Thanos VS Darkseid (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    1. Johan

      Not fair I think

    2. Ryley Hutton

      One thing that was wrong is that the gauntlet absorbes and redirecting enemy attacks

    3. Shimul Shimul

      Hay why don't. Make Godzilla. vs goku

    4. bru tryme

      Who else thought it was rediculas to pair Thanos against a literal god

    5. Aman Bhattacharjee

      I laugh so hard when Thanos thinks he can end Darkseid by throwing him to the blackhole 😂😂

    6. blazen710420 blazen710420

      The thing is I even though dark side has had his soul stolen and all those things like he said that's just constructs of himself so it's not even his real form that gets destroyed each time he just has to make a new construct

    7. kun tool

      if thanos like homelander maybe he just "nahh *snap..." done

    8. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

      Who wants a Superman vs thanos?

      1. Deathdragon 5000

        We've seen who knows how many times

    9. Jotaro Kujo

      Darkside is like GER

    10. Vargas Robato

      I know why they did not use the cosmic cube but the cosmic cube is the infinity gauntlet with out the rules so it could have been a tie

    11. Ryan Medrina

      F ck this video... You should rate them with their popularly released version, and not by all versions... Because DC's newer version are all about this new thing multiverses hax.... Like for Thanos' The Infinity Crusade/War... Then to what did that Darkseid had again, I bet none...

    12. John Styles

      In all actuality... Thanos is nowhere near a match for Darkside!!!

    13. BaTmAn PoRk


    14. D Mohanty

      I cant believe this!!!! CANT imagine how much time it would take. Hatts offff mannnn!!!!

    15. dumbass

      okay im rewatching this for the whateverth time and i just realized that when theyre fighting, thanos throws huge projectiles (planets/cars depending on the location of the fight) around himself, while darkseid just throws them and lets them pass around him, and breaks whatever htis him, which is a REAL indication of power just in terms of how they fight, like darkseid isnt even worried about damaging himself when he fights

    16. Mr. McNerdo

      I wish they would make more videos like this as Wiz and Boomstick are way more active.

    17. ritu hans

      The ending was the best part with Deadpool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Austin Bostrom

      **headbutts Thanos' punch** Oh this is going to be good

    19. CoOlBeAns Panda

      What movie is that 3:48

    20. Kai playz2

      OMFG is their on video were marvel wins

    21. Dominico Mucci

      Dr strange: I've seen 58,876,334,465 permutations of this battle.... Thanos: How many did I win? Strange : ermmm... none?

    22. Dominico Mucci

      So how would justice league have beaten this guy he's like a super hacker. Without even trying!

    23. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

      Does the infinity gauntlet work in the Dragon ball universe? (Because of thanos vs Goku) Since the gauntlet works in the marvel verse and not the dc verse. Also, the gauntlet work in the Star Wars universe or Harry Potter? And, Game of thrones verse?

      1. electromagnetic psychopath

        @the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd they don't work in any universe that's not a universe of their own. So they will not work in the pixar universe

      2. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

        Well, what abound tne pixar universe? lol

      3. Adam Switzer

        They don't work

    24. Hayden Thompson


    25. Craig The Llama

      Now that Darkseid has been showen in the Snyder cut...oooohhhhh boy...

    26. Mario Ywn

      Thanos had no chance at all

    27. Universal Space Expeditioner

      Lol, Madoka from Madoka Magica can one shot both of them.

    28. Tim Casey

      I forgot how awesome this soundtrack is

    29. Pendragon 090

      Darkseid: All of existence shall be mine. Thanos: I am inevitable. Tiamat: Please... never love me again. Uchiha Obito: There's no such thing as hope. Sephiroth: I will never be a memory. Saruman: There will be no dawn for Men. The Maw: It all ends... IN ME! The Daleks: EXTERMINATE! Apocalypse:........................................ all is revealed? 😅

    30. Earl Bruce

      I knew the outcome right from the start. You just can't touch Darkseid.

    31. CJ HUMALA

      I'm gonna say it...I'm gonna do it...THANOS

    32. Chase Dandy

      "oh my good It's deadpool with a gun". 23:49

    33. Water Of Life

      People are forgetting in the dc vs marvel crossover, Darkseid got defeated by Galactas easily. And not to mention Thanos was able to defeat The above most

    34. dinho890i

      Its amazing how everyone knows how badass Darkseid is.

    35. Kevin Dunn

      Why is darkseid just boolin in a random vault underground a city?

    36. 19:32 rip thanoscopter

    37. Бойко Борисов

      Does anyone want to debate? I'm siding with Thanos

    38. Бойко Борисов

      The comment section is so toxic lmao

      1. Marioparhmari

        Its db lol what you expect

      2. Deathdragon 5000

        You bet your A$$ it is

    39. AsteroidGaming

      Everybody gangsta until Shaggy appears

    40. Farhan Ahmed Ansari

      By the way what was darkseid doing underground 😂

      1. Serious Spike Sam

        Sitting in Thanos' chair (that Deadpool was trying to sell him for some reason.)

    41. DXShy

      The 15k dislikes are marvel fanboys who don’t know what they’re talking about

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        They find out that the fight isn't accurate

      2. Deathdragon 5000

        @Mr PHD I'm not high on anything all I was saying is you right to this guy

      3. Mr PHD

        @Deathdragon 5000 He said everything correctly what are you on?

      4. Deathdragon 5000

        First correct about everything you just said and second well this video is full toxic people so yeah

    42. Perfect Champions

      Till now no one has done UI shaggy vs anyone because they know shaggy wins with 0.1% power.

    43. mike odonell

      all that power from darkside but never able to kill superman i guess in the movies unlike thanos who actually won 14 million times in his universe.darkside so powerful yet so disappointing

      1. DuckyTheGamer

        Darkseid has broken the Justice League mentally and Physically in multiple comics and movies. The most recent one is Apokolips War where Darkseid killed more than half of the Justice League and they technically lost until Flash made another Flashpoint at the end of the movie.

    44. Luna Diviner

      I really wanted to see Darkseid vs Apocalypse

      1. Darkseid Mcdonalds Employee

        If Thanos couldn't beat Darkseid, what chance does Apocalypse have?

      2. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        The channel might be doing in DBX

    45. Sandalu Dharmawardhana

      DC rules

    46. Elton Paul

      Thanos probably gonna kill diavolo in another timeline.

    47. Amrit

      Thanos is CR7 and Darkseid Messi. I am a CR7 fan but we all know who is the goat. Darkseid is way too powerful. His laser beams will follow Thanos till eternity 😂. Thanos won't even get a chance to snap his fingers

    48. Hazardf5

      Yes! Darkseid is far superior to Thanos

    49. Let’s get Swifty

      Let’s face it, darkseid would’ve killed thanos a lot quicker

      1. Deathdragon 5000

        Yeah he probably could like the omega beams sending thicknos to the omega sengtion quicker or boom tube thicknos to a trap like a star or the fourth world but guess what THATS BORING MAKE THE FIGHT MORE INTERESTING

    50. duckcluck123

      Humans didn't break away from apes We are apes

      1. Universal Space Expeditioner

        Yes and we are the 99,99% of all apes. At one point we will be 10 000 000 000 and all the other apes will be 1 000 000 .

      2. Deathdragon 5000

        Dun dun dun

    51. Bully Maguire

      Please, Trigon is a better DC Villain.

    52. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

      What if Thanos snapped The entire Planet?

      1. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

        AL right

      2. Serious Spike Sam

        Thanos could snap the entire universe if he wanted to. That still wouldn't affect True Form Darkseid (who resides above infinite multiverse and infinite mathematical dimensions.)

    53. Oscar David Zamora Ruiz

      Deadpool: kissing death Hes watching us? Oh my god is deadpool with a gun *shoot thanos*

    54. Rashad Crump

      I knew thanos was gonna lose when he started the fight with the gauntlet.

    55. Charles Harbour

      Thanos. I've erased half a universe. zeno hold my beer

      1. Charles Harbour

        Lobo you bastiches are amateurs I've pulled a star with ease have a healing factor that can resist disentigration I have builded planet destroying weaponry out of garbage well big grape over takes and army and takes days well it takes me 16 seconds and every drop of blood of me makes another one of me so even if you erase me at least a couple other will take my place and I ravaged through heaven and hell killed Angel's demons gods so death banned me from hell so if you kill even if you dont drop my blood but still kill me I'll still come back and the cherry on top is I basically eat kryptonions for breakfast yes the people who can sneeze solar systems away I basically punch them and they die so anyone up for some pool

      2. Serious Spike Sam

        Darkseid: I fell down some stairs and the DC multiverse collapsed on itself. Now, who's up for some karaoke?

      3. Charles Harbour

        Docter doom hold my beer I've erased multiple universes I'm one of the most smartest man in the universe on multiple occasions bodied the avengers and bodied the hulk how destroyed 120 universes and I absorbed the power of the beyonder who can erase billions of universes with a thought so buy me round of beer

      4. Serious Spike Sam

        Thanos: I also bodied the Celestials (10D+ beings) and turned Galactus' head to my throne. Zeno: ...Actually, have another beer.

    56. Thicc Keeper

      I already knew Thanos was going to lose by the jump due to how he acted.

    57. Ben2 Kenobi

      thanos: coward!!! who are you?? Darkseid: *opens a portal* cmon ill show you Thanos: just walks through the fricking portal his enemy tells him to walk through

    58. Kafei Mewtwo

      Darkseid realizing this is the guy he was forced to become fused with in the Amalgam Universe-

    59. Marvin Cano

      12:12 JoJo reference 😳😳😳

    60. toshiro uchiha

      Timmy turner enter the chat

    61. Devin Gibson

      Can the mask vs darkseid on the next death battle

    62. Mason Lowman

      Why does this part of the song sound so good in my opinion 23:08

    63. Kallem Vamsi Kumar

      I knew the result already... I knew that whatever I like will eventually turn out to be weak.... Everything I liked, is weak Iron man defeated by Captain America Goku defeated by Superman And now Thanos defeated by Darkseid ...... Total Disappointment.... I'm not gonna like anything anymore....🥺🥺🥺... I'm hating myself now...... No liking,no loving.... My life is such a curse 🥺....

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    73. Mr. Person Man

      what really matters is who can beatbox

    74. Charlie Spurr

      You fail to understand, Mortal. Darkseid does not DO. DARKSEID IS.

    75. S L

      Thanos is like a cheap Chinese copy of Darkseid (USA) 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☀️☀️☀️

    76. xXW1DDOG13Xx

      If your facing an enemy who always put his hands behind his back like a boss... * you should reconsider your choices*

    77. Matthew Mantanona

      Who thinks these two would be a force or nature (or infinity) if they teamed up

      1. Matthew Mantanona

        Also I found this super interesting and was on the edge of my seat for all of it

    78. Mr. Meow

      Ya know? If Darkseid was taking this fight any bit seriously, he could’ve just won this bout as quickly as it takes him to travel to the edge of existence. No hands required of course

    79. Lamon Love jr

      Darkseid Conversation is on a whole complete different level 🦍

    80. Wei Li

      Thanos shows why you should not simp for a girl

      1. Serious Spike Sam

        Ironically, Darkseid was a huge simp for Wonder Woman in the old cartoons.

    81. King of Darkness

      When he said.. get off my throne and face death, he didn't know that he was talking to Death itself. I am Entropy, I am Death, I am Darkseid..

    82. Flaming Burrito

      I like how darkseid has his hands behind him for most of the battle as if this is just tuesday afternoon playtime for him

    83. Agathor

      20:45 was somebody actually paid to write that?

    84. 10kThingz

      Imagine Darksied but with the infinity stones.

      1. Serious Spike Sam

        He did have the gauntlet during the crossover... but since the stones didn't work in his universe he found it useless.

    85. Dark Skull

      Darkseid: "Behold. An endless death" *summons an endless amount of Tik Tok Ads during your favorite game*

    86. Raii

      "Chad vs simp"

    87. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

      Who wants a Darkseid Vs Goku MUI?

      1. Serious Spike Sam

        @the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd Uhh... no. First, the gods in Dragonball are not the same as in DC. In DBS they can be scaled to multiversal levels of power (Goku himself should be low-mid MV), but Darkseid and the other New/Old Gods are described as living ideas that reside outside the multiverse, the Bleed (infinite mathematical dimensions) and the Speed Force. Darkseid has taken out armies of Old Gods by himself and drained the likes of Mordru and Zeus of their powers just to recharge himself. Not to mention the Omega Effect (that can one-shot other gods like him) and how he's basically a nigh-omnipresent concept of evil. So no, Goku would stand no chance against True Darkseid. One could argue that Goku could beat his avatar/depowered self, but even them have survived being hit by the power of every Lantern in the multiverse and fighting an Anti-Life amped Anti-Monitor. Not to mention he is way faster than Goku to begin with. Goku may be a god in his verse, but Darkseid IS a God of gods.

      2. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

        Why will Goku get obliterated? I thought Ultra instinct Goku was a god. And I looked up Goku vs darkseid Andy it said “Goku will likely beat Darkseid” so, does that mean Goku beats darkseid?

      3. Serious Spike Sam

        Goku would get obliterated. So no.

    88. Jordan

      I think thanos didnt do his full potential

      1. Serious Spike Sam

        Neither did Darkseid. Soulfire DS would be an overkill.

    89. CynderSpirit Dragon

      Even though Darkseid is a DC character he can actually see all universes including the Marvel universe. Darkseid already knows Thanos powers and weakness, Thanos is already dead.

    90. Constantin B

      That music at 9:51 is great, I'd like to know where it is from and what's it's name Also awesome fight.

    91. Egalitarius

      Thanos may be a God but darkseid is the God of Gods

    92. Bandit gg

      To be true: NO ONE OF THEM BOTH IS OR EVER WAS A GOD, because maybe they both might be some sort of "Omega" and end of all life, but no one of them is the "Alpha", because both where born into their own lifes and weren't eternal even before time itself, and yeah this is a religious comment

      1. electromagnetic psychopath

        @Bandit gg no I mean it really wasn't since that wasn't relevant to this at all

      2. Bandit gg

        @electromagnetic psychopath Who knows, maybe not

      3. electromagnetic psychopath

        Dude that was so unnecessary

    93. Aaron Jeremy Santos

      And now I'm back here because of the Snyder's cut of Justice league🤣

    94. Rolando C

      Darksied lost to mortals!!!!!

      1. electromagnetic psychopath

        @Rolando C not really. The justice league barely won

      2. Rolando C

        Did no one saw justice league??? He got slapped around like a rag doll.

    95. Hongmei Xiong


    96. Hongmei Xiong

      he said a BAD WORD

    97. Giorno Giovanna

      I still think Thanos would've won

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        I agree because everyone knows that he would win if it's not death battle

      2. Shadow_OmegaGT 64


    98. man chick


    99. Suolanen bs

      Not fair u put base Thanos against True form Darkseid u should have put Astral regulator Thanos against True form Darkseid

      1. Бойко Борисов

        @Serious Spike Sam hotu blinks all forms of darkseid away let alone astral regulator

      2. Serious Spike Sam

        Soulfire Darkseid says hi.

    100. Noki Station

      Love the animation, I only have to say a few things(this is long), personally imho I feel they went out of their way to choose Thanos in a outdated form while they literally chose the peak version of Darkseid, they treated the infinity gauntlet like it something Thanos always has, when if I remember correctly, he only wielded it once(not quite sure). Also if I remember correctly, Death battle is supposed to be the peak version/power of the characters, when Thanos has gained power far beyond the infinity gauntlet(King Thanos[arguable], HOTU/Astral Regulator Thanos), so rather then peak version of thanos, they chose to go with a popular/generic version of him, rather then the BEST version of him in terms of power. Not at all saying who I think wins, nor care, both of these in my top 5 villains of all time, but I notice alot of people only think of Thanos in the famous IG storyline as his apex of power, I even see many not really know that he has done far greater things beyond the IG, and not that it matters, but not to mention his base power has gone up quite a lot quite a lot since the 90s/2000s Thats just my personal take. I'm sure the researchers did their best ofcourse, but for a show thats suppose to bring the "peak" versions of power for each combatant, I feel they did Darkseid justice(for the most part), but simply chose the most popular iteration of Thanos rather then the most POWERFUL version being the Astral Regulator. Still enjoyed the 3D animation!


        Hotu and other versions are technically not canon. So yeah, Darkseid still wrecks.

      2. Noki Station

        P.S also I know tbf, I notice many online if not most don't really know what the Astral Regualator even is or the amount of power it has, but I assume this battle was written before the astral regulator storyline came out so IDK, again, not saying who I thinks wins, or care, just felt both characters should have had more time in the reasearch oven.