Shadow VS Ryuko (Sonic the Hedgehog VS Kill la Kill) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    The duel of ultimate hybrid alien lifeforms! (With similar fashion sense!)
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    1. 1izen

      chao control

    2. Fan here

      The moment Ryuko lost I automatically closed down the video

      1. Void


    3. George Space

      Shadow finally won a death battle match his death battle record is 1 win and 2 losses

    4. DAA OOA

      Shadow: pulls out gun Also shadow: since when has that worked? Proceeds to kill waifu

    5. Alberto Mercado

      2021 and DB is still being biased smh🤦🏻‍♂️ All this details missed from Ryuko's side... this DB was made just for Sonic fans to stop whining lmao

      1. 1337


      2. Void

        What would those details be that prevent her from getting curbstomped?

      3. GrandmasToes

        omg you're still at this

    6. Ahren Ortile

      Woah this was pretty recent! Loved klk

    7. Justin Weber

      The only series I could think of as existing within this same universe is FLCL

    8. Justin Weber

      "She threw away her baby!?" Boomstick and Wiz both find that a bridge too far, and Wiz actually tries to show empathy and help Boomstick with his own trauma.

    9. SHINGO

      this cant be real

      1. J

        You're watching it, aren't you?

    10. Jackrocks8

      Road rage is a dangerous thing

    11. Ace mcwolf

      "Shadow won his first death battle in 10 years, But he had to kill the protagonist from his favourite anime to do it." This sounds like a fever dream.

    12. Licht Gameplay

      This it's garbage

      1. Nathan



      But she’s.. 17

    14. Dirty Noob X

      People still think Shadow's an edgelord? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    15. Zerkier

      Umm shadows sword could not cut her. Like at all. Idk if he had the damage output to actually kill her. 🤷‍♂️ but at least that one part irks me. Definitely faster tho.

      1. Void

        They lowballed him to planet level. He has way more than enough power to do so

    16. Obsidian Prime

      14:45 Wait, Ryuko basically gets cat ears?!?! In all the times I've seen her, not once have I noticed that. _I feel so blind._

    17. ThuNdeR Al Sultan

      Please do Madara vs Fujitora or anyone of the admirals

    18. TheBrokenOwl

      I feel like when Shadow said that Ryuko was a faker, it was a reference to when Vegeta called Shadow a ripoff in their fight

    19. pokefurnoX454

      More TNT? You win.

      1. J

        Then what would be a better method of measuring power output and defense.

    20. ShittyMemes

      Shadow finally wins after the third time.

    21. Jac Thwakk

      I guess Life Fibers were no match for the Ultimate Life Form.

    22. DB

      Damn I wasn’t expecting that result I thought my boy was gonna lose again

    23. Dragon Mer

      Do Beetle Juice Versus The Mask!

    24. king mari gaming

      14:45 uhhhhhh

    25. ꨄSkylarns Shinnyꨄ

      *When you realize that this is a part 2 when you have watched part 1 video*

    26. Joseph Berrios

      1-2 shadows record

    27. ГОРАН

      im surprised death battle aint on sportsbet

    28. Castle of Fiction

      "Sayonara" Shadow: "Not this time..."

    29. robot Hamlin

      RoboCop2014 vs Ryuko (robots vs animes) robot hamlin

    30. Ryan Krenisky

      super forms in Sonic the hedgehog are invincible. Invincibility does not equal unlimited durability. The early comics, which you guys have referenced, say that super sonic has a field around his body that protects him from damage, so being shot into an exploding planet doesnt prove anything. They were protected from the explosion. They didnt tank it.

      1. Ryan Krenisky

        @GrandmasToes whatever force you apply to the invincibility would have to be more powerful that 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 power rings. Idk the scaling across verses. all i know is that whatever super sonic and super shadow touch that isnt a major boss dies in one hit. im not a fan of super forms and invincibility in these battles because in verse its incredibly hard, almost impossible to acheive, without a special zone or magical intervention.

      2. GrandmasToes

        @Ryan Krenisky Alright cool what about when shadow fought a guy who eats dimensions lol. And if that field even exists then you would need to break it wouldn't you

      3. Ryan Krenisky

        @Might Guy my point is that you cant measure durability when durability isnt being tested.

      4. Might Guy


    31. 5 AM

      Honestly if thought ryoko was gonna win u dumb

    32. King of Gamers

      Also about time Shadow won

    33. King of Gamers

      Moral of the story: anime is weird

    34. Prince Of Pokemon

      Ryuko lost to Shadow?! This can't be happening right now!

      1. Nathan

        @Alberto Mercado Yeah we shouldn't fight just about an animation

      2. Alberto Mercado

        Btw, I apologize if I made you feel angry or sum, I hope you know that this(at least from my side) was not serious. We are not going fight about some animated thing.

      3. Nathan

        @Alberto Mercado k i'll stop but just saying i ain't salty

      4. Alberto Mercado

        ...answering back, my friend** ^there, fixed it. Forgot the ","

      5. Alberto Mercado

        PFT HAHAHA loss? Kid; this is not even a fight, I threw a fact, you couldn’t read it without getting salty. Oops🤷🏻‍♂️ Now you asking me to stop? Well... it was a clever way to ask for it. You stop when you want to stop... I’m just answering back my friend.

    35. Efnoro

      I knew Shadow would win easily. Make Shadow vs Kazuya next, both are cool silent guys.

    36. Belian Tamashi

      My friend and I made a joke when another friend asked "So who wins?" And our only reply was "You know who wins 😏" w/o me ever watching the full episode until now. And we were right

    37. GigaBorisBladerTV

      14:40 Rooster Teeth suck at animation.

      1. GigaBorisBladerTV

        @Nathan well that's my opinion, take care.

      2. Nathan

        @GigaBorisBladerTV not true

      3. GigaBorisBladerTV

        @Nathan crappy frame rate, not shadows to each character, and too bloody red to the japanese test.

      4. Nathan

        @GigaBorisBladerTV so why does it suck?

      5. GigaBorisBladerTV

        @Nathan I Would, but I'm not the best artist, sorry.

    38. kilato 56

      Well at least he made her scream he's name... I'm so sorry

    39. kilato 56

      I am the saltyiest in this comment me

      1. Nathan

        @kilato 56 k

      2. kilato 56

        @Nathan youll never see it comminnnnnn

      3. Nathan

        Well this was a stomp for Shadow so you should've seen it coming

    40. General Jake

      boomstick: why is everyone naked wiz: im gonna pretend i didnt hear that

      1. David Halpin

        🤣🤣 yeah I noticed it too when i firsthand watched it

    41. Smilloww

      So sad Kill la Kill doesnt have more episodes

    42. Pablo Lopez

      bro during the fight they made ryuko sound like naruto

    43. Different Mando

      General zod vs general thragg

    44. Gabriel 1805

      Yeah Shadow had this fight easily. I'm honestly glad he finnaly won, I can understand Vegeta but the Mewtwo fight was definitely false. I would say however that Shadow could have easily won without super by just doing everything and striking when she losses the form(or you know he could just teleport her or reverse time and win).

    45. ㅤㅤ

      7.8/10 "Too much edge." _IGN_

      1. GrandmasToes

        9.1/10. It has a little something for everyone

    46. Work.Out.Lika.Freak fitness

      What a G

    47. Marcos Garza

      Now both his waifus are dead

    48. Roman Kvapil

      Is no one going to point out the fact that Wiz is likely a married man?

    49. Kylar Williams

      But wasn't the earth being restored all the chaos gems?

    50. otis H

      Zoro vs Samurai Jack

    51. Lewis Jennings

      No one cold beat shadow once he finds the fourth chaos emerald.

    52. Ishiro Tanaka

      Ryuko: Awww, Did you mommy pack that sword? Shadow: I don't know, Did your mommy Ever Tell you Not To play With Scissors?

    53. Dyl Boi

      This Ryuko feels so out of character from the canon Ryuko.

      1. todd pearce

        How so?

    54. FireTypes4Ever108

      Wow Shadow's had more luck in a death battle than Sonic

    55. geminicat12

      You should do Maka off of Soul Eater and ruby rose

    56. Spiderman Miles

      Anime got rekt

    57. Fahd Ismail

      He still had hyper shadow

      1. Cal-El! OFFICIAL

        Hyper Shadow isn't cannon. It doesn't even exist in the sonic Universe 😂🤣

      2. Greenbit121

        No such thing as Hyper Shadow.

    58. DD

      Shadow: faker Goku: can i have a word with you

    59. Elijah Aaron

      do the animation in 3d so it will have giggle fx edit: my brother wrote this

    60. PhonesKP

      I mean, this was literally an incredibly unfair match up.

      1. kilato 56


    61. Aldeadlox l

      Humans are gonna human

    62. Aldeadlox l

      Humans are gonna human

    63. C2d kevin

      give Ryuko another shot and make her fight someone else that’s NOT faster then her i need her to win

      1. Alberto Mercado

        Btw, this battle already happened like 2 years ago in another channel that does videos similar to this one. They are not that famous bc they are not as biased as Screw Attack(better said, they are just not biased). In their version, Ryuko won just bc shadow can't break life fiber and Sankeyzu kept Ryuko alive.

      2. Alberto Mercado

        Fun fact, if they only showed what the manga Ryuko could do, the result would be different.(they just didn’t do enough research but made the battle anyways)

    64. Platinum Dragonslayer

      So you guys finally tossed Shadow a bone.

    65. FreakkiPluy


    66. Kurtis sandbergen

      Has anyone ever just watched all these fights from death battle and realized the cause of these fights? Cuz some of them are just way to funny😂 but besides that I’ve been watching death battle for five years now, and yet again another amazing and hilarious commentary/fight

    67. Rhys Causon

      So in Kill la kill... clothes are aliens?

    68. Ryan Miner

      this is false, have you never heard of anime plot armor

      1. Ernie Richards

        has Goku versus superman taught you nothing?

    69. Benjamin

      I’m too high for this. was epic tho

    70. Santimulgo Simms

      How were both of these characters way more op than I remember or could’ve even imagined💀

    71. Bryce Cross

      I'm a sonic fan, but was sure Ryuko was going to win. I FLIPPED OUT when I remembered about Shadow's Limiter Rings LOL

    72. Larry Sherman

      You like this pattern? Vegeta: Sayonara. (Shadow got obliterated) Mewtwo: Sayonara. (Shadow got impaled) Ryuko: Sayonara dipshit! (Shadow broke her blade and obliterated her) Shadow must really hate the word sayonara.

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        He hates that word because there is a different person saying the same word which means that can kill him

    73. Antonio The Pro Gamer

      Ranking to all Shadows death battle fights: Vegeta vs Shadow=Good Mewtwo vs Shadow=WORST FIGHT EVER Shadow vs Ryuko=Good

      1. Nathan

        @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU Bruh what?


        @Nathan Bruh...

      3. Antonio The Pro Gamer

        @Nathan I agree. The result could have been better like you said, (Shadow winning) but I meant that it was good in terms of voice acting, the style and all that stuff. But I believe your right, Shadow should have won all 3 of those fights

      4. Nathan

        @Antonio The Pro Gamer also tbh he should’ve won all 3 of those fights

      5. Nathan

        @Antonio The Pro Gamer I respect your opinion

    74. Jermand Cole

      this is the biggest curb yall ever done

    75. Zbord77 God


    76. أم أنس

      death batille is a ####

    77. IshiMishi

      This is why sonic characters cant be in death battle, chaos control is just broken

    78. RoyalPrince 1517


    79. JaZzYGaMeS

      This amount of power for shadow in vegeta vs shadow was no where to be found

    80. Nathan Storey

      Road rage is no joke, jesus.

    81. DJULTRA1306


    82. FANDOM Tea

      my favorite death battle who else

      1. Nathan

        Same here this is also my favourite Death Battle

    83. Astrid Parungao

      Shadow: FAKER Shadow vs Gilgamesh confirmed LMAO

    84. drewbabe

      ryuko's not even really an edgelord. she's all deredere with her friends. shadow insults his friends as a hobby

    85. Airyan Cochran

      We need an uncle iroh v boomie

    86. Dunk Acino

      Fun fact: In all 3 battles Shadow’s opponent said Sayonara

    87. Low Quality Chaos

      Such a cool battle. Shadow was finally represented properly. I find it crazy that I had analyzed shadows maximum strength based off of the fight with mephiles too. Although he actually matched 2 chaos emeralds. So I guess there was an error in their script lol. The only thing im confused about is if they did in fact intend to give sonic light speed reactions, how did he lose to Mario based on their own analysis?

      1. electromagnetic psychopath

        @Low Quality Chaos they did not

      2. Low Quality Chaos

        @electromagnetic psychopath oh yeah they down played durability too. I made a whole video about it. But they pointed out him surviving the space station exploding in this video which I dont think they brought up at all in Sonic vs Mario

      3. electromagnetic psychopath

        They downplayed sonics speed and durability in that fight

    88. crim somreaf5555

      I watched kill la kill for the "plot".....

    89. meganabaja

      The Nudist Beach must be saluting Shadow.

    90. Unknown

      If one listens to when after Shadow pulls a Silver on Ryuko, bowling pin sounds can be heard.

    91. SnuffleGoth

      You know what they say “Never meet your idols”

    92. Logan M

      I was hoping he would use chaos obivion

    93. MC Davis Beats


    94. Tug Turner Reacts

      Im glad shadow won but im tired of the "Sonic need time warp plate to time travel" that is a game mechanic or else i would eggman place a flag with his face on it that leaves extra live for sonic

    95. Alex

      just have ryuko cut off his shoes and absorb his power lmao

      1. Cameron Dees

        Shed need to be able tp touch him first

      2. Obi Drip Kenobi

        He still has the inhibtor rings

      3. Void

        She'd have to be able to touch him to do that.

    96. Jesse Cantu

      Ryuko matoi's ghost to shadow: "You may have defeated me, but you'll *never* defeat glothen. If you DARE challenge that goth lady, you, will, be, f**ked in an instant!" (Ryuko disappears while laughing)😆 Shadow to himself: "Who the hell is glothen anyway?"🤨

    97. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto

    98. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto

    99. James Gaisie

      honestly this was a dumb matchup. Not impressed at all. it was so obvious shadow would win.

      1. Vecko YT

        Yeah I agree what was even about this battle?

    100. bee hla

      You know what back in primary school I told my class mate that siccors are op