Yoda VS King Mickey w/ Commentary


50 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    It's the Force versus the Light...now with commentary!
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    1. 2neilas

      Uh, wouldn't the LIGHTSABER go THROUGH the Keyblade!?

    2. Lonzabeast Mode

      Can y’all stop talking while they fight



    4. Jamari Stanley

      Do The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    5. Omb Mal

      Plz Do yujiro hanma vs guts

    6. Super weird Plush

      I thought the nose thing with mickey was him controlling the light ball because I'm not a genius when it comes to kingdom hearts

    7. Roberto Leal

      Gojou vs Gokuuuu pleeaaaaaase

    8. Kendall Stauffer

      What was wiz's contract? I feel like there's a joke I missed

    9. Silv Sora

      Just think about Death battle making Kirito vs Roxas in Data Twillight town...AND IT WOULDN'T BE DUMB DAH Because data and all....you get it if you know Kingdom hearts and Sao okay :/

    10. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    11. Premonition

      this ones a real battle for the ages

    12. Indie Game Master animations

      Ben and Chad reacts to:Yoda vs King Mickey DEATH BATTLE

    13. zein obeid

      can you make a luffy (One Piece) vs Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic 4)

    14. Necromancer

      You guys should do Vision vs. Martian Manhunter

    15. Sam Ulvila

      Please do Akuma vs Shao Khan

    16. Juan Jimenez

      There should be Mickey vs mario

    17. Rbs Kk

      Do one tsuna vs someone

    18. Veinz

      Do Indiana Jones vs James Bond

    19. Minetic

      Meh death battle running low on ideas?

    20. Lostrevenge

      speed (marvel) vs Kid flash (DC)

    21. Chris Nida

      Can you guys take on the 2 best villains out there? I've yet to see Joker vs Lex Luther. These 2 masterminds would be an ultimate face-off.

    22. Valt Aoi XD

      I Hope Here To Death Battle Video

    23. Fire Love

      Shego VS. Flame Princess (Disney VS. Cartoon Network)

    24. Frushle 00

      Deku vs killua? Mha vs Hunterxhunter

    25. Darth Skull

      Death battle idea wolverine vs batman

    26. DalouGaming

      Mickey the mouse vs yoda the grimlin

    27. James Spence

      This could be a challenging and slightly obscure match. Darkwing Duck versus Super Chicken. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

    28. Jayson D

      Barney vs Big Bird Doraemon vs Dora Totoro vs Snorlax Haku (Spirited Away) vs Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) Hello Kitty vs Pikachu

    29. Jerameel Corporan

      Cole McGrath vs storm

    30. Татьяна Беликова

      Discord vs bill

    31. a random flowey on the internet

      was never really interested in these but I guess a ten year anniversary is a good place to start

    32. Jon Henderson

      Monkey from Dexter's Laboratory vs Captain Planet

    33. Dark Mind

      Do Sarah from Ed Edd and Eddy and Mandy from Billy and Mandy. Also Jax vs Cyborg

    34. WTHRZ

      Hell yeah, Shadow's coming to Death Battle! How do you like that Obama?

    35. kilarymz4life

      Ellie vs clementine please!

    36. Kayla Kosatka


    37. ChrisisGolden

      A battle between the two characters rimuru tempest and ainz aoul goul woulf be cold

    38. Peptocoptr

      Yoda and Meta-Knight have more similarities than you gave them credit for. Especially when you include the Kirby anime

    39. Marc Alexandre

      scarlet witch vs the phoenix(jean grey)

    40. Cameron Van Deusen

      "clean up on isle Youngling" LMFAO

    41. Zachary Ames

      Do jack slate (dead to rights retribution) vs. revy (black lagoon), shinobu (ninja nonesence) vs. hikari ( senran kagura), and ivlis (the gray garden) vs. rias gremory (high school dxd) and any claymore character vs. ?

    42. L. .M

      Can you guys do Goku (DBS) vs Gojo (jujutsu kaisen)

    43. Jordon B

      I need this for argument sake with a friend Natsu (Fairy Tale) vs Charon (Fire Force)

    44. Tavares newsonJR

      Its gonna be a good fight

    45. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy

    46. TheCreepypro

      nice to see the voice actors for both combatants get a mention since I did think they did good work in this battle

    47. Jerzem Manuel


    48. Brian Hier

      I miss the bloopers videos those were hilarious

    49. Mettatheone 1

      General Grevious vs Shao Khan

    50. Memester Boi

      What about thanos vrs luke Skywalker

    51. Dr. Flame

      Do Endeavor vs Fire-Lord Ozai

      1. Harman YT


    52. LA Rankings

      Persona royal with every mc from each game/anime

    53. System_ 56

      Juguernaut vs broly

    54. Darius Jones

      Can y’all do Shisui vs Minato from Naruto??

    55. VVoidee

      mario vs steve

    56. Susan Walls

      Yoda (to all Star Wars fanboys/girls) - "Remember, my young padawans, death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around, including myself you should, who'ved transformed into the Force. Mourn me do not. Miss me do not. Look forward well shall, to a certain hedgehog's 3rd appearance & 3rd loss/death..... Hrmmmmm!"

    57. Leo Maceira

      Pls do a remake of masterchief vs Doom Guy

    58. Roge McDoge

      Anyone else tired of people thinking Ryuko’s and Shadow’s only connections are aesthetic? And for those who don’t know, they also have the same attitude, backstory, and adventure. All that and the fact that Shadow’s VA makes a Kill La Kill reference while in-character.

      1. Scorps

        Yeah its annoying how many people refuse to accept that they have connections

    59. love others

      I was so surprised when mickey mouse won😄😄😄😄

    60. emeraldmb65

      This was a Great battle! Could you also please do these?: Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne Dianne (Seven Deadly Sins) vs Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

    61. R3systems

      Idea for a Death Battle! Sandman(Marvel) vs Gaara of the Sand(Naruto)

    62. dan marandola

      Please please do JCVD vs Steven Segal and settle the argument between every kid born in the 80’s once and for all

    63. Simon Teh

      Thor vs aquaman

    64. Zain Ahmed

      I won't be surprised if Ryoko wins, Because of DeathBattle.

    65. nirjhor islam

      yoda noooooo

    66. numaTruehome 100

      Jim Lake (Troll version) from Tales of Arcadia vs Goliath from Gargoyles

    67. Δεσποινα Κοκορι

      U should definitely do a red hood vs jin sakai I find it interesting because both of them lost their way to do what their mentors could not and jin sakai vs sekiro would be interesting in my opinion.


      For the love of god guys please do goku vs sailor moon, both full power mui goku who is faster than space time vs sailor moon who becomes sailor cosmos who can obliterated multiple universes in a second but is limited to space time. This is a mandatory video that we must see

    69. numaTruehome 100

      Jim lake the troll hunter (troll version) vs Goliath from gargoyles

    70. botbow 1111

      I don't know why they didn't bring up the magic hat Mickey mouse has he can literally change reality with it maybe it's because Mickey mouse is already OP has it is lol

    71. Abednego Benavidez

      It's been a long time since I've actually enjoyed these and not cared who won. This is one of the most "light" hearted endings I've seen yet.

    72. PROTOBLUES90

      So we can all agree fights against Sonic or Shadow boil down to who is able to survive the super form?

      1. Mettatheone 1

        I mean Ryuko also has a Superform too with all the Life-Fibers in one, but that depends if DB allows that

    73. Marginalia 2043

      Anyone else thinking that they're saving Frieza for maybe a season ending ?

    74. Krishi Deo

      are wiz and boomstick brothers

    75. James McGuire

      Do blitz ( Hellav boss ) and angle dust (Hazben hotel)

    76. MrNjohnson12

      Just a cool idea I had, and I don't know if you guys still do requests or any of that but. Unicron v.Galactus Edit:Grammatical Fixes

      1. S N 7584

        That MU is confirmed

      2. Skeleton Crew

        They still do suggestions but unicron vs galactus is already confirmed to happen eventually (likely this season and maybe the finale too) Any that you have put them in the suggestion form (the link can be found In the description)

    77. gazerbeam bruh

      One question can we have a speecial type of death battle where its huge brains fighting for example, Light Yagami vs. Senku Ishagami, itd be a battle of whos smarter instead of whos stronger

      1. gazerbeam bruh

        Yooooo you make a point

      2. S N 7584

        Light vs Lelouch sounds better tbh.

    78. Godspeed456

      Is it just me or should they do kratos vs wonder women

    79. The RagerGaming

      do Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins) Vs. White Beard (One Piece)

    80. The Bentley's

      Flash vs Spider-Man

    81. Sanoss gaming

      I wonder if they make a torment

    82. mutalord

      so it was edgy characters for the next one

    83. Linda Lee

      Video idea: super man vs Fire marchel Bill

    84. Maximus Ledesma

      how about siren head vs who ever you would like to be an opponentte

    85. Isaiah Brown

      These are my favorite CEO’s scaling videos you know that in either verse there’d have to be a common Laing usage of figting

    86. Jonathan Alvarez Romero

      Ken kaneki vs james heller

    87. Shaun York

      Rick Sanchez vs Dr.robotnik!!!!

    88. Trevon Williams

      Can you do Naruto vs goku

      1. S N 7584

        NO, Goku ultrastomps

    89. Depressio

      Detective chimp (DC) Vs Howard the duck (Marvel)

    90. Mateo Cortanage

      These 3 sound so lost talking about KH. The story gets tied together in the 3rd game.

    91. Nahir Wilson

      imagine all might vs Saitama

      1. S N 7584

        Saitama negs all might with just feats (not including parody powers)

    92. Green Marvel

      I don't even care who would win this one this is the worst one yet. I wish they can give fans a choice because I think we can come up with better match ups. I like the show but if it's doing just anyone name out of a hat style I don't want to see it anymore.

      1. Green Marvel

        @Skeleton Crew 🚮

      2. Skeleton Crew

        @Green Marvel again it wasn't It was already a popular matchup, the similarities are there, and since this is the 10th anniversary season some of the fights are the ones that have history behind them (which this does)

      3. Green Marvel

        @Skeleton Crew That's what this felt like a random out the hat fight. I really hope it will get back to normal.

      4. Skeleton Crew

        @Green Marvel even = even and good = good but just because a matchup is even that doesn’t automatically make it good and your hulk vs jubilee is a terrible comparison since it’s literally just you pick 2 random characters and put them together

      5. Green Marvel

        @Skeleton Crew Naw the best match ups seemingly are equal until the put the science into it. For the same reason hulk be jubilee would be a bad match up. But they're just doing anything now 🤷🏾‍♂️ might see it.

    93. Daddyfwine

      I remember watching this when I was 6 🤙 love y’all lowkey

    94. ninjamon caudle

      Just hope they don't nerf Shadow into hell again like they did in his battle with Mewtwo


        @ninjamon caudle I agree.

      2. ninjamon caudle

        @Bagelbite The Neutral well Vegeta, yes the prince of all saiyans absolutely wins. Mewtwo, hell no, should have been a stomp for Shadow.

      3. Bagelbite The Neutral

        I don't know enough about Mewtwo or Vegeta to really judge if Shadow should've won or not.

      4. Bagelbite The Neutral

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU I know nothing about DBZ, but I know that the characters in that show are really powerful. I just assumed everyone hated that Death Battle as well.


        @Bagelbite The Neutral You should also know this is coming from a Shadow fan.

    95. VVoidee

      Video idea saitama vs doomsday

    96. bruce boots

      For all my weeb here let's get death battle to do Madara Uchiha vs Itachi Uchiha plz

      1. S N 7584

        @bruce boots plus all of us know Madara would s***stomp Itachi.

      2. S N 7584

        @bruce boots characters from the same series aren't that good. MU's mostly involve crossovers.

      3. bruce boots

        @S N 7584 they are to op characters it will be a good fight tho

      4. bruce boots

        @S N 7584 so what

      5. Pesci is the best character

        @S N 7584 I know that, but I want Death Battle to have him win.

    97. Dead Channel


    98. Susan Bourgeois

      Are they going to do super tengen toppa gurren lagann vs goku

    99. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

      1. Jorge Raya

        @SuperPokemonStars I'm also surprised to see you again

      2. Jorge Raya

        @SuperPokemonStars King Mickey reminded me to try, all I need is light

      3. SuperPokemonStars

        You have returned?

    100. monster

      Can you do a death battle monster hunter