Shadow VS Ryuko w/ Commentary


45 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    These razor sharp edgelords are battling to the with commentary!
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    1. Tin Watchman

      17:50 Yeah, honestly, I would appreciate it if you all would consider putting her (or possibly Satsuki) up against someone a little lower on the godlike powers tier at some point in the future. She deserves to go up against someone she has a real shot at defeating. Thanks.

    2. Tin Watchman

      14:06 Did like this moment.

    3. The True Daoster

      Life Fibres? It's a literal blood line. . . .!

    4. Blaze9516

      Honestly ryukko who is arguably planet level of fighting a multiversal super hedgehog was not gonna do anything

    5. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    6. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    7. the Longneck Man

      tengen toppa gurren lagann

    8. gamekid bunny7

      I love it when Ryuko died by shadow

    9. Jamari Stanley

      The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    10. saintzeroinfinity

      Gluttony vs homer ( full metal alchemist vs. the Simpsons)

    11. Youngboi Corti

      Aye yo death battle! Do Kakashi vs Sesshomaru👊🏼

    12. DK Commander

      I got something: Nero (DMC5) VS Ryu(Ninja Gaiden)

    13. Marshall Long


    14. George Calibur

      Apologies, but Yokorobi?

    15. Vetriphus

      You guys gotta do Fire Emblem vs. other anime characters I haven’t seen one of those

    16. Marjana Kureta

      ngin vs cyborg daeth battle

    17. Elsebidebi 1

      You should really do Necrozma vs Sephirot

    18. Sonic The Hedgehog XD

      Shadow I Like It

    19. Rinnegan Itachi

      Icon of Sin (Doom) vs Age (Heroic Age) or maybe better Godzilla Earth vs Icon of Sin D (Vampire Hunter D) vs Alucard (Castlevania) Doom Slayer vs a scout boy selling cookies...nah vs Dante :)

    20. TheLoreKeeper

      Doctor doom is going to sweep lex Luthor because he has no real weaknesses other than his personality really

    21. Vegito Saiyan

      Can you make homelander vs omi man 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    22. Zac Sexton

      Yall should do Zatch bell

    23. Graphite and more

      If Taka really was intentionally directed poorly that'd explain why his performance wasn't super similar to Humphrey's.

    24. ViperZang

      2021 is actually the 15th anniversary of Sonic 06. We need a remake of the Sonic 15th anniversary game.

    25. Darwin Burns 2002

      Shadow should of won all his battles, the most debatable one was the Vegeta fight, but Mewtwo had no reason to win. Hell this episode proves he should of won

      1. JulanyDaniel Alonso

        @Darwin Burns 2002 still shadow had help and he was in super while mewtwo was not un mega

      2. Darwin Burns 2002

        @JulanyDaniel Alonso no, Mew was the first mortal Pokemon. He has no control over them, all of the pokemon came from his DNA. Why else do you think they tried cloning him. And Solaris exists in all points in time, meaning hes beyond time, 5D. Each of them fought their own because destroying him there and now would do nothing. And even then, they all hurt his first form and took his attacks. Do not challenge me when it comes to the Sonic franchise

      3. JulanyDaniel Alonso

        What about mew he can control all of existence due to being arceus equal while Solaris is only a sun god and shadow had help in super mewtwo didn't against mew

      4. Darwin Burns 2002

        @JulanyDaniel Alonso bruh, omnipotent just means all powerful. Different fictions have different omnipotent beings. And Shadow did fight an omnipotent being before, does Solaris ring a bell. Shadow has 5D scaling, while Mewtwo is only planet surface - planet level.

      5. JulanyDaniel Alonso

        Mewtwo faced an omnipotent being shadow hasn't plus mewtwo has more combat experience then shadow and is way smarter and skilled

    26. tony gonzalez

      Cpt Kenpachi zaraki vs cpt of the black bulls

    27. Lim Ramirez

      Natsu vs Naruto

    28. SunsetBurst 8605

      Shadow killed his waifu confirmed

    29. Ricky Games

      Sarge (Army Men Series) vs Sarge (Red vs Blue) Captain Rex (Star Wars) vs Agent Washington ( Red vs Blue)

    30. Jon

      This was one of the few that got on my nerves - not because I dispute the results but just that I can't stand the Sonic franchise and fanbase. In my opinion, there's never been a good Sonic game, and they've gotten so bad, that it's now hard to tell apart the canon plotlines and characters from the ohseedonutsteels on deviantart. Also that franchise is somehow worse with anime power creep than a lot of actual shounen battle anime. As for Ryuko's design, red, black, and edgy is where the similarities stop. KLK has humor and loads of artistic style while blending the Yankii and Mahou Shoujo genres. Shadow is just doing the mid-90's-00's thing where franchises become x-treme in an attempt to draw in 12 year-olds. Ryuko and Shadow are honestly closer to being opposites when taking their settings into context. Ryuko is the one sane person in a surreal world filled with idiots and lunatics. The Sonic world is colorful and fun, but then there's Shadow who doesn't fit the tone even slightly and for whom the world is bent and deformed to match.

      1. Praise OSA-Ogunbor

        Saying there is no good sonic game is just wrong

    31. trevon green

      Should do Chamaeleon (mortal kombat) and predator (predator series)

    32. Dev

      Gerald Found The picture of Super sonic Fighting Eggman From Sonic 3, and thought super sonic was the ultimate lifeform and based Shadow off Him, and The bio lizard was based of perfect chaos They even have The same roaring Sound, So That's why shadow is The ultimate life Form.

    33. Stumpert Nugenson

      Do BOTW link vs Genshin impact traveller

    34. Noobuperman

      Do Tricky vs someone you pick

    35. LawZone

      Can you guys do Decay (My hero) vs Torune (Naruto) PLZ!!

    36. kenmas gravity

      Can you PLEASES do saiki k vs goku

    37. SuperSanchez 464

      Evangelion Unit 01 vs pacific rim

    38. TACO_MAN

      Ruh, try and do Riddick verses john wick, like anyone else think this would be a good fight?? please like comment and get them to notice it

    39. Mega.lolzzz

      Can you guys do naruto vs Tokyo ghoul

    40. venom carnificina

      does the Disney stitch battle

    41. Rodrigo Garcia

      dr mario vs doctor a fight

    42. Omar Mustafa

      Everyone knew this but the name RYU ( A name of a well-known street fighter) is in the name RYUKO and trust me , I love SOME people in street fighter, like RYU, Gouken,Ken, and Akuma

      1. ShirtlessShulkTv

        and lets not forget the dragon emperor Ryuga


      WOW...this commentary makes NO sense in light of the battle. Original recipe Shadow (NOT AN EDGELORD) shines through in the writing and voice work and even reads like an outreach to the SA appreciation renaissance, but apparently that was a total accident without any intentionality. It even skewers Ryuko as the overdone, abrasive potty-mouth that SEGA bastardized Shadow into AND let's Shadow destroy that incarnation in effigy by remaining cool and unflappable in the face of all the try-hard put-downs! What a MIRACLE it is then that this episode turned out that way despite it's creative team seeming so oblivious to such a special accomplishment!

    44. Abdelrahman H

      I sooooo wanna see saitama vs superman. The best 2 rivals in history just fight to the death!! like none of 'em finishes a fight without some strenght to spare.. This fight might actually give me the chills..

    45. Pyong Gaming Hub

      Please do Black kaiser Vs The Boogeyman This might be the Best Fights 😁😁

    46. 1LIFE 1GAMER

      Plz do death battle on godzilla and zilla jr

    47. 252qwan

      Cosmic hulk vs anybody bet he win

    48. Tema ivanOFF

      Please, darth vader vs herobrine

    49. Crystall Rose

      Can you guys make a death battle with cartoon cat versus Godzilla and shoes a Godzilla this time just pick one

    50. Lel Peppa don't care

      Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) vs Diluc (Genshin Impact). Ex Soldier vs Ex Knight. Who would win and why?

      1. Lel Peppa don't care

        Something to consider is that Diluc has limited stamina (just like every playable character in GI), while Cloud has limited MP (just like every playable character in FF).

      2. Sin tanan

        I'm going to say Cloud, simply because I have no idea about any details of Genshin Impact.

    51. Milisav Petrovic

      Next video: hulk vs blob

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    52. kyle johnson

      Yo plz do Gon vs Deku in the future that fight is to perfect

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Do in suggestions

    53. Rodrick Welch

      You should make captain marvel vs superman or scorpion vs ghost rider.

    54. Lurka

      please do tokyo ghoul kaneki vs 7 deadly sins meliodas

      1. S N 7584

        Meliodas stomps, how is this a fair matchup?

    55. mary olsen

      can one of the next death battles have nui harime please

    56. Ben Brad

      This is a crazy one: Tal’Set from Turok vs Tommy from prey 2006

    57. JulanyDaniel Alonso

      How about mewtwo vs lilith darkstalkers vs Pokemon

    58. Noah Fowler

      U guys should do a death battle with scorpion vs ghost rider like if I agree

      1. Prince Leo

        @Noah Fowler Ghost Rider would own Scorpion. I’m pretty familiar with both characters.

    59. Prince Leo

      Good show guys. I got a suggestion. How about Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory) vs Jimmy Neutron?

    60. clapzz

      i think they should do levi from attack on titan vs juzo from tokyo ghoul

    61. Cobia Bruggeman

      How about doing Gajeel (fairy tail) vs Colossus (X-men)

    62. Trans Vader

      @DEATH BATTLE! Spy Vs. Revolver Ocelot (TF2 Vs. MGS)

    63. Jeremiah was my day Jackson

      Make a fight about the two ultimate time stoppers Dio Brando vs Sakuya Izayoi

    64. Andy Blood-Beard

      Megas xlr vs. another mech with every ranged weaponry known to man (and more).😈😈😈😏😏😏 this would FUN, if was real like death battle. Also do you gals and guys of screwattack (I miss your gals and guys top 10 videos🙁) deadphart would survive Megas xlr's weaponry?

    65. ShirtlessShulkTv

      i loved this battle but i just wanted to ask can we PLEASE see the joker vs Pennywise. That would be an incredible fight

    66. What's A Good Username?

      알고리즘 용 하나

    67. Patrick Samson

      Awesome fight... I was rooting for ryuko though. Please make a Jinno (afro samurai) vs yaiba kamikaze (ninja gaiden z)

    68. Bronze Tiger1995

      I just wish they would pick a different characters besides repeating old ones Cheif Thunder vs Nightwolf, Shang Tsung vs Chase Young, Wuya vs hela,

    69. Larrry Cannon

      For a death battle I want Merged Zamasu vs someone.

    70. Donovan Lee

      can you guys do shun from saint seiya vs kakyoin?

    71. Zabre Zeus

      I have a good video idea Killer Croc VS The Lizard!!

    72. David John Aquino

      Why cant deku fight

      1. S N 7584

        Same as why Luffy can't fight. His show hasn't ended.

    73. Mr. Boomstick

      Kisame vs gang orca

      1. S N 7584

        Kisame slaps

    74. Dr. Ruby 7LT

      I got a Death Battle idea, if you wanna hear it?

    75. ciaran oneill

      please do superman vs goko

    76. Tariq Vlijter

      Might gai vs garou

    77. Legacy

      Bring back the bloopers

    78. Christina Potts

      Do bossk vs Reptile star wars versus mortal combat

    79. ZerØ-X Glitch

      The Doom Patrol VS The Umbrella Academy

    80. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Ladybug VS The Ninja (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir VS Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja)

      1. Simba cartoon fan

        @Viven Ayala actually super Pokémon stars is a party pooper for 7 months

      2. SuperPokemonStars

        @Viven Ayala I am not. I am doing this for the sake of humanity.

      3. Viven Ayala

        @SuperPokemonStars Party Pooper!!

      4. SuperPokemonStars

        No Miraculous in death battle.

    81. ZerØ-X Glitch

      The Joker VS The Green Goblin (DC VS Marvel)

      1. Romenique Oliveira

        The joker wont stand a chance dude, Green Goblin is far stronger and faster than a normal human that can take on the likes of Spiderman and while having an better arsenal than Joker, the only actual way for the joker to win is if both tries to plan a way to take down each other.

    82. The Minecraft

      I really liked all the references

      1. The Minecraft

        “I’m the coolest”


      Guys can you bring Twilight Sparkle back? I know a few opponents she can fight. Please feature this comment on death battle cast

    84. jlo

      Please do madara vs azien

    85. Tsar Of Russia

      rambo vs the comedian (the watchmen)

    86. Big Boose

      Kakashi vs satoru

    87. sgtleeester 79

      Asta vs Meliodas

    88. melanie ndhlovu

      in the next video can it be Naruto vs Luffy

    89. Beauty Lowe

      Ppppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeee3eeeee do a naruto vs goku naruto vs goku

    90. aZ L1Am

      I'm looking back at all these videos and you guys gravely underestimate Naruto characters for example toph vs gaara or kakashi and Obi-Wan...

      1. PonmonofNuggetor

        To be fair, Gaara vs Toph was years ago, back when their research wasn’t anywhere near as good, and EU Obi-Wan does win against Kakashi. We’re also most likely going to get Madara vs Aizen this season, so that’s a Naruto win as far as I’m aware.

      2. S N 7584

        For the gaara fight I agree, but for the obi wan fight they were using EU Obi wan, who Kakashi stood no chance against.

    91. Andres Oregon Hernandez

      Omg this just came too me but Rick Sanchez vs Deadpool

    92. S N 7584

      Death battle suggestion Dorothy (Black clover) vs Gremmy (Bleach) battle between the two Manipulators of imagination.

    93. Frost fury Legendary Christmas LoL

      DEATH BATTLE! can you please do Felicia the cat girl versus sonic the hedgehog

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Do in suggestions

      2. S N 7584

        @Frost fury Legendary Christmas LoL I meant what I said. Sonic stomps hard.

      3. S N 7584

        Sonic stomps

    94. Hola Mundo - The MisteriousAG

      Gwen Tennyson (AKA Lucky Girl) vs Wanda Maximoff (AKA Scarlett Witch)

      1. Praise OSA-Ogunbor

        Scarlet witch wins

    95. Hola Mundo - The MisteriousAG


    96. Justin Rodriguez

      Goku vs anos who will win???

    97. Smeeshy

      Whyd you low ball shadow to planet

    98. Reaper Morningstar

      Zoro vs zabuza

    99. Death Trooper