Yoda VS King Mickey (Star Wars VS Kingdom Hearts) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    The Force duels the Light as two pint-sized grand masters go head-to-head!
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    1. Alex Yelle

      Lol this channel is a joke

    2. That Random Nerd

      This episode just makes me smile knowing how ridiculous it is

    3. Vincent Zheng

      Ahh a battle of old man or animal? I don’t know

    4. Purechaos61.

      Why is it just now important that using the Force can tire out a Force User? Like, that’s been a fact from the very first movie. Why does Death Battle just now mention it and make it one of the deciding factors towards why a Force User would lose? They didn’t mention it in Dr. Doom VS Darth Vader, so what’s the deal?

    5. Htx.youngzter 14

      Han solo vs starlord

    6. AgentKam146

      Ok either I’m hearing things or did King Mickey say, “What happened!?!?” As a reference to when Mickey asked Minney mouse what happened in the shorts cartoon. 16:58

      1. Justin Alicea

        From what I heard, 100% correct on that.


      I didn't know mickey was a king

    8. SRBproducs

      If you played kh then you knew that Mikey would win because the keyblade is SUPER OP!! Also yall are completely wrong about the roxas thing because roxas was inside sora the WHOLE time! He wasn't in the radiant garden AT ALL nor did he ever visit it...ventus did tho. But yeah if you played kh2 then you know that Roxas had returned to sora at the end, that was why sora was able to wield 2 keyblades at once ,do these guys not do there research:/

      1. Spencer C

        ... you actually mustn't have paid attention when KH3 happened. Roxas's heart was freed from sora then went to get the vessel left for him at Radiant Garden (which seeing as Roxas was in sora as you state, it would mean he was there too as he is still a conscious entity within Sora), which would mean he crossed 4 star systems twice to do that

    9. Magikarp Kingdom

      Man I love this animation, thanks death battle

    10. Aargaxxist Rev

      I was so late to the deadmau joke 🤦🏽🤦🏽

    11. Darrell Abney

      Pluto is a cow

    12. sagacious03

      Excellent video! Thanks for uploading!

    13. Jacobo Wudtke


    14. Terminator Jack Knife

      I love that little “Wha happe” at the end

    15. Nick MaGrick

      tell the truth, disney threatened legal action if you showed their favorite mascot getting his head split in half

      1. Justin Alicea

        @Nick MaGrick Depends. Are they anything like Standard Oil, which not only controlled the oil, but the railroads, the distribution and the refinement of that oil? Disney certainly has a lot of franchises, but they don't have a monopoly on the movie industry, comic industry or the cartoon industry. They just are a company that has their hands in a lot of different media and franchises that don't interconnect to run out the competition. Even if their competitors against specific franchises act like that, aka DCEU.

      2. Nick MaGrick

        @Justin Alicea ohhhh, I had no idea they were owned by Warner Bros. At what point does the government step up and hit them with our monopoly laws? Are monopolies legal now?

      3. Justin Alicea

        @Nick MaGrick Either because Rooster Teeth's parent company is Warner Bros, which itself is owned by AT&T, or because this is Kingdom Hearts Mickey and thus doesn't matter to actual Mickey.

      4. Nick MaGrick

        @Justin Alicea Disney tends to be more.... protective of their brand. In fact, allowing this showdown to happen at all is quite unusual, in most other similar cases they would have been hit with a copy right suit before the video even went up

      5. Justin Alicea

        @Nick MaGrick They haven't felt that pressure from messing with other faces of franchises or companies. Jump Force members, Rooster Teeth's own characters and Warner Bros.

    16. strawhat _sola

      Plot twist Disney sues this video for using Mickey Mouse and yoda

    17. Yamoshi God of Saiyans

      Mickey wins because he bought Yoda lmfao.

    18. F.T Bing Lin

      Happy star wars day, may the force be with you guys!

    19. FanboyMarkJabroni

      I think Mickey has owned Yoda for a while now...!

    20. Batnab

      Maybe if Yoda had tried this hard he could have beaten Palpatine 🤔

    21. Vikendy Amamiya

      square enic made king Mickey op :v

    22. ThuNdeR Al Sultan

      Please do Madara vs Fujitora or anyone of the admirals

    23. mentra1

      Disney smash.

    24. 2neilas


    25. 2neilas


    26. Ryan Sims

      Yeah yeah we know disney owns starwars, good joke.

    27. Jewel Frank

      Was China involved 😂

    28. Chad Starr

      They are both Disney

    29. Krazy Kodiak

      Mickey only won because Disney bought Star Wars.

    30. Shango

      I believe it was to protect the Republic....

    31. memes are life my boi XD

      I'm sorry but Yoda should have won.



      2. Javari Speight

        That’s debatable.

    32. WalkingVibe


    33. Patrick MacQueston

      What about a death battle between Zatanna from DC comics vs The Devil from Black clover? Speech magic vs Speech magic!

    34. sesamesprinkles

      Wonder if the voice actor for Mickey had an audience haha

    35. General Jake

      fun fact goofy is actualy a cow

    36. Different Mando

      General thragg vs General Zod

    37. Nathan Storey

      Is chi not pronounced Cye?

    38. Deaths

      Ya this out come was wrong , lightsaber would slice right through the keyblade period.

      1. Francesco Mino Guarino

        Hardly. Keyblade are durable enough to survive blows from Hercules, and a ray with the Power of Kingdom Hearts itself, a Universal force. Saying that lightsaber can cut throught keyblades Is a pretty bold assumption. The only time a keyblade broke was in the realm of darkness, were light Is weaker, and even then, they upgraded it

    39. Gabriel 1805

      Okay I'm a life long star wars fan and Yoda is OP but Mickey is a top tier tool force weirder and a skilled dullest as well so I definitely see Mickey owning the match.

      1. Spencer C

        honestly KH mickey can die. which would either mean Keyblade wielders can actually bypass toon force. or toon force doesn't exist there, either way, mickey would be superior

    40. Del Primo

      This is Mickey's world, Yoda is just living in it. Literally

    41. kriss condo varillas

      Wtf lmao

    42. malrofo

      Rengoku vs Hiei Flame demon slayer vs flame demon

      1. JP123_Zibey

        Hiei obviously wins this lol

    43. Chibi Goji

      My only nitpick about this fight is that Mickey was holding his keyblade backwards in the fight the whole time! XD

    44. otis H

      Zoro vs Samurai Jack

    45. William Alston

      Black dynamite vs James Bond

    46. Boiled Cabbage

      This is how Disney got the right to Star Wars

    47. Timothy Lewis

      This video made me feel simple and clean.

    48. Kenny Norberto

      Foghorn the Invincible vs hyperion the Invincible Looney Tunes world of mayhem vs Borderlands 2 can make a death battle

    49. 7 - BIT

      15:06 that’s what she said

    50. Dryjuy

      Mickey Mouse: I OWN YOU

    51. Zuper Angel

      King mickey vs Dio pls I wanna prove to my brother Mickey would win

    52. D _wavy198 Red

      🧢 and I love king Mickey

    53. cole cook

      Well if the jedi wish to keep peace then they have to be at least as strong as those who wish to destroy it.

    54. Caius Nair

      Haven't seen this yet but my money's on Mickey. That mouse is a monster.

    55. kaiserconner4

      Next we need Darth Sidious vs Xemnas! :)

    56. walmartforfree

      Now I know why to say the secret password

    57. Edilberta Espinosa

      This is cool but stupid

    58. Louie Garcia

      First battle that’s wasn’t so doom and gloom, felt pretty hopeful.

    59. goldfishparadox

      this entire fight is just a euphemism for how Disney conquers everything in its way

    60. FATMAN_162x

      Damn 10 years of death battle, that's crazy. I remember it all too.

    61. X joy

      I could not take this seriously. ... I loved this episode.

    62. Astrid Parungao

      Fun fact, in the original trilogy, Yoda doesn't speak his famous object-subject-verb order way of speaking. He could actually speak coherent and syntax-correct sentences perfectly fine.

    63. Chris Nicholes

      I heard the "Wa happund?" I'm happy.

    64. BaronSengir1008

      Mace Windu vs Frozone vs Nick Fury!

    65. Sleepy 12ft Panda

      Not salty, just wondering why Yoda's lightsaber didn't cut Mickey's Keyblade in half.

      1. Sleepy 12ft Panda

        @Spencer C You're welcome.

      2. Spencer C

        @Sleepy 12ft Panda your pun hurts me.

      3. Sleepy 12ft Panda

        @Spencer C Oh I get it. One was a lightsaber, and the other was a *_LIGHT_* saber! :D

      4. Spencer C

        @Ian Mitchell exactly, 3 times a keyblade was shown to break, and in all instances they were either resummoned or implied to still be useable

      5. Ian Mitchell

        Its almost indestructible, but even if it was sliced he can summon another

    66. Austin Deveaux

      “Sanctimonious”. The unfortunate reality is that is you want peace, you just fight for it because there will always be people who desire to take that peace away

    67. Crimson Black

      Power they have Violence though brings darkness Balance needed always

    68. stealth5580

      These guys are obsessed with explosives

    69. T K

      Of the weaker death battles

    70. MC Davis Beats


    71. Oscar D Rdz

      Question here, couldnt the lightsaber destroy a keyblade? Or is the keyblade that durable?

      1. Oscar D Rdz

        @Spencer C oh, i see, thanks for the info, i am not familiar with the kingdom hearts series so i appreciate you taking your time telling me this info

      2. Spencer C

        the keyblade is an extremely durable weapon. its gone up against lightsaber like objects without being phased, then there is the fact that magical weapons in star wars are able to resist. and I kinda doubt mother talzin made a magical construct anywhere near as potent and powerful as a keyblade to fight mace windu

    72. Maribel Rocha

      Please do Black Canary vs Black bolt


        Why? That’s a stomp in Black Bolt’s favor. One whisper and it’s over.

    73. Mark Emmanuel

      That KO was icecold 🧊❄☃

    74. Nevalith

      I understand full conversations of Yoda's better than I understand any part of Kingdoms Hearts. My brain turned to mush for a bit there. Luckily watching Yoda bonk Mickie with his beater like Mickey was a Seagull saved me.

    75. Kyle Courson

      We need jax vs the winter soldier

    76. H. Fox

      Damn, I was hoping Yoda would win.

    77. RJ Valle

      Can't beat the boss.

    78. Mikhail Lasar Norddin

      Yoda do focus though about the force he trust for his will. But then sadly he pass away disappear after tell Luke SkyWalker to beware the Darth Vader is too strong , powerful & unstoppable. So Luke will fight face to face....But Darth Vader save Luke from the Sith and tolds him is the truth reasonly. Then Darth Vader's mask that Luke open it to see his face....was Adiken SkyWalker....his Luke's father.

    79. Shadow Gamer

      This is what we should be viewing in school...

    80. zellcrs

      mickey only needed to just say, "look buddy, I sign your checks" "ok, throw this fight I will"

    81. Avacado Boi

      What is this match up, lol.

      1. Spencer C

        a battle between the masters of 2 universes of a craft. long story short, there is enough in common between the two to warrant it

    82. Username

      The voice of Mickey sucked

    83. Username

      The voice of Mickey sucked

    84. Cody Crisp

      Bit delayed, but has anyone considered a death battle between Sora from Kingdome Hearts and Noctis from FF15?

    85. ShadowBlade Ace

      8:38 That's his actual name!? Nice.

    86. raoul galban

      even if yoda fight as a ghost it is shown that keyblade wielders can catch and put spirits to other bodies or objects even hurt them

    87. Joshua Garner

      Yea this channel is trash

      1. Bruno Ferreira

        You only said that because either Yoda lost or you think the match is dumb.

    88. Brezel Ceviche

      Brave of Yoda to fight his boss

    89. D. Brian Burns II

      Do High School DxD. Lol

    90. Ant Honey

      But you said during the Kakashi vs Obi Wan fight that the force is limitless. IS IT OR IS IT NOT?

      1. Spencer C

        allow me to explain since it seems people who throw up this quote don't understand the concept of Context. The force is Limitless in supply (which was how it was being talked about in Obi-wan vs kakashi as this was a direct comparison between The force and Chakra in supply), while it is limited in what the users can OUTPUT in relation to power. which is why they showed in this episode examples of force users exerting more power than they are used to which results in side effects like knocking themselves out and dying. obi wan didn't have an opponent that outclassed him to the point where power output would be an issue (whether you agree with this is another story). compared to mickey who has fought world-ending threats semi-regularly.

    91. Billy Joel

      What a timeline

    92. FoxRanger 3X9

      Yoda should have won

      1. Spencer C


    93. Different Mando

      General thragg vs general zod

    94. cursedtrainer

      Laugh it up fuzzball? Disney really loves biting even for a mouse 💀💀💀

    95. Sachii


    96. LaMereACaniche

      this battle: The force isn't limitless either. Kakashi vs Obiwan: The force is limitless. WHICH IS IT?

      1. LaMereACaniche

        @Spencer C Not an issue at all, have a good one mate!

      2. Spencer C

        @LaMereACaniche your welcome. sorry if I was rude in tone. just saw this confusion enough to annoy me.

      3. LaMereACaniche

        @Spencer C Good enough explanation. Thanks!

      4. Spencer C

        ... allow me to explain since it seems people who throw up this quote don't understand the concept of Context. The force is Limitless in supply (which was how it was being talked about in Obi-wan vs kakashi as this was a direct comparison between The force and Chakra in supply), while it is limited in what the users can OUTPUT in relation to power. which is why they showed in this episode examples of force users exerting more power than they are used to resulting in side effects like knocking themselves out and dying. obi wan didn't have an opponent that outclassed him to the point where power output would be an issue. compared to mickey who has fought world-ending threats semi-regularly

    97. Thomas Loyd

      7:50 Oswald: Am I a joke to you?

    98. maddog alabaster

      *"With power so great he could turn his hairline into eyebrows"* quote----"Me" 14:13

    99. Chas Lewis

      Mickey represents corporate America; thus there is no equivalent

    100. Dacat Indahat

      So done with death battle. Mackey beats yoda... stfu ✋

      1. Spencer C

        I mean, if you have any feats that can counter what is presented for mickey, that yoda can scale to bring them.