet & a frog girl .

    47. Ricky Nuggets

      I stopped watching Screwattack years ago. When did Ben get so old and fat?

    48. Broad View Analysis B.V.A

      Zoro (one piece) vs Nightcrawler (one piece)

    49. Beckham RamenBowl


    50. Brown Mope


    51. Rudy Gould

      If Kermit gets DAU feats he stomps

    52. Nick

      Has anyone in mha ever had two samurai swords *and* a blunt?

    53. Gh A

      This new thing is terrible

    54. marcelo perez

      Bring susuke in deathbattle!

    55. Geoff Speedie

      elise is awesome. Get her on way more.

    56. Rudy Gould

      R.I.P Froppy

    57. Tito Odierna it's finally come to this.... You have all admitted this is a joke and your episodes will reflect this directly...

    58. Naite AF

      Well I'm a f****** monster

    59. Naite AF

      Bro he has a f****** of we talking devil Artemis

    60. Naite AF

      To be serious Kermit would win

      1. Nick

        Mha fans: Well in chapter 59 of the ganstaspazzy arc she was able to survive a large blast now if we scale her height from the magazine in chapter 30 we figured asdfghjkl The Muppets Fans: Is that Kermit the frog with two samurai swords smoking a blunt?

    61. Matthew Dick

      She was training with Deku and dodged his black whip. Also poison from poison Dart Frog

    62. Nobody 123

      Someone please animate this I can give you part of a script just please Kermit: The end is near Froppy: As the epic battle ensues kermit kills Froppy with a lightsaber by impaling her *the end*

      1. Nick I forgot the one and only line sorry

    63. riftgamer

      Froopy better win

    64. ByronTheO Boom

      Wtf Elyse here?

    65. Cino trashductions

      Kermit wins no discussion

    66. BrothaNBlue

      This is stupid why didn't they put her against Toad from X Men?

    67. Joey Leung

      Kermit winnnnn

    68. Some Guy

      I'm pretty sure Kermit is canonically an actor, so his feats are, by extension, just special effects. Even if we were to apply the special effects feats to his characters (as the character of his character, if you will), they would only apply to the character he was playing, not himself. For example, anything kermit does as peter pan could count as a Peter Pan feat (maybe), but wouldn't count as a Kermit feat. Just my two cents.

    69. Venom The 2008 gt


    70. Sterling Solomon

      I've always wanted to see Endeavor battle Laxus

    71. YungGuapEternal

      Ryu Hayabusa vs Scorpion

    72. Arthur Campbell

      Who won

    73. Chaotic brain dead Rat

      The thing is, Kermit is basically indestructible, possesses toon force, and plot convenience.

    74. Optimus Primeコンボイ

      I laughed so hard when I saw this

    75. Gervante Murff

      Little Einstein’s vs magic school bus crew

    76. Gervante Murff

      Little Einstein’s vs magic school bus crew

    77. Brendan Bonmon

      Spider-Man vs Beast Boy

    78. Jose Gomez-Rojas

      Froppy vs Greninja or Froppy vs Bullfrag(Ben10)

    79. Drake Olson

      Well now im waiting for kermit vs elmo

    80. Charley Edwards

      no way lol my 7yr old daughters name is Elise :) very cool

    81. Chase Oakley

      1Billion Lions vs All POKEMON!!!

    82. Crossfire_Unltd

      I'm only 16 minutes in but Louis calling for folders and going through pages is killing me 🤣

    83. Marauders Mischief

      You put Kermit the frog versus Sue AKA froppy you could have put her against you know frogger and I don't mean the old video game character I mean frogger one of the enemies of the X-Men duu doi

    84. Cole Noir

      Doesn't Kermit also have Jedi Training??? No Kap.

    85. Elementaro

      Chad: "If we were using Wolverine would we analyze Hugh Jackman?" No, but if we were using Hugh Jackman would we analyze Wolverine? The Muppets are canonically actors, so everything fantastical they do is just them acting.......

    86. Pac-Man

      Memes are op

    87. Little Ramsies 10,000

      Storm(Marvel) Vs Sailor Jupiter(Sailor Moon)

    88. PengyAnimations

      Luis: *gets another page* Everyone else: *oh no*

    89. PengyAnimations


    90. PengyAnimations


    91. PengyAnimations

      Let's be honest, Kermit is a god slayer, he has got this in the bag.

    92. matt mallecoccio

      wiz and boomstick do a Christopher Reeve vs Henry Cavill Superman death battle

    93. Mr. McNerdo

      Deadshot vs Bullseye

    94. pizza fox

      Totally Kermit he's a meme

    95. New Channel


    96. Michael Hargrave

      Yo- they forgot Kermit beat shaggy one time...froppy would die without a problem

    97. Jason Negron

      No more death battle animations?😕

      1. Chhay Sour

        Break time until March 7.

    98. Kirai Jinrui or Jinrui o nikumu

      A human puppet vs a teenage girl with frog powers....gee, I wonder who would win?

    99. Shawn Hennessy

      kano vs cyborg [mortal kombat] [dc]

    100. Bryan Guerra