Red VS Blue w/ Commentary!


29 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    A 17 year long rivalry comes to an end! You ever wondered why we're here? For a DEATH with commentary from the cast and crew!
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    1. Tristan D

      I love these commentary videos!

    2. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    3. Kayla Kosatka


    4. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    5. KennitoGat

      If there were to be a Justice League vs Avengers Death Battle, then I'm pretty sure most us already know which one would win.

    6. Lemar Jk

      Church vs Noble 6, Carolina vs Kat, Sarge vs Carter, Screwattack i can keep on doing this all day and night if you don't do atleast one of these

    7. Lemar Jk

      how abou introduce red vs blue against canonical things such as team osiris vs red team or noble team vs blue team (red vs blue).

    8. Zachary Young

      Next in death battle jason Voorhees vs Michael myers

    9. Grace Ortman

      OMG NICK!!!! I Missed your beautiful voice!!!!!!!

    10. Daniel Perez

      I'm so grateful to this fight for getting me into rvb. Best decision I've ever made.

    11. Fernando Reaper Moreno

      You must make JUDGE DREDD fight!

    12. Webslinger 1996

      I would love to see Ethan Hunt vs. James Bond or Jason Bourne vs. one of those!!

    13. shadowdarksun

      hollow knight vs ori please

    14. Guerfi C

      do jiren vs super man

    15. M J-F

      STOP SPEAKING. We want VS not your life and opinion or thinking

    16. Wesley Molt

      Wait, you're planning on doing a Justice League vs Avengers eventually?! HOW?! There are so many iterations of each team! How can you possibly do it justice?

    17. Casey The Coolest

      Ugh I hate this match, For Real I REALLY HATE IT SO MUCH 😡😡😡😡

    18. Spongegod - Ominpants

      You said you might do AVENGERS VS JUSTICE LEAGUE at some point but if you do then you should do the most power full AVENGERS to stand a chance and Luckily THE ONE ABOVE ALL counts as a AVENGER he was also the FIRST AVENGER EVER so you would have to include him.

    19. Gervante Murff

      Little Einstein’s vs magic school bus crew

    20. Brendan Bonmon

      Spider-Man vs Beast Boy

    21. Little Ramsies 10,000

      Storm(Marvel) Vs Sailor Jupiter(Sailor Moon)

    22. Chase Oakley

      1Billion Lions vs All POKEMON!!!

      1. Spongegod - Ominpants

        But that’s even more of a stomp.

      2. Spongegod - Ominpants

        All POKÉMON VS ALL DIGIMON would make for a much better and more interesting match.

      3. Spongegod - Ominpants

        Or maybe some could simply just erase them from the space-time continuum.

      4. Spongegod - Ominpants

        Or some Pokémon could just blow up the planet.

      5. Spongegod - Ominpants

        Ya It’s not like POKÉMON GOD could just erase them all from existence or anything.


      By far the most mediocre death battle of all, srsly... a battle between halo ocs? Are you serious?

    24. Sage Mayfield

      You should do Plushtrap VS Mad Dummy

    25. Mr. McNerdo

      Joker vs Pennywise

    26. IsaacLoL :3

      Exigo un dead battle en español

    27. niketonexc


      1. S N 7584

        Escanor wrecks. A better opponent would be Whitebeard from One piece.

    28. Sasir

      I should be annoyed about inviting someone, and that someone being unable to hear you... But that feels like a RVB gag!

    29. BigotGaming

      remove random crits

    30. bobbygisocrazy

      stop putting out these dumb commentaries and make death battles

    31. Alex Epic

      Can someone push a death battle between kengan Ashura vs Baki plz. I think that would make a good fight.

    32. TheCreepypro

      not even a red vs. blue fan but I still found this very entertaining props to this crew

    33. coreyon davis

      Yo i got a hard one Meliodas (7 deadly sins) vs. Natsu dragneel (fairy tail)

    34. Jaivon Mannie

      CW ZOOM vs. Tim Allen (ZP) ZOOM.

    35. Jeffrey Williams

      Rouge the bat VS Sly Cooper Who will in that fight and is the better thief ?

    36. Steven Parker

      Tanjiro vs inuyasha I feel like they’d be close enough

      1. DAV charley

        Tanjiro vs Inuyasha? Cool! I got Inosuke (Demon Slayer) 🐖 vs Nora Valkyrie (RWBY) 😍

      2. S N 7584

        Inuyasha wrecks.

    37. Sam Stent

      Geralt of Rivia rides into death battle

    38. Manash Mandal

      Agent 47 vs Jhon Wick.🔥

    39. B M

      Asura from "Asura wrath" vs Kratos "God of war"

    40. Pure

      Weapon H vs Doomsday

    41. Lil_ Ev


    42. I U

      We need a death battle with Deadshot vs someone, anyone. I just want to see Deadshot up against someone.

      1. Daniel Perez

        Bullseye from marvel is his most popular opponent. I also think mista from jjba part 5 would be cool too.

    43. Ramsies3000jurassic! Spencer

      Storm Vs Sailor Jupiter(Marvel Vs Sailor Moon) Connections: Both Are Superheroes Manipulating Thunder And Lightning ⚡️ also Lost Their Parents at a Young Age, Part of Teams which are a Prominent part of(X-Men and Sailor Guardians,Respectively).

    44. Alex Rodriguez

      Death battle ideas 1. Jessie (Minecraft Story Mode) vs Gadget (Sonic Forces) 2. Admin (Minecraft Story mode) vs Infinite (Sonic Forces) 3. Spongebob (Nickeloden) vs Gumball (Cartoon Network) 4. Peridot (Cartoon Network) vs Invader Zim (Nickeloden) 5. Chucky (Child's play) vs Slappy (Goosebumps) 6. Crash Bandicoot vs Banjo & Kazooie

    45. jacob nye

      Could you guys PLEASE do a Captain America vs Iron Man rematch? The fight we got in Civil War did not feel like it did the characters justice, particularly Iron Mans arsenal!

    46. Maria Eleuterio

      You guys should do Goku Vs Naruto

      1. S N 7584

        Goku STOMPS

    47. DanZito the demigod

      The views should tell you please do more fights please. PLEASE

      1. Casey The Coolest

        Death Battle Returns on March 8th on KGup

    48. dri fisxgd

      I thought it was among us in the tumbnail

    49. joseph haden

      Aizen (藍染 惣右介) vs Madara (うちはマダラ)

      1. Agustin Garfias

        @DAV charley hinata stomps

      2. DAV charley

        Hinata (NARUTO) vs Ochako (MHA)

    50. Cosmic Jam

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do naruto vs Luffy I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys:)

    51. Carrington Sweatt

      How about kenichi from ryusenpaku vs po from Kung fu panda

    52. Niall O'Mianain

      Wizz vs broomstick death battle would be an epic finale for this season pls consider my idea

    53. Eugene LI


      1. S N 7584

        Can't you see that the season ended. And that the next season starts March 7. 😒😒

    54. MIT TJY

      I got some battles y'all should make Kurapika VS Dare Devil Shigaraki VS Carnage Green Goblin VS Kaneki

      1. DAV charley

        I got: 🌟Ben Reilly Spdiey vs Tim Drake (Robin) 🌟Ruby Rose (RWBY) vs Maka Alburn (Soul Eater) 🌟Nora Valkyrie (RWBY) vs Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer)

    55. MIT TJY

      I got some battles y'all should make Kurapika VS Dare Devil Shigaraki VS Carnage Green Goblin VS Kaneki

      1. S N 7584

        Dare devil wins. I like kurapika, but this isn't a fight he can win Carnage, I know shigaraki got a massive buff In the manga, but he's still nowhere near the symbiotes' speed and strength. Green Goblin takes it.

    56. Lil B

      Please do Naruto vs Meliodas I really wanna know

    57. Christopher Ramirez

      What about some anime characters vs some marvel characters

      1. Casey The Coolest

        Izuku Midoriya Vs Miles Morales Or Izuku Midoriya Vs Kamala Khan That's all I know


      PLS do Thor v Todoroki Wolverine v Kakashi

    59. Battle Master

      Death battle sugestion reds and blues vs rwby I would love to see that

    60. Lethalgamer160

      we need Goku ui vs Saitama ONEPUNCHMAN

    61. Biblotick E

      Please do Meliodas vs Naruto I want to end this annoying debate

    62. Deyoni Thomas

      Can u do asta ve naruto

    63. Donimic Brooks

      Do a mimikyu vs kurome because mimikyu is my favorite pokemon he's cute he's lonely so do mimikyu vs kurome

    64. Aaron RM

      Renamon vs Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury)

    65. Isaac Kimmel

      Saber/Arturia from Fate/Zero vs Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - both recognizable characters from great anime; Lust's healing factor and speed should compensate for Arturia's skill and experience; in my opinion, the most fun Death Battles are the ones with two fairly evenly matched combatants with very different power sets

    66. Andrew Castro

      Do Ant man vs The Atom

    67. frosted flakes

      next season of death battle i wanna see all might vs lion sin escinor (my hero academia vs 7 deadly sins)

    68. supersonicmario56

      Skulker Vs. Kraven the Hunter

    69. DriftSquadGaming

      I been waiting a few years for a death battle between jason bourne vs john wick

    70. Ramsies3000jurassic! Spencer

      Shantae Vs Sash Lilac

    71. DriftSquadGaming

      Jason bourne vs john wick

    72. Lil Orphan Funkhouser

      Sasuke vs Sephiroth next

      1. DAV charley

        🌟Hinata vs Ochako (Naruto) vs (MHA) 🌟Cinder vs Dabi (RWBY vs MHA)

    73. Nate bost

      Snake eyes vs black noir plz

    74. Scarecrow Haunting

      I have a death battle suggestion How about SCARLET (MORTAL KOMBAT) VS SHALLTEAR BLOODFALLEN ( OVERLORD ITS A ANIME)

    75. Crill Creates Classic Chaos

      Martian Manhunter (DC Comics) Versus Piccolo (DB) and or Electra (Marvel) versus Katana (Mortal Kombat)

    76. Steven Martorana

      King Kong vs DBZ Oozaru (Great Ape)

    77. Gavin Bryant

      Iroh vs endeavor.

    78. doopmachine

      wow this is kinda annoying could you guys maybe consider maing a side channel for DeathCommentary or something? It's bad enough your output has dropped considerably but to try and prop it up with the same stuff+commentaries feels really cheap somehow also Finn Mertens (Adventure Time) vs Adult Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), make it happen already, jeez -Both 17 -Both blonde -Both swordmasters -Both in service to princesses -Both adept at picking up magc -Both *extremely* durable, strong, and nimble -Both regularly battle small baddies and big bads -Both with a massive arsenal

    79. Hunter Cromer

      Hey could you do Superman VS Iron-Man DEATH BATTLE match please?

    80. DASHBORD

      Make Waluigi vs Big the Cat Please

    81. Francis Terrell

      Who else wants to see natsu vs naruto on death battle😭

    82. Shachar Lem

      Please do cat noir vs tomura shigaraki (miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir vs my hero academia). The connections between cat noir and tomura shigaraki are that both of them have the ability to disintegrate objects and living people thanks to the cat miraculous and the decay quirk, both have evil dads (hawk moth and all for one respectively). both came from somewhat Rich yet harsh upbringing thanks to their dads ( gabriel agreste is the owner of a fashion designer company did not let adrian go out of the house and have many friends and tomura's original father kotaro was a business man and did not allow tomura to dream about becoming a hero and even talking about heroes was forbidden). They also both share their residence with powerful God/godlike characters (plagg who inhabits the cat miraculous and all for one who reside in tomura's mind) and both have a female hero family member (Emilie and Nana shimura, respectively). Both also have a connection to rivaling animals (adrien is a cat themed superhero and tenko's first victim was his dog mon). The track for this battle should be called: cataclysmic decay. And the cover image of the soundtrack should be one of shigaraki's disembodied hands wearing the cat miraculous. #DEATHBATTLE.

      1. Shachar Lem

        Maybe tomura@S N 7584 .

      2. S N 7584

        Who do you think will win though?

    83. Lucy Jimenez

      Garfield VS Hello Kitty PLSSSSSSS

    84. Loki FES

      Kiryu (Yakuza) Vs Axel Stone (streets of rage) would be an interesting match up since they beat the hell out of mobs of people

    85. Cinder815

      Does anyone else hear "Alpharad" and not "Alfred"?

    86. Davey Boy kills

      Death battle idea robo cane from robocop 2 vs the hulk buster like if you agree

    87. Meh Meh

      Dexter vs Phineas

    88. Leonard Money

      Do Knuckles from Sonic vs Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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