Heihachi Mishima Crushes DEATH BATTLE with an Iron Fist!


153 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

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    1. Brady Sneed

      day 7803 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

    2. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    3. Zachary Ames

      Please do revy vs. jack slate or Rally Vincent (dead to rights retribution, gunsmith cats and black lagoon), shinobu vs. hibari (ninja nonecense and senran kagura),saya vs. kenshin (kenshin ryourin vs. blood c), claymore character vs. ?, harley quinn vs. ?, and ivlis vs. rias gremory (the gray garden and high school dxd). Please reply and like alot pls.

    4. AnonimZim

      Wasn't Heihachi already in DB?

    5. Im Thage

      Anime: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ~ Character: (Rimuru Tempest)

    6. Dustin Barboza

      Kratos versus Thanos what about that

    7. Dont Trust No One

      I'd love to see Heihachi impale Geese on his hair horns if he wins.

    8. MrHousecup

      We're not going to talk about how Great Teacher Onizuka destroyed Heihachi in an arm wrestling match?

    9. Houlden Melville

      I want that loser shirt, somebody get me that loser shirt

    10. Tim Kirtland

      Dexter vs. Jimmy Neutron Saitama vs. Popeye Rick Sanchez vs. Hank Pym Starsky and Hutch vs. Sam and Max Gilgamesh vs. Odysseus Jar Jar Binks vs. Lars Barriga or Big the Cat Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama vs. Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro Wiz vs. Boomstick

    11. Jake Etter

      How about this for the future death battle. Pokemon fakeymon: fans make a pokemon designed to fight a certain death battle character and they show the best ones.

    12. Jake Etter

      Got some ideas for the next death battle. Halo vs starwars: goes like this, if the jedi turn each member of the covenant into Jedi which species would be the best.

    13. Samado_ Music

      Heiachi was the only good guy out of all his family tbh.

      1. BBQ Chicken

        Not really. If anyone in the Mishima family is good, it's jinpachi.

    14. saintzeroinfinity

      Wrath vs. pride( full metal alchemist vs. full metal alchemist: brotherhood)

    15. Josh Jones

      They should add my man Heihachi to Smash bros.

    16. bryan smith

      I don't know much about this geese Howard, however I do know quite a bit about the he hachi Mishima, and I do know he is not a fighter you can easily take down look at how many supernatural creatures he's taking down how many people have tried to kill him and failed including his own son and grandson who both possessed the devil Gene, and don't forget he fought akuma from Street fighter to a standstill that is freaking crazy concerned that akuma is powerful enough to shatter an island with a single punch.

    17. 1974Teebone

      Treats male pattern baldness like an extreme sport. My god I will remember that one forever.

    18. Eck0

      Gen Fu (Dead or Alive) vs Wang Jinrei (Tekken)

    19. Jin Kazama

      Take one for the team old man.

    20. Pandamelon Entertainment


      1. Hentai gaming


    21. Mikiel Sahagun

      I think Gees's goose is cooked

    22. King Khozi

      Can you guys do Ben 10 Vs Goku?

    23. Alexander L. Samael


    24. Curtis Mize


    25. Diop Hairston

      Do elder scroll Skyrim dragonborn versus somebody

    26. Maylen Morales-Lawli

      Lloyd Garmadon Vs Sunset Shimmer When?

    27. Aidan Edwards

      Here is a Death Battle idea: Sinestro vs Frieza

    28. Itsghostvenom GVC


    29. Fernando Simão

      I'm rooting for Heihachi and I'll try not to be too optimistic. But please remember the opening of Tekken 5. He took 5 Jacks on top of him, then one Jack exploding right on his face, all of that after having fought Jin and being knocked out. The explosion sent him flying god knows where with so much force that he buried a fricking hole on the ground upon impact. He woke up days later with no medical help whatsoever and entered the tournament. If Geese can top that, I give up.

    30. Project_ARIA Nightcore

      Geese is gonna destroy him, for sure.

    31. Zay 6991

      Anyone can settle this fight on Tekken

    32. Ananta.One.1

      Heihachi loses 2-8 because he is too easy to side step, compared to the goose. Just side step left and launch.

    33. Jason Finch

      Hmmmm Eren Yeager vs Megatron or something idk I just wanna see a death battle with Eren lol

    34. cross maximum

      Bruh its over for goose lol

    35. mrfroboto1

      "He treats male patterned baldness like an extreme sport" That's such a good line.

    36. Master Skywalker

      Terrible Father number 2.

    37. Lxst Mxmxry

      As a man once said “Just hell sweep lol”

    38. saintsinningsword

      Was almost expecting Hanma Yujiro. Next time I guess...

    39. Lisa Arnold

      Heiachi vs goldar vs by hu shou from beyblade showgun steel

    40. Rambo Jimenez

      Heihachi all the way

    41. Treil Blaze

      Saw the Geese Video first and instantly knew he was fighting Heihachi 🤣🤣 "Lions throw their young off a cliff and raise whichever ones climb back up... If you truly are my son you'll climb back up!"

    42. Slippy Steve

      Really be dope of this was 3D animation too

    43. The Gravemind

      Always fun when they decide on a death battle that I could just DO IN TEKKEN 7

    44. Marco Paulo Corpuz

      Alex Mercer VS Generator rex pls

    45. Sidereal

      Heihachi wins or we riot!!!!

    46. lidular

      I think heihachi Will win, just because of sheer endurance

    47. NI3

      They both already exist in the same game albeit Geese is a guest character

    48. Joshua Copeland

      Hard-Soft Style VS Soft-Hard Style! This is brilliant!

    49. lol

      0:51 oh so he has lithium mines too?, that's not very ethical

    50. Amos Maka

      This man has cheated death, faced off against demons, devils, machines, animals and highly skilled martial artists, etc. All the while doing this *BY HIMSELF!!!* Also mastering ki??!! Say what you want, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore Heihachi's Will to Fight. After all, he IS a King of Iron Fist.

    51. こうさか


    52. Kayden McCallum


    53. Kevin Jong

      They should make Heihachi spank Geese.

    54. Jordan Ale X

      Hey, guys! I have a question to do. Who do you think Kazuya should fight in a Death Battle?

    55. Beta Hammer

      Its just too bad that the Mishima Zaibatsu was only half as powerful as the Best Friends Zaibatsu

    56. 007 The Masked Gamer

      If this is a 2D Fight I guarantee they’ll use Chunchoryu’s Heihachi Sprites

    57. Game ReaperX

      I legit just got a Tekken ad before this-

    58. Andrew Knowles


    59. Danny Crow

      Heihachi better god damn win

    60. Ken Lee

      "he's like a kung-fu, wolverine, Elon Musk" 🤣

    61. tabletennisrubysuet

      I think heihachi would win cause all he has to do is shoot an atomic bomb as geese howard

      1. tabletennisrubysuet

        @Hentai gaming would be sitting down somewhere plotting something

      2. Hentai gaming

        Heihachi would shoot a bomb as geese Howard?

    62. Bionicle Boy

      Heihachi Mishima the founder of The king of Iron Fist Tournament.

    63. Bionicle Boy

      I played Tekken in the past. The first one was Tekken 3 in PS2 in Greece.That belonged to my dad.And then Tekken 5, 6, Tag Tournament.

    64. dlausactor6373

      The Batman Who Laughs (DC) vs. Tricky the Clown (Madness)!

    65. Lachlan Grant-Carter

      Could you do, Gara (from Naruto) VS Crocodile (from one piece), I think it would be pretty cool

    66. koozon232 !!!

      Ghost of tsushima vs sekiro shadows die twice anyone wanna see that I do

    67. ScorchedSoap706

      can you please at least try to do a death battle with someone from the infamous franchise like Delsin or Cole, heck, even Eugene would be fine.

    68. [M E G A]

      Imagine a fight, between The Zohan, Versus Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

      1. Bionicle Boy

        For me is Ace Ventura vs Fluttershy

    69. Vicente Olate

      Death battle Aang anh Naruto

    70. Ana Isabel Huaitiao Huanquil

      as a deah battle of aang and naruto

    71. Master 剣

      I guess Soul Edge is going need a new liter box. Here comes the *OTGF* squad.

    72. The Universal Union

      This guy is one of The fighting game character's i remember more then any one else. I think he has this he's just a DEMON in nearly everyway.

    73. Jorge Tavares


    74. Joseph Hynes

      It's time for the mighty Heihachi Mishima!

    75. Team Duelist Alliance 671

      Voldemort vs. Orochimaru

    76. Keith Gawain

      I am here to humbly request Archer EMIYA vs Erza Scarlet

    77. Austin

      DB petition: Darth Vader vs the Emperor of mankind from 40k

    78. Kci Dames

      Fujitora from one piece vs itachi from naruto cuz he’s blind so that means he can’t look in his eyes and throws meteors too 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    79. Part-Time Gamer

      Kazumi was a demon disguised as a human, not possessed by a demon. Also, Heihachi in his prime scales above Kazumi (Multi-Continent level) who scales above True Devil Kazuya (Continent level). However, a full-power Heihachi at 70+ scales above True Devil Kazuya, and is equal to Kazumi.

    80. Lex

      You'd have to be Rugal or Orochi or something if you want to be an SNK character who can beat a *Mishima* so

    81. MrDude88

      Heihachi, the hero we don't deserve. At the end of the day, this man been fighting devils all by himself since he's the only person who can.

    82. Ismail Topa

      The animators can just capture the fighting tekken 7 and call it a day.

    83. Justan Havens

      Mr. Nobody vs. Dr. Strange

    84. Selfmade Zay

      Death battle ideas Arlong vs kisame Piccolo vs Martian manHunter Madara vs aizen Cell vs meruem Azula vs dabi Hisoka vs gamble Ozai vs endeavor

      1. Selfmade Zay

        @S N 7584 oh ok then

      2. S N 7584

        Kisame vs Jinbei is better. Arlong is fodder

    85. Mokhles Bhai

      Who wants to see Hashirama Senju in DB?

    86. The Kitty Who Loves Blood

      [Sly Cooper : CARMILITA FOX VS Mortal Kombat : SONYA BLADE] - ANYONE??

    87. Lampe

      You forgot one important thing about the Mishima Bloodline *w a v e d a s h i n g*

    88. Mr Berzerkz

      DC vs Avengers BATMAN VS IRON MAN

    89. BassBorn

      I mean you can have this match in game and I'm pretty sure it's going to geese like 7/10 times

    90. Astrid Parungao

      I just realized, Jin Kazama basically pulled a Zero Requiem much like Lelouch in Code Geass. Definitely better than what Eren did in the ending of Attack on Titan.

    91. Astrid Parungao

      This battle is gonna be un-PREDICTABO

    92. OverWatch Gamer assassin

      Yo hear me out but what about nightwolf (mortal kombat) vs Chief Thunder (killer instinct) I think it would be a interesting fight

    93. Rene Gonzalez

      This is gonna be a classic battle

    94. Just Some Guy with a Hood

      Gonna enjoy this episode soon & Heihachi is gonna cook this "goose" by throwing him in a volcano... oh btw... *James Bond VS Jason Bourne *John Wick VS Agent 47 (Hitman) *Golgo 13 VS Yuuji Kazami (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

    95. Homeless Hobbo

      Have y’all done esdeath vs dio idk if y’all have because you have so many videos

    96. Damion Barraza

      Death battle should put yujiro Hanma against some one he's a good character

    97. Mario187

      The only thing I know is that Geese gotten his power from a scroll while Heihachi which many characters from the Tekken verse did confirmed that the Mishimas are not exactly human they are something more and are also connected to Devil somehow. The Mishimas were mostly evil warlords that help Japan lords conquer many wars. They was a clan of warriors with extraordinary paranormal powers that rival the Devil which is one of the reasons why Devil Gene users from Kazumi stated despise Mishimas and also the fact they was evil aswell, until Jinpaichi came and change that. There true source of their power and what they truly are, are unknown for now.

    98. Jimmyonyoutubelol

      Can u guys do saitama vs goku?

    99. Jimmyonyoutubelol

      Can u guys do saitama vs goku?

    100. Jimmyonyoutubelol

      Can u guys do saitama vs goku?