Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    Which world-conquering mecha-menace deserves to be scrapped?
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    Voice of Ultron: Austin Lee Matthews amtraxVA
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    Pop culture's deadliest characters fight to the death! Experts Wiz and Boomstick analyze the fighters' weapons, armor, and skills to find the decisive, unquestionable winner. It's your dream match-ups come to life!
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    1. Flowey


    2. Artemis Jones

      For a supposed super android 3.2 terabytes of memory capacity doesn't seem like much considering...well, he's a super android

    3. Hamilton S.

      I love how Sigma's VA is credited as "SupremeOverlordOfIce" with a link to the Wikipedia page on hamsters, referencing Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa, because both Gundham and Sigma are voiced by Chris Tergliafera.

    4. JJBizzare

      Sigma: *exists Ultron: "I can't physically throw-up in my mouth."

    5. Norman Harris

      Mcu ultron compared to comics ultron is like comparing hot dog water to gramas cooking

    6. Patrick Wentzell

      Ultron would kill Robo Cop no doubts about that everyone knows it. not even OCP came up with any badass super robotics like this in history.

    7. Arconnelly 53

      Outcome 1: Ultron wins Outcome 2: Sigma wins Outcome 3: they join forces and create Ultron Sigma.

    8. James Walker

      Ok your logic hear should have been applied to Wolverine vs Raiden MGR🤷 How could Wolvie survive Thor and Hulk but not Raiden the Cyber Ninja. I love Raiden but that just doesn't make sense.


        Wolverine doesn’t scale to those dudes. Like, AT ALL.

    9. Ryan Davis

      Wasn't it vibranium not adamantium that Ultron used at least in the movie?

      1. Ryan Davis

        @Sum Guy that must have been what Thanos had when he broke Captain America shield be my guest

      2. Sum Guy

        @Ryan Davis adimantiam is stronger

      3. Ryan Davis

        @Sum Guy I never knew what's stronger metal was adamantium or vibranium because well we've at least seen in the movie version and probably the comics I don't know too much about them but Captain America's vibranium shield broke after Thanos hit it with whatever the hell that was he was swinging at it must have been something just as hard if not harder maybe adamantium sword that he was using?? No idea but it was something tough cuz I don't care how hard you hit that metal with any kind of other metal other than adamantium or vibranium it's not going to even leave a scratch no matter how strong you are

      4. Sum Guy

        That’s movie ultron

    10. Bully Maguire

      Warstar Vs Amazo anyone?

      1. Sum Guy

        I prefer super adaptoid vs amazo

    11. AngelDust441

      Whoever did that Sigma scream like seriously you deserve a raise

    12. stephanie armijo

      In the movie of Ultron avengers Ultron have a Vibranium armor Vibranium the weakness was a fire

    13. Isaac Scherban

      X: oh thank you! What’s your name sir? Ultron: ultron X: prey to ultron! For he has freed us from sigma!!! Ultron: I wouldn’t say free, more like under new management

    14. Nathan DarkDayz

      The most badass laser vs laser blast in history 16:53

    15. Ordinary Otto

      sigma balls lol

    16. Matheus Trindad

      1. Sum Guy

        That’s soooo one sided

    17. Hi

      Sigma balls

    18. KuroKishi

      Stepphenwolf vs Juggernaut

    19. Caley Why

      Caley I can make a new Reminders year and the only reason why I didn’t say was because you were

    20. Miguel Sanchez

      6:58 what if that copy could have been the one to PUSH THAT TRIGGER

    21. Miguel Sanchez

      0:08 incestery service? only in americuh

    22. Django Tierney

      Vegan cinematic ultron: Weak the CHAD comic ultron: *G O D INCARNATE*

    23. Nate

      Can we call this marvel vs capcom 4

    24. Artyom Rayzberg

      See, apple(ultron) IS better then android(sigma)

    25. Charlotte Shenkenberger

      X: 200 zenny on Ultron Zero: 400 zenny on Ultron Sigma: SERIOUSLY? HAVE YOU NO FAITH IN ME? X/Zero: No

    26. Redd Hall

      The whole Thanos story line should of have the real MAIN character in it, Deadpool

    27. lars thememelord

      can someone explain san-tron and the alchoholic ultron why would a smart boi robot do that

      1. Sarper inan Arslan

        Welcome to comics all bizarre crap happens here

    28. Jose Gonzale

      Did anybody knows sigmas heroe brother ligma

    29. Patrick Wentzell

      Knowing about him yes Ultron is that powerful as he seems to look. my advice have someone with magic to get rid of him once and for all.

    30. Brady Lawson

      every video our sponsor blue apron

    31. Euclyptus Euphoria ASMR

      Marvel vs Capcom Infinite foretold this Death Battle

    32. Roselo

      everytime i read about ultron in the comics i feel scared for the hero.....

    33. Briggly

      Deathbattle idea Starkiller vs Vegeta

    34. Martin Jonasson

      DNA registries SELL your genetic profile to anyone.

    35. Tyrzi

      who tf is sugma

      1. Sharpie

        He’s like the main villain in Megaman x

    36. SuperSquid989

      Not gonna lie, first seeing this art style for whiz and boomstick kinda put me off, but it’s really grown on me and it feels like it’s been this way the whole time

    37. Rahman Mamanr

      Why Stigma Will be lose Because He is Doesn't Have Anti Ultron

    38. James McClure

      All this time, after watching this battle again and again, I never noticed at 7:55-8:10, his data says he "looks like the forbidden love child of Buzz Lightyear & Zurg."

    39. Blaze the hedgehog

      Marvel VS Capcom infinite all over again

    40. SK. Trollingston

      I think Megaman.EXE could stomp Ultron. Because he would definitely be immune to any attempts by Ultron to corrupt him. And then it comes down to strength which EXE has an almost infinite arsenal of weapons. I'd love to see them do a tournament at the end of the season where the winners of all the death battles fight each other.

    41. Georgi Ganchev

      Yeah,Sigma is cool and all,but did you know he has a secret brother called Sugma?

    42. Zabeth Shepard

      Death battle request Steven Universe vs Star butterfly

    43. Logan Ascheman

      does anybody ever watch the blue apron ads?

    44. shibu ghost

      This looks like an older version of doctor doom vs lex Luthor

    45. Stephen Lucas

      Ultron: Wins Iron Man and X: Call the Avenger.

    46. Sam I am 2195

      Ultron vs Brainiac

    47. Sci Fi9

      69k likes nice

    48. SK. Trollingston

      I still think they should have done Lex Luthor VS Sigma


        Lol, no. That one is garbage.

    49. Zachary Frierson

      Scaling Sigma to Duo is dumb for one main reason: robots like Zero and Sigma were built to be FAR superior to classic era robots like Classic Mega Man, Quick Man, and Duo, in LITERALLY EVERY way. So Sigma is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than Duo to the point that scaling Sigma to Duo makes no sense in the first place.

      1. Justin Alicea

        @Zachary Frierson Incorrect. The fact that Duo is noted to hold back in his fight against Mega Man, which we are able to play out, means that Duo wasn't using his 114 times faster than light speed in his fight. And now that I looked it up, there is a reason they explicit are talking about Mega Man vs Reploids, not Duo vs Reploids: Duo isn't a human-made robot. He's an extraterrestrial robot, and thus he cannot be compared to any other robots unless he faces them in combat. But he held back in his fight against Mega Man, meaning he wasn't using his faster than light speed. If you want further proof, go watch the Mega Man Battle Royale. Mega Man X's best speed feat isn't anywhere near Duo's speed.

      2. Zachary Frierson

        @Justin Alicea Except Duo is significantly slower than Sigma, so again, that makes no sense. They literally took a robot that's slower than Sigma and actually scale Sigma to said robot to determine his speed. They even said that "scaling Sigma to Duo is a bit capricious" since Duo didn't fight Mega Man with everything he had, so it's definitely possible Duo is faster than a mere 114X lightspeed.

      3. Justin Alicea

        It's exactly because Sigma is designed to be superior to Duo that Sigma can scale to Duo's speed. How much superior is debatable.

    50. king Leland's videos

      Is sigma the reincarnation of MEGATRON from the Bay verse

    51. Brandon Gold

      I heard that they got sigmas original voice actor for this, someone please tell me that’s true.

    52. bob bob

      sigma: infects world with virus ultron: ok

    53. bob bob

      ima end this with 2 words phalanx ultron

    54. Austin Judes

      And thus began the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite storyline...

    55. Simpleton Apollo

      This is like your Sephiroth Vs. Vergil. You made Sephi-Momma's Boy win because you didn't want backlash because you knew Vergil was superior to Sephi in every way. Stop with the dang bias and GIVE US A REAL VIDEO! Or screw off! Get it? Screw off? Like ScrewAttack? Nah, you idiots don't remember.

      1. Bentley Otto

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU I was saying the irony was beautiful.


        @Bentley Otto ?

      3. Bentley Otto

        @KombatKid12 it’s beautiful, actually. Better than most books

      4. KombatKid12

        The irony of calling them bias when you’re being that exact thing you claim they’re being is not lost on me.


        Lol, ok stupid death battle hater. Ultron wrecks Sigma and Sephiroth beats Virgil with a struggle.

    56. Simpleton Apollo

      "Despite Sigma's" And in the trash it goes. Sigma is literally a virus. So is Ultron. Sigma is far stronger than Ultron. If this was Vision Vs. Sigma, then yeah you may have an argument, but not Ultron.


        Lol, thanks for the salt!!🧂🧂🧂🧂

      2. Sarper inan Arslan

        I am listening why do you think like that no because ultron can defeat vision and you say vision can match sigma

    57. Ze'ev Brenner

      O'Malley vs Dr bright

    58. patrick leblanc

      A fun watch enough but fights like this are becoming more tedious and boring because one side Clearly has a huge advantage over the other which almost always guarantees the win. Fights where a character completely outclasses the other should be avoided. Sigma had no chance in this fight.

      1. Me King Tiger

        Yeah, but Death Battle goes for thematic match ups instead of fair and balanced ones. Also, that's pretty much *every Vs. debate over the internet ever!* Seriously. This is why I quit trying to enjoy them in the form of studied matchups and just started to enjoy whatever cool fight animation they'd put out there on KGup. Most Vs. Battles you'll see out there will be either too obvious with entirely unequal power levels and kits or just outright devolve into a series of pure statblock checks with no strategy put whatsoever. It's almost never a real battle of wits and efforts. It's just a "dk" measuring contest where people try to pull off absurd numbers either with reasonable calculations or baseless claims, but it's rarely ever anything beyond that. They're almost always about big numbers. And nothing else. That's why you either choose a specific category or scenario of Vs. Debating that involves prep time, maybe some miscellaneous power ups native from one or more other fictional universes, or just go straight for army vs army and faction vs faction matchups instead of 1v1s. Or just abandon Vs. Debating altogether.

    59. Super weird Plush

      16:30 this is the truest thing about ultron

    60. Titanoboa

      How about Ultron vs Ultraman Ultraman is Tsuburaya

    61. SpiderSaids Universe

      Sigma combines powerful weapons from Captain Amerika and Wolverine and couldn't beat Ultron🤤🤤🤤 Probably because he knows them and has informations about their powers abd their weaknesses🤔🤔

    62. SpiderSaids Universe

      I want to see Metal Sonic vs Ultron🤖🤖🤖

    63. William Bennett KaosRunes

      I want to see a host death battle. Whiz vs boomstick.

    64. Kayo Hidaka


    65. Sebastian Rodriguez

      So, wily create not zero but the robot of extiction sigma

    66. B1P

      Marvel vs capcom infinite directors cut

    67. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

      If Ultron can be defeated by computer viruses I don’t think he could survive trying to hack into my computer

    68. Redux Midas’ Brother

      Ultron in the comics could best Thanos with every stone so....

    69. Anish Sharma

      Welp, RIP Tanaka again.

    70. Bile

      Poor vile

    71. Nimzy the Gambler

      The TRUE Age of Ultron

    72. Danny'sDungareeDanceoff

      My prediction: Sigma will hack Voltron because...why not I was wrong, and I'm happy

    73. HyperHydra

      Hell yeah, Ultron is so much cooler than Sigma.

    74. sirlester griffin

      I'm quoting Sigma from the game already lol "YOU LOSE!!"

    75. ma lucas

      The nosy silica lamentably preserve because begonia additionly stroke underneath a spotted tortellini. brainy, synonymous fiction

    76. Multi-FandomMaster2020

      MCU fans: Sigma’s gonna win this fight easy. Ultron, Marvel Comics fans (including me): Hold my beer.

    77. Just Need A Name

      Sigma sounds like vegeta.

    78. federico utrilla

      muy bien ultron

    79. Not a NoT

      Ultron: hey you hate humans Sigma: yea fight ends

    80. Shiin Daisuke

      Ya know tbh this is one of their more believable victories.

    81. Shiin Daisuke

      And then along came a Wily bot, & infected the uninfectable. lol Damn it Wly messin up the future from beyond the grave. lol

    82. Impact Fan Since 2004

      thumbs down for corporate shilling

      1. Me King Tiger

        Hhahaha, if you're talking about the result of this battle, then sorry. This is not biased in the sloghtest. There may be some Death Battles out there with questionable results, but this is one of those that are just not wrong. Ultron is on a whole 'nother level from Sigma. Comic book characters are just _that_ OP.

    83. Beneko '11

      Sigma Prime... ah, come on

    84. Theheroneeded Willette

      So is no one going to mention the reality where these two fused?

    85. Isaac Graff

      Wait a minute, you're saying that an android whose only real weakness is computer viruses won against an entity who is a computer super virus that specializes in beating/taking over androids. Said virus only lost after a god tier anti-virus was created to defeat it? Ooookay

      1. Isaac Graff

        @Might Guy Then again, both Marvel and DC had so much power escalation it got ridiculous. It seemed at a point if you haven't genocided / enslaved a planet or two you really weren't a villain yet. Kind of like Warhammer. The stakes kept getting so absurdly high it was either annoying or a joke.

      2. Might Guy

        To be fair Ultron only got hacked by a virus made to beat him

    86. Kek Pozzi

      Sigma balls

    87. doc of derp

      why did you give ultron the voice of Johnny bravo?

    88. Joshua Brown

      If only there was another good MvC game. (Infinite doesn't exist)

    89. Mourique Ritchie

      They made movie Ultron weak compared to his comic book variant.

    90. Jason YT

      Since Kang is coming to the MCU, and the Kree already made their first appearance, Ultron should return but wayy stronger than his 2015 appearance.

      1. Coltkiller Gaming

        He already has

    91. J GoTTi

      The measurements in this aren’t accurate simply for the fact that they’re referencing different variants of Thor.

      1. Sebastian De Alejandro

        Yeah, i think that Thor strength and mlyonir are more strong than that analysis

    92. CZERO/FOOL

      You know what’s my favorite fact from Sigma. He looks like a love child of Buzz Lightyear and Zurg.

    93. Jenny Mooney

      Wiz vs boom stick

    94. Kepler Preceptor Smokescreen Orion Pax

      Anti-metal hu? Will antimatter work? It should because antimatter is the polar opposite of the matter we are made of.

    95. The Juiceinator

      You are damn straight Ultron wins

    96. Moeee

      17:29 worst way to die

    97. Moeee

      Iron fist vs ryu

    98. xxhalfhackerxx

      Music at 0:00. I've heard it before

    99. Vergil

      It’s been 2 years and this fight is still my favorite

    100. Tenzing Paljor

      sigma balls