Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher (Metal Gear VS Splinter Cell) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    Watch the DEATH BATTLE before it hits KGup as a Rooster Teeth sponsor:
    It's the battle of spies with Metal Gear vs Splinter Cell! The perfect soldier against the ultimate predator! Can Snake's intensity defeat Sam's unmatched stealth?
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    Christopher Sabat - Solid Snake
    Ben Reynolds - Sam Fisher
    Whitney Rodgers - Grim
    Brad Venable - Otacon
    Chris Guerrero - Battle Announcer
    Casting & voice direction by Marissa Lenti
    Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher | DEATH BATTLE!

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    1. Alexis Aguilar

      these fight was not even sam should have won cuz sam is more realistic not snake

    2. vamrack

      Back when the match ups made Sense

    3. Bester Bould

      Raiden: _goes rage mode and slices a dudes head into pieces_ Snake: "hehe knife go zap"

    4. Isaac The Last N7

      I think we know who would win before seeing this

    5. Charley Moret

      This was as epic as I thought it would be! Amazing!

    6. Renamon 565

      So when is gabe logan from syphon filter gonna get a deathbattle

    7. Mitchell Patterson

      can anyone PLEASE tell me what music is used at 18:30

    8. Mookie Stewart that Chris sabot voicing snake?? 😂😂

    9. Mookie Stewart

      Cool idea but this isn’t much of a fight , snake is stronger, faster , has better tech and is able to perceive more . Snake would win zero difficulty but I still say it’s cannon that both know of each other and have respect for each other because of Easter eggs on both game series 😂😂

    10. westcoast1457

      Anyone know what the fight music was and how to get it. (Towards the end of fight)

    11. DM Wanderer

      Still the best DB to date. Dont make em like they used to

      1. Tanish Paul Singh

        Oh I'm not the only one lmao. Death Battle's been declining nowadays, but Shadow vs Ryuko was actually good this time

    12. DJ Kale Eat

      18:34 Dat German Suplex was everything :)

    13. Tristan Pelfrey

      Bull, the point at which snake was hit with a bullet hit to many places to keep going, you said it y’all’s selves, snake can die with a well place bullet, snake lost this, a long time ago

    14. Jayden Lopez

      Deathstroke versus riden

    15. Damiano Lima

      6:10 I hate to be THAT guy but, Snake was genetically programmed to age rapitly to avoid people from cloning him into an another Big Boss

    16. Andre Herrera

      He didn’t get to use his final smash

    17. Siddhant Kapoor

      I was hoping for sam fisher

    18. Freddy McShreddy

      Of course snake was gonna win he can go toe to toe with crazy over the top cyborgs and Nintendo mascots.

    19. mr robot

      Let's be real if this was about pure stealth Sam would win

    20. Kaleb Howard

      they explain how big boss survived being lit on fire in mgsv, simply put, it wasnt big boss, it was his doppleganger venom snake, dont worry theres plenty more plot twists where that comes from

      1. Kaleb Howard

        @Squidy Tennisballs ah makes sense

      2. Squidy Tennisballs

        This death battle came out before MGS V

    21. Just Some Weeb

      This fight took place in 2018

    22. Tekko

      well we all know that they wouldve worked together instead of fighting

    23. Military Pineapples

      This was just unfair. How is Sam supposed to beat a Super Saiyan!?!

    24. Ash Williams

      6:15 OBJECTION! When Snake Was Cloned, I Mean, Solid Snake, The Government Mutated His Genes To Activate Rapid-aging, So If He's Found Betraying The Government, He Could Be Easily Tracked Down, And Hunted. Or, So One Of My Friends Told Me.

    25. Jayden Dicritan

      Alternate ending: GHOST has joined the chat and says Russians are back and Russians are going to kill them

    26. J4K The Shredder

      im more of a big boss type of guy lel

    27. T.U Cell

      Still the greatest death battle ever forged, it’s a shame it doesn’t have as much views as the others. 18:12 pretty much sealed the deal, even before knowing both franchises this scene embodied what death battle was going for. It was a timeless masterpiece, I just didn’t know it was yet.

    28. steven padilla

      Whenever I say that some one is going to win they will win

    29. Ayden Mendez

      Anyone else watching this after r6 shadow legacy?

    30. James Merkel

      5 years later this is still just about their BEST animated deathbattle, and the choreography was perfect!

    31. rhunter42dragon

      19:30 Hold on, what's with the plane crashing? Did Grim get killed as well?

      1. Bentley Otto


    32. aboi

      Imagine if big boss was the one fighting sam

    33. green-ghost- 24

      They are both awesome so it really doesn't matter who won this

    34. Artyom Rayzberg

      All thanks to him, now i can’t find any snake(the reptile) figurines online

    35. doc 1

      There is literally no way that snake would win. Sam has much more experience and has better equipment and better support. Hes also faster than snake with his draw and is entirely undetectable. Only reason snake won was because they wanted him to. Not only is sam more realistic but he's much more capable. Only thing snake can do that sam can't is pilot a metal gear and thats basically cheating if you count metal gears. 1v1 man to man sam would win hands down. Not to mention snake literally retired and sam just kept on goin.

      1. Squidy Tennisballs

        Lol i doubt you played any metal gear game if you think Sam is better than snake at everything. Get lost you hater 😂😂

    36. DOOZ DOOZ

      If this "death battle" was made by a real objective fan, Sam would have killed Solid Snake when he entered the dark room with a single shot in the head. Bad video made by a terrible creator

      1. Dogey89

        Lol, it depends on who sees who first. And since Sam is entering the room first, he's at a disadvantage.

      2. Original Name

        Lmao what? Because they know how to pace a fight to be entertaining it's bad? And why tf couldn't snake just shoot him in the dark room?

    37. God king Jack Lee

      This is still one of my all time favorite death battles even after 5 years I still go back and watch it

    38. NEVM

      I like both series so I wouldn't be disappointed by the outcome.

    39. Jay b

      Probably the best death battle.

    40. cole stuebs

      It would have been amazing if we just saw an empty room and after a few minutes KO! flashes on the screen.

    41. Wiggle Master

      14:23 instead of shooting Snake in the head while hes distracted, lets shoot at what he's looking at so he can focus on trying to shoot you. Smart

    42. xXKUMAKUMAXx

      Kinda sucks you didn't use Old Snake for this Battle since Sam is Old. But great Video none the less 🤘

    43. Steven Nogaro

      19:52 Well, Snake’s channel was hacked into by Slippy Toad of all people(or frogs), so…

      1. Bentley Otto

        Not canon

    44. engineer gaming

      "killing unarmed women seems mighty close to terrorism." "shut up Fisher." *MISSION FAILED*

    45. William De Jesus

      He should of responded to ottocan saying "kept you waiting huh"

    46. Hatifrey

      Anybody know where I can find the song from 14:10 onwards?

      1. Original Name

        Gotta get the cash from Anarchy Reigns

    47. Rollo the Walker

      The end of an era

    48. Charlie 18

      This fight in short is a Green Berets vs Navy Seal only with intense training and experiment.

    49. GamerNemo

      they need to remaster this fight

      1. Bentley Otto

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU they need to rerelease the fight. Nothing changed, just released live so people can talk in live chat and new people can see it. No remaster



    50. Jack Traynor

      This is why I play as Snake in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    51. The toasted ghost

      Wait a second wasn't it proven that fisher was better than snake

      1. Bentley Otto

        At stealth. And maybe speed. Snake slaps in every other category

      2. I have Coronavirus

        R6 chose Sam 😥

    52. Super weird Plush

      Rest in peice Brad Venable

    53. Sauce Torbolton

      16:11 nice

    54. J B

      I'm a huge fan of Soild Snake.

    55. andri riki

      One of the best episode in Death Battle. & Otacon has quite a contribution here.

    56. Dolphin lover Jotaro

      Once snake uses the box you know you've lost

    57. HarmonySword

      Chris Sabat is going to beat the next convention I go to. Should I bring a picture of Snake or Smoky Bear? I only have enough for one

      1. HarmonySword

        @Bentley Otto The event already passed. I brought the Snake Amiibo and he liked it. Didn't have enough money for Smoky though unfortunately.

      2. Bentley Otto


      3. HarmonySword

        @TayeVance Sams He voiced both in Death Battle. Look at the description of this video and you will see his name

      4. TayeVance Sams

        What does Chris Sabat have to do with those characters?

    58. TAnchor2207

      Anyone got the track for this battle!!??!!

    59. King Hekizee

      sucks that they gave him a karambit instead of his skyes. or his gerber guardian.

    60. Bradley Ward

      This will ALWAYS be my favorite death battle.

    61. Frontful

      It's a crime that Agent 47 hasn't been in a Death Battle yet.

      1. Frontful

        The only reason I'd accept is that they're waiting so they can do it in live action. Like Jason vs Michael. They probably want to do it in live action

      2. David Felizola Vázquez

        No, it's a sin.

    62. 3dgar 7eandro

      Oh deam!!! This fight was actually pretty dope!!!😎😁👏👌

    63. Mikhail Lasar Norddin

      I'm always love Metal Gear Solid the spy video games and is awesomely daring. 🤩😄🎖

    64. Abra Cadabra

      2020 and this is still my favorite fight out of all of them

    65. Justin Wison

      ❤️ snake

    66. Itinerant Mercenary

      This is always gonna be one of my favorites.

    67. Dan Henry

      18:39 I wish I knew what the music was. Also, this zection is badass

      1. HarmonySword

        Digital Devil Saga 2: Braham

    68. MaximumElevapor

      Honestly DBs like this show you don't need to have some planet-busting, giant energy beam firing, faster-than-light combatants to make a good fight.

    69. Victor Medina

      Five years later and this is still my favorite Death Battle!

    70. Andrew Garrison

      just want a point out how incredible of a plot twist it wouldve been if grim still died but snake was the one who lost in the end

    71. Casil Atkinson


    72. AcerRacer2008

      Me knowing karate loved this fight And music is dope

    73. Robert Wall

      i dont know if someone already said this but imagine these 2 playing hide and seek they would be there for a very long time

    74. fruitloops3000

      I knew before this started that you'd have snake win.

    75. True Gamer

      I've never been more invested in a Death Battle than this one. I was literally on the edge of my seat cheering for Snake. I've argued with friends about this so many times. I'm glad its finally over. 😁

    76. Nick Foxsnowpaws

      Sly cooper vs ratchet and clank death battle maybe 🤔 not sure yet

    77. Michael Santangelo

      What is the name of this dang song!!!

    78. Silverback

      You should give snake another death battle or should I say BIG BOSS!

    79. Guy 01

      Okay, so I know the song at the end is Divine Entity. What about the other songs?

    80. TimothyLloyd Ecarma

      With the release of Nightwing vs Daredevil and more so Red Hood vs Winter Soldier, y’all think we should have a live-action remake? Hahah

      1. Bentley Otto

        No. The episode is perfect right now. And the live action deaths were kinda crap (though Red-Hood vs Winter Soldier was awesome as an episode.)

    81. PaulOJazz

      Please allow me to re do the voice work for Sam and Snake!

    82. Kong Meng Yang

      My favorite Death Battle.

    83. Soul Tyger

      I definitely see why this is considered one of the best death battles, if not the greatest. From the analysis, animation, fight, and the music, overall it's definitely the best IMO. I'm tempted to check out Splinter Cell now. Great video💯

    84. music Studio


    85. Jacques Doucet

      What’s funny is they both work for the American government

    86. Spartan501

      it's insane how well done this is like even all these years later people still come back to watch it

      1. GSP

        It’s one of the best they ever did tbh. Deserves all of the views in the World.

    87. Evan Bailes

      "He's not hiding anywhere." You clearly don't know Snake.

    88. Blu Lumen

      I come back 5 years later for one reason: “You’re pretty good.”

    89. Divine Rose0's Back-Up Channel

      The worst part of this is that they are actually on the same side and this is a case of disastrous in-fighting. And failure of communication between agencies.

      1. the doubting

        well sam did hate the agencies, conviction shows that sam able to *murder everyone* in the echelon just like snake

      2. Divine Rose0's Back-Up Channel

        @P Menka and yet they get government money, contracts, contacts and resources. Yea they also get money for doing merc work for UN and others, but the USA seems to be the biggest 1. Even if it isn't official, they DO work for our government......

      3. P Menka

        @Divine Rose0's Back-Up Channel after the events of shadow moses foxhound was disbanded, Snake paired with Otacon and started to do their own PRIVATE missions as stated in MGS2 and MGS4. Solid Snake never worked for the CIA. Naked Snake AKA Big Boss was the one that worked for FOX under CIA scrutiny. Diamond Dogs was founded by big boss before Solid snake was ever even in the picture. So Solid Snake and Otacon together never worked for any agency. They called themselves Philanthropy at one point but they were still working by themselves. When Snake worked for an agency aka Foxhound, Otacon was not his partner yet.

      4. Divine Rose0's Back-Up Channel

        @P Menka hound? Diamond Dogs? CIA (or similar)?

      5. P Menka

        Snake and Otacon work by themselves. They don’t work for any agency.

    90. Nokia Tvla

      Was rooting for sam ...but this fight was cool...but dn that knifework by snake damn he's cool.

    91. yaukza western killa

      "Why not have sam or Gabe do it". 🤣🤣

    92. VGSeq

      Snake would have won faster if he used his up tilt

    93. Dimitry Petrevsky

      Hwy about gabe logan vs sam fisher

    94. Muhammad Wijdan

      Naw it probably wont happen, they probably be bestie talking bout they're stealth missions while sipping tea together :)

    95. Ethan Skaar

      Yeah Snake wins this encounter no problem

    96. Youtoo22

      Is this the best one I’ve seen they were going at it

    97. Karma the Nightwing

      Music please?

    98. slimdevin99

      That was probably one of the best fights ever

    99. Tyrece Hylton-Fletcher

      Funny thing is snake knows about fisher from a reference. "Why can't sam or gabe handle it".

    100. Kano Flo

      Not to be a dickhead or anything but am I the only one that actually noticed that dudes faking a voice at the same time his original voice and the other voice of the commentator..Lmao