Too Much Marvel VS DC? (Q&A w/ #DeathBattle Writers!) | DEATH BATTLE Cast #222


41 миӊ. көрүүлөр12

    Was Shadow VS Ryuko fair? Could Yoda fight Mickey as a ghost? All your questions are answered!
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    1. juan david ramirez

      porque chingados odian a sonic los deathbattle con sus personajes son injustos

    2. Brady Sneed

      day 7800 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

    3. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    4. Dallas Reinhart

      Too much Marvel vs DC? More like too much anime, amirite?

    5. Oreezy99

      I hope Death Battle doesn't stop making Marvel vs DC fights. I got a shitload of ideas like: Thor vs Shazam Lizard vs Killer Croc Ant-Man vs The Atom Elektra vs Cheshire The Wasp vs Bumblebee Damian Wayne vs Hit Girl Green Lantern vs Nova Electro vs Black Lightning Sandman vs Clayface Joker vs Green Goblin Black Canary vs Mockingbird Tigra vs Cheetah Hulk vs Solomon Grundy Bullseye vs Deadshot I got ideas for days. I could go on.

      1. c richie21

        The problem was that last season was overbooked with either marvel vs dc matches or marvel and dc characters in general, so people were annoyed by that and want something new

    6. Gilberto Tabares

      Eff that noise. I don't think there's enough Marvel vs DC.

      1. c richie21

        Ahem season 7 had a overload of marvel vs dc matches or marvel and dc characters in general

    7. Tim Kirtland

      Dexter vs. Jimmy Neutron Saitama vs. Popeye Rick Sanchez vs. Hank Pym Starsky and Hutch vs. Sam and Max Gilgamesh vs. Odysseus Jar Jar Binks vs. Lars Barriga or Big the Cat Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama vs. Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro Wiz vs. Boomstick

    8. omm bmm

      i dont like deathbattle

    9. Rabbles the Binx Productions

      Did you guys forget about Luke holding a lightsaber as a ghost?

    10. the Longneck Man

      tengen toppa gurren lagann

    11. Frankie Charfauros

      Suggestions: Perry vs skipper. Batgirl vs robin. Jenny wakeman vs robotboy. Vilgax vs lord dominator.

    12. Pony

      I only know that you have too many interesting characters in games like Caius or anime series, and you keep choosing boring dc or marvel characters, but when you choose good characters for a fight the animation is just pixel, that's a shame

      1. c richie21

        Yeah season 7 had a lot of missed opportunities: genos vs raiden, shiro vs crona, spider-gwen vs jolyne, batgirl vs kim possible, asura vs broly

    13. Jamari Stanley

      The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    14. thebigEdziu

      No matter how this is going to be but I'd like to watch Q&A segments. For me they can be every second episode of DB. To the DB squad: you guys are awesome and I highly admire your hard work you put into Death Battle production :D

    15. N The Ultimate

      Still feel oof from the whole Shadow Vs Ryuko thing. Way too one-sided and I really hope Ryuko gets an actual fair fight next time (and hopefully it doesn't take YEARS to happen)

    16. DBZD

      Were people complaining about the amount of Marvel vs DC?

      1. c richie21

        Mostly because last season had too many marvel vs dc matches and had some missed opportunities: asura vs broly, shiro vs crona, spider-gwen vs jolyne, batgirl vs kim possible, genos vs raiden

    17. mark west

      how much more does it cost to make the actual good videos? you know not the pixel stuff we all put up with but dont like?

    18. mark west

      so... your saying whis is going to be boomsticks dad... ok

    19. Ryan Warden

      I would like to see a death battle between darkseid and apocalypse

    20. Spider

      Yes way too much man

    21. Ryan Powell

      just by the title alone, I agree that there is too much Marvel Vs. DC. .. Maybe Avengers vs The Team from The Boys

      1. c richie21

        Yeah season 7 had a lot of missed opportunities for certain characters and replaced with marvel or dc characters. Genos vs raiden, crona vs shiro, batgirl vs kim possible, spider-gwen vs jolyne, asura vs broly are examples of better matches

    22. BoB Ben

      Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

    23. Grungivaldi

      Season finale: boomstick vs his dad. Who is the Scotsman from samurai jack.

    24. Timothy Gulliksen

      Tomorrow's Community death battle Darkwing Duck Duck Dodgers

    25. Boa boy

      Mighty mouse vs Solomon Grundy

    26. Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar

      Marvel VS Marvel. Spider-Man VS all other Spider-Man variants. 😶

    27. Special K

      Dc vs marvel r the fights I mainly care about cause their my favorite franchises. My requests Atom VS Ant-Man Black Lightning VS Electro Catwoman VS Black Cat Clayface VS Sandman Deadshot VS Bullseye Harley Quinn VS Domino Joker VS Green Goblin Mr. Freeze VS Dr. Octopus Red Tornado VS Vision Scarecrow VS Mysterio Swamp Thing VS Man-Thing Trigon VS Dormammu Zatanna VS Scarlet Witch

      1. c richie21

        Let's hope that we don't have a truckload of those matches

    28. Ethan Reddy

      Cyborg vs android 17(dc vs dbs)

    29. Marshall Long


    30. sticky bear

      No diversity in this podcast. All white people

    31. M T

      Justice league vs avengers both original crew

    32. Owen Scott

      Metal night vs ironman

    33. Timothy Gulliksen

      Oh you know being cool death battle since you now have King Mickey in a death battle does that eventually mean we're going to see a Darkwing Duck in Duck Dodgers

    34. Vlorsom Fuldoric

      You could always do oddball matchups like Jack Sparrow vs Aragorn

    35. Lucifer Mourningstar

      You guys should do another Goku v Superman, now that Ultra Instinct is a thing. Just a thought.

      1. S N 7584

        Superman still stomps

    36. dante curry

      Yeah I wanna see super smash characters vs jump force characters.

    37. Hayden Maurer

      Never enough

    38. Richard Wright

      Do a death battle of Ang from "Avatar the last the last air bender" V.S Lloyd/the green ninja from "ninjago"

    39. Da Supreme BMan

      I miss the breakdowns and this is pretty big in terms of everyone being here which is dope. Also loving the tournament Captain Planet and Kermit are top-tier right now. Of course, here's some Death Battle's I'd like to see just to join the convo..... Mark (Invincible) vs Gohan (DBZ) Shadow Jago (Killer Instinct) vs Noob Saibot (MK) Mileena (MK) vs Kasumi (DOA) UltraMan vs SSS Gridman Zoids vs Zords (Power Rangers) Birdman vs Gatchaman

    40. Denzel Mcfadden

      A memorial puns from season 6/7/and 8: In the end..."Obi" one powerful King sees victorious and Sorry Ryuko but "M.I.C.K.E.Y.M.O.U are Dead☠️"! Oh sorry I think these buns are a "Lobo", but hey as much as I feel so sorry for Ryuko tho but too bad she wasn't ready to be a "Sharingoner".

    41. Warhawk Rambo

      DC Vs Marvel=clicks

    42. Deryan 2475

      Kiryu from Yakuza vs Ryo from Shenmue!

    43. Felipe

      Steven universe vs naofumi what do you think

      1. Felipe

        @S N 7584 yes but steven vs naofumi is a shield battle

      2. S N 7584

        Steven is most likely fighting star

    44. TheNukebrother

      huh, Danny from ismahawk, is appearing next week. Another Live action DB on the way?

    45. D, K For life

      Lucky charms versus cinnamon toast crunch aDEATH BATTLE!

    46. sam rizzardi

      Just do some more Toho vs Daiei material. Gyaos vs Rodan comes to mind.

    47. leah benavidez

      Can we do wanda vs doctor strange after lex and doom.

    48. Ro Ro

      Yusake vs first captain

    49. MrCreepjo

      Ultraman Noa vs Kamen Rider Kuuga. Getter Emperor vs Super Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann. Ulforceveedramon Future Mode vs Arceus.

      1. S N 7584

        Ignore this kid named superpokemonstars, he's a pathetic kid who can't differentiate between fiction and reality

      2. SuperPokemonStars

        Nah, UltraforceVdramon smites and we don't want you to foolishly end humanity, so remove matchup number 3.

    50. Dart

      honestly want to see killua again

    51. chris

      Lex has a cool robot suit Doom has magic And they start the fight with laser guns?

    52. EzoRodrigo

      I want to see kratos vs Thor

    53. Eric Agneta

      Archer vs James Bond please

    54. John Bisch

      We need a death battle with an attack on titan character. Some suggestions: 1) Beast titan vs King Kong from Monsterverse 2) Female titan vs Mt Lady from My Hero Academia 3) Mikasa vs Spider girl from marvel 4) Levi vs Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist or Stain from my hero academia 5) Erin vs Guts from Berserk

    55. Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Cyborg Superman vs Goku Black Galen Marek VS Rey Skywalker Skippy the Jedi Droid vs Geode

    56. T-Rex Fingers

      No too much anime characters

      1. c richie21

        Last season had a bunch of marvel vs dc matches and marvel and dc characters in general and had missed opportunities for certain characters ex genos vs raiden, crona vs shiro, batgirl vs kim possible, spider-gwen vs jolyne, asura vs broly

      2. T-Rex Fingers

        @S N 7584 well yeah but there wasn’t as much bias. It’s just cringy garbage now. It started getting awful with the Pokémon free for all

      3. S N 7584

        @T-Rex Fingers what do you mean? They're research was even more trash back then

      4. T-Rex Fingers

        @S N 7584 I miss when death battle made good videos

      5. S N 7584

        Marvel vs DC is muuuuuuch more than anime matchups.

    57. DBWatcher

      "Except Homestuck" "I don't know about that..." Lord English / Caliborn VS Superboy Prime. Battle of the hyper powerful ultra man children "heroes" that hate their media on a meta level and represent the negative aspects of fanbases. There's your Homestuck match now get cracking!

    58. clguzman20

      48:20 Sneak peek.

    59. Aiden Morrison

      Idk who will win but I know 1 won and 1 losed on death battle

      1. S N 7584

        You're comment be like : *water is wet*

    60. MysteriousTomJenkins

      As for the whole too much Marvel vs DC fights, I can understand why they'd be your bread and butter since they have so many different matchups between characters that could work, even with characters that aren't as big. I have wanted to see Elasti-Girl from Doom Patrol vs Wasp for a Death Battle given their similarities and I also kind of like the idea of Cloak and Dagger vs Hawk and Dove since they are super hero duos that represent opposing forces (light and darkness for Cloak and Dagger, chaos and order for Hawk and Dove) so those two series are certainly brimming with fights you can easily use when you need them. That being said, when used too much it just gets boring, you're DEATH BATTLE, not the Marvel vs DC show. Besides that I honestly like the idea of Marvel and DC characters to fight different franchises. Despite its infamy, I enjoy Goku vs Superman, in place of Mr. Fantastic vs Plastic Man I MUCH rather enjoy the thought of Mr. Fantastic vs Rick Sanchez, while I did think Lex vs Doom made more sense than their previous fights, I find Doom vs DIO more interesting. Marvel and DC have a lot of cool, interesting characters and I find it more enjoyable and interesting seeing them stack up against vastly different series as opposed to not only other comic book characters, but their rivals. As much as I didn't really like Mask vs Deadpool (you REALLY overused Deadpool and him being a 4th wall breaker) it was still cool you did a non DC opponent for him since I am sure there were 4th wall breakers in DC that would have posed a challenge as well. I just want more uniqueness in Death Battle, matchups that I never would have thought of but surprisingly fit together like say Beast vs Goliath or Raiden vs Wolverine. Marvel vs DC fights are your bread and butter, but overuse will have the opposite effect, people will grow tired of it and will lose interest. As a kid I liked butter on bread, but having too much of it would kill my enjoyment, the same applies here.

      1. MysteriousTomJenkins

        @c richie21 Honestly for Jolyne, I'd rather see her fight Mayday Parker, the daughter of Spider-Man in the MC2 universe. Not only would it be a spider-person to fight her like Spider-Gwen but it'd also have the theme of daughters of popular heroes, plus Mayday's Spider-Sense is good enough that she'd likely be able to detect and avoid a Stand's attack better than Spider-Gwen could, plus she can use her ability of sticking to walls to stick other people to surfaces against their will. Funnily enough it was Spider-Gwen vs Jolyne that inspired my idea but I prefer mine because its the daughter of famous characters, I'd be annoyed if Spider-Gwen got picked instead just because she's popular because I feel like Mayday makes more sense and would put up a better fight.

      2. c richie21

        Season 7 was an example of why people were annoyed with marvel vs dc because of missed opportunities being genos vs raiden, shiro vs crona, spider-gwen vs jolyne, batgirl vs kim possible and asura vs broly

    61. Light 09 Bg

      Just in case u came for the fight 48:23

    62. MysteriousTomJenkins

      In regards to the whole MLP thing, there are definitely still matchups you could do with characters, especially with the series now being over so you know what the level cap is. I'm sure Twilight and Rainbow Dash haven't gotten stronger and you used Dash with your older rule set so she'd be due for modern death battle treatment anyway. I can also see Applejack, Luna and Discord working as potential opponents so you have at least Three characters you could still use. I'm not sure why you have this weird aversion towards this one particular kids cartoon out of all the others. You've done Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, and probably more series that are aimed at kids, how is this one different? Also, the whole "Not meant to be analyzed" thing is a stupid argument. None of the series you've used were meant for vs battles, none were written for being pitted against other characters. Besides that you've done battles with Dig Dug who just digs and Smokey the Bear who just stops forest fires and made death battles out of those, I refuse to believe you can't do anything with a show that has characters breaking the sound barrier, getting in DBZ like fights and warping reality. Just use MLP characters if they get enough suggestions, I've seen Applejack vs Sandy Cheeks and Discord vs Bill Cypher tons of times and I've seen fan Death Battles for Luna and Celestia, people clearly do have matchups in mind and want to see them, so why not?

    63. Ramsies spencer

      Storm VS Sailor Moon

    64. Ramsies spencer

      Storm VS Sailor Jupiter and Blue Ranger Billy VS Sailor Mercury.

    65. Marvel Forever

      Rooster teeth people Who won?

    66. Malaysian Productions

      I have an idea for a Death Battle: Major Von Stroheim from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure VS Major Jackson Briggs or Jax from Mortal Kombat Both soldiers who lost some body parts and had them replaced with mechanical replacements

    67. Rick Albuquerque

      I would love to see Cole MacGrath vs Alex Mercer.

    68. Toyloli

      Sooooooo....... I know nobody has asked this question before but Death Battle. Stan Lee vs Walt Disney (Aka Battle of the Animators as they try to trash each others comic/artwork)

    69. Marv Castle

      Ah Lex attacks first.Doom wins

    70. yeswanth kumar

      You got more dislike for Goku vs Superman we want rematch

    71. Calvin Gardner

      So.... we are gonna ignore that Sora couldn't affect the undead with his keyblade in KH 2 Port Royal stage??? The 2 examples they gave were still Heartless with ghost like traits, not truly undead. Just saying. Also, not addressing Ryukos tennis Ball miscalculation kinda irked me but no biggie.

    72. Shiro hige

      Kisame vs Jinbe please!

      1. S N 7584

        Rooting Jinbe

    73. Agustin Garfias

      Anyone remember when they did the voice over for aquaman vs namor and dr strange vs dr fate

    74. Roscoe Laurito

      Okay great death battle cast episode I'm so glad you're doing 16 episodes for this season and having a mid-season break like you guys did last year. So I'm hoping this year your spin-off shows come back because I would love to see DBX Season 6, and Death Race Season 2 please.


      Gojo vs kakashi

    76. Jason Lawes

      When dbx is coming back

    77. Jason Lawes

      When dbx is coming back

    78. Woodley Zephir

      You guys should do Luck (black clover) vs killua (hunter x hunter) because there both lightning users and fast and kind of similar

      1. S N 7584

        Luck stomps soooo hard, it's not even funny.

    79. Samuel Scott

      Toe jam and earl vs apple and cinnamon

    80. Spooky

      Please do Mermaid Man (in his prime) VS The Deep from the boys. Another one i thought of was Peacemaker from DC vs US/John Walker MARVEL

    81. xXSamsterXx14

      One matchup I thought seemed cool at first for a MLP matchup was Moro vs Tirek. Both ram like creatures that steal energy, but DB character would wreck an MLP one

    82. Kadin Coombs

      I want to see them hint more at Wiz's marriage. It was put in an episode, I think it was the Flash vs Sonic, and I thought it was hilarious

    83. Energy The Fox Productions

      Wish y'all had more questions for Shadow vs Ryuko cause I'm sure there were a lot more questions

    84. Sebastian Hayward

      There is most certainly NOT “too much Marvel vs. DC”! In fact, until they do Juggernaut VS Doomsday (or maybe Godzilla vs. Superman), I’d say there’s not ENOUGH Marvel vs. DC!

      1. Sebastian Hayward

        @c richie21 Oh, don’t make me laugh! I’ve seen the view count on the MvDC episodes, and I’m 98% sure that they have the most views compared to any other episode.

      2. c richie21

        Last season had a lot of marvel vs dc matches and marvel and dc characters in general and had a lot missed opportunities for certain characters ex genos vs raiden, crona vs shiro, batgirl vs kim possible, spider-gwen vs jolyne, asura vs broly

    85. Nachara Wilson

      Can you do a black star vs killua

    86. SCP- 1307


    87. Carl Clausewitz


    88. ZezrinaDoesGame

      When is april 4t?!

    89. Ana Araujo

      You know what I know I'm going to regret this but I feel like I should alright so this is going to be a whole lot to do but we want to find out who would win between Kong versus Godzilla cousin the movies both of them they both somehow ended up in Thai

    90. Dat Filthy Casual Gamer

      Definitely an early version of the battle due to the lack of sound effects, also someone should tell Lex he is fighting a Doombot.

    91. Jellyking

      Can u do rayquaza vs Godzilla

    92. Fakenit66

      55:45 She said "Alucard vs Lucy"... Did she just spoil the Alucard episode? Or was it just a slip and she meant to say Carnage?

      1. Deep Six

        Slip up. Alucard is 100% fighting Dio.

    93. Subaru130

      I don't really care either way since I do think that the fight should end when Yoda dies, but I don't really agree with the Keyblade being able to damage ghost Heartless meaning they can harm actual ghosts.

    94. Alec Marshall

      40:40 Yes. Yes you should make a video series explaining how to do calculations. I could use a fun, entertaining and informative refresher in math. And physics. And chemistry. Just education in general.

    95. Toure Hines

      Can you do a VR troopers vs Power Rangers death battle?

    96. DianaGohan

      A lot of people complain about too much Marvel vs DC match ups in the fan community but not only are they popular but honestly considering how the two companies have so many heroes that parallel one another with a wide array of differences I think it makes sense to have them. Especially since so far Marvel characters are the only ones who can defeat DC characters in death battle. I do admit some match ups seem obvious who would win (like street level Marvel characters beat street level DC characters but super powered DC characters hold an edge over Marvel) but if the idea is solid enough I'm fine with them popping up every few episodes.

      1. c richie21

        Other franchises need to be in death battle too not just marvel and dc

    97. Elias Conde


    98. *unknown*

      Can you guys pull of Brainiac Vs Ultron...?

    99. KillerAnime

      Death Battle has too many Marvel vs DC matches and they do need to cool it with those kind of battles

      1. c richie21

        Agreed. Other franchises need more love. Season 7 had a lot of missed opportunities: genos vs raiden, crona vs shiro, batgirl vs kim possible, spider-gwen vs jolyne, asura vs broly

    100. YoOtakuLuv24

      SAITAMA VS AGENT 47! 😂