Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!


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    1. WolfmanVsVampire

      Nice Trump joke 👍

    2. Different Mando

      General zod vs general thragg

    3. Ivan Pozdeev

      5:02 "Can you imagine a President who's an evil billionaire and hates aliens?" You mean, Trump?

    4. LittleKingInc

      This war was anything but secret.

    5. Fach Yutuob

      Glad you recognize that Doom would destroy Luthor, literally

    6. Miguel Pabello

      Ok. So now pit Doom against Darkseid.

    7. Challenge Accepted

      I think doom is the only fighter on the history of this channel whose 2-0

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Samus Aran, Superman and Doctor Doom only have 2 wins and 0 loses

    8. Ook Puddin


    9. xXEmDubXx

      Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man's name

    10. You will never Know my name

      you forgot 1 key detail… boom tube… lex could use a boom tube to send dr. doom anywhere in the multiverse, this includes the source wall.

    11. Hope4NewDay

      The deadliest fighting game move ever: FOOT DIVE!!!

    12. Lord Karasu

      5:00-shots fired

    13. Varlot 935

      i vote alternate battle with doombots vs lexbots

    14. Shanos The Genos

      Foot dives made this video even greater! 😂

    15. Conscire Shooter

      Please do Rick(Rick and morty) vs any marvel character. Maybe iron man or thanos.

    16. Komortas

      Broomstick stfu

      1. Sum Guy


    17. Kool Kid

      Favorite of the season so far along with Yoda Vs. King Mickey, and the banter and battle is certainly solid, but I would've preferred Lex Luthor Vs. Green Goblin (Intelligent green clad villains that own companies and wear suits) or Doctor Doom Vs. Black Adam (Arrogant comic book villains that rule over countries and utilize magic.).

    18. Braxton B.

      Everyone gangsta until Doom starts Foot Diving

    19. Thao Justin

      Those foot dives brings me back to marvel vs capcom The FOOT DIVE SPAM OHHH GOD

    20. sizwe nzama

      Death battle Battle beasts vs hulk

    21. The Chimichanga

      17:28 Goddamn, that last line, so badass! "This power, it's like that of a god's...beneath me."

    22. L for Lito

      Rimuru Tempest vs Kirby when

    23. Peter Jahncke

      Next do Megamind versus Jack Frost pls :)!!!!!

    24. Nate Simpson

      Gimme a thumbs up and get this comment to the top if you wanna see a deathbattle between Silver Surfer and (Golden) Frieza :o

    25. Joshua Rias-Tribble

      This idiot lost to now....TWO marvel characters..........TWO!

    26. General Grey

      Before I watch this, imma make a guess for Doctor Doom. Will put in an edit later or a reply

      1. General Grey

        Well wasnt expecting that Captain ginyu trick

    27. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

      Lex, as impressive as he may be, dont stand a chance against dr. Doom.

    28. PokemasterSal Gaming

      I must admit, this battle was closer than Lex vs Tony

      1. Sum Guy

        @PokemasterSal Gaming he wasn’t close to winning what no.

      2. PokemasterSal Gaming

        @Sum Guy he was so close to winning this one. But when he fought Tony, he was not even close.

      3. Sum Guy

        @PokemasterSal Gaming wait what? I understood nothing you just said. Are you saying lex would’ve won I can’t tell.

      4. PokemasterSal Gaming

        @Sum Guy no. Had Lex just dealt the final blow right there, he would have won.

      5. Nozu

        Well, Doctor Doom stomps both I believe.

    29. Braeden Alberti

      doom took a punch from the infinity gauntlet and got back up a few seconds later

    30. Nathan Leroux

      Anyone else notice that wiz and boomstick said he was born in and I quote “smallville Kansas”.... google says metropolis and I doubt he was hanging out with Clark Kent in smallville

    31. Ra Je

      Iceman vs green lantern

    32. Andrew L

      There was no way Lex was gonna beat doom if he couldn't beat Tony.

    33. Random frog

      you're trying to tell me that luther without a power suit can keep up with doom? who is always wearing his power suit? you guys are dumb.

    34. Griffin Tyndorf

      15:32 he did the thing, only bad part about the video, he didn't do plasma beam.

    35. Jaylen Lenear

      this match didnt even make sense. in no way does doom ever lose to lex.

    36. Despair Pikachu

      MF Doom

    37. Kevin M McDougal

      Doom didnt even have to use his time platform.

    38. Musa Abdullah

      seto kaiba would fit right in

    39. IV Corners 505

      AT°T SUX!!!! GET SPRINT!!!

    40. Chris

      So Doom is now two for two. Keep 'em coming, he's one hell of a wall to scale.

    41. B.J. Marean

      Broomsticks comment about Lex being president did not age well, only took half a second.

    42. MikeDaddyMCS

      The foot dive spam killed me

    43. Lauren Studebaker

      What about Stuart Little vs Remy from Ratatouille

      1. Sum Guy

        Rely ftw cause he can control humans he has a massive advantage

      2. Devin Shelton

        That would be awesome!!!

    44. The Machination

      Hm. Now that's a thought. Flash v. A Green Lantern.

    45. Charles Fitzpatrick

      Luthor may have gave Metropolis a giant L, but he couldn't do the same for Doom

    46. I like nougat

      Hell, Doom could probably win even without the mind swap

    47. AT Productions

      The real reason Lex lost: Luthor is an Injustice character. Doom is a MAHVEL character.

    48. CelusKingFTW

      Eren Yeager vs Mew & Mewtwo

    49. Nathan Ratcliff


    50. Jojoflap

      I know this isn't a kids show, but it feels weird seeing performance pills as the sponsor.

    51. Windigo R15

      Foolish fool who is foolish enough to be fooled!!!

    52. thedrew4you

      How is this a fair fight? Doom is Supreme!

    53. Wizard Brandon

      plus lex was good for countering superman. and about it. like lex vs ironman

    54. Gage Benson

      Doom versus... Luther? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is an unbalanced match.

    55. SensibleInsanity

      When he said "foot dive" I really felt that

    56. Nikolas Ritchie


    57. Makel Sibley

      Why in the hell would Doctor Doom even lose 😂🤣😂

      1. Sum Guy

        @Dr Jones by 5%

      2. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        @Dr Jones but now Marvel are catching up due to DC are getting higher since Darkseid had already beat Thanos while Nightwing beats Daredevil was getting the same steak of win

      3. Dr Jones

        DC has the more victories than Marvel does in the Marvel VS DC Death battles

    58. Music 4MySoul

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      1. Music 4MySoul

        @I like nougat It was designed by the same satanist who know the Mark of the Beast is in the hand or forehead. They are all the same. satan reads the Bible too.

      2. I like nougat

        @Music 4MySoul How? It's designed to protect people. It's going in peoples arms, not their forehead or hand.

      3. Music 4MySoul

        @I like nougat It's apart of the Mark of the Beast. Anyone who accepts the vaccine is damned for all eternity. They will find themselves in hell. The Lord will reject anyone who accepts the vaccine.

      4. I like nougat

        @Music 4MySoul LOL, you're delusional. How is it "sending people to hell?"

      5. Music 4MySoul

        @I like nougat I will speak the truth. People's eternal souls are important. That vaccine will send people to hell forever.

    59. BaTmAn PoRk

      16:45 injustice superman special move

    60. Terry Campbell

      Doom is stupid broken

    61. Morella Továr


    62. nick

      real and straight

    63. BlackRoseZu

      Im just happy Doom said "Foot Dive!" Wouldve made it a little bit better if he also said "Finger Lasers!" Also, Marvel vs DC fight. Marvel wins. Interesting

      1. Sum Guy

        Your acting like marvel never won a death battle against dc

    64. Jaydon

      When are you guys gonna do reverse flash professor zoom

    65. Nyemike Atoh

      Saw that Superman injustice 2 reference in the fight, cheeky 16:46

    66. Sleepy

      This is the second time Lex Luthor got absolutely BODIED by DC characters

      1. Sum Guy

        What lol? Dooms marvel

      2. Sum Guy

        @TheSsbcandidates ikr

      3. TheSsbcandidates


    67. Alex7aj

      Plot twist: Dr Doom is actually Captain Ginyu who stole Dr Doom’s body.

    68. Richard Hill

      Omni-Man vs Homelander

    69. Kisa Miyamoto

      im ba ciale? wtf is with that pronunciation xD

    70. Judy Chen

      Imagine if doctor doom swap body 17:04 17:05 and do this to any opponent he face against in death battle 17:10 17:11 and then the opponent screams 17:14 17:15

    71. thecactusman17

      What man hath wrought, let no God put asunder.

    72. Tiem Nguyen

      Rip mf doom

      1. Sum Guy

        @I like nougat oh

      2. I like nougat

        @Sum Guy MF DOOM, not Dr. Doom

      3. Sum Guy

        What? Doom won though

    73. Tylee Ware

      Who else noticed that Luther used Superman’s special from injustice 2 at 16:44 😂

    74. SP Mask

      You guys at DB think Lex is in the same league as Doom? HA!

      1. Sum Guy

        Yes this fight was a waste of time

    75. Sum Guy

      Hmmm let’s see ones a guy in a suit and the others a god in a suit 🤔 damn this is closer then we thought 😂

    76. Isaac Scherban

      Oh, I notice they didn’t say this so I will, when doctor doom became the god emperor......and this is not a joke, he ripped the whole skeleton out of THANOS, the mad titan who wiped out half of the universe......let that sink in people

      1. Hentai Protag

        And thanos in comics is way stronger than thanos on mcu

    77. Garland Garrison

      Yall really thought Lex Luther could beat Doom??🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Doctor Doom always win

      2. Sum Guy

        Nope never for a second lol

    78. Mark Law

      Before I start. You lot Iron Man vs Lex Luther, Iron Man. Doom has to win this without question

    79. aidan w

      we all know who’s going to win this but let’s watch the video anyways

    80. Master Clank

      I am guessing doom will win.

    81. Chrono Dran

      That's two losses for Lex Luthor one from Iron Man and now Dr Doom

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        And two wins for Doctor Doom as from Darth Vader and now Lex Luthor

    82. Donald Varner

      I want to see doom in the mcu, introduce him before the fantastic four be sweet

      1. I like nougat

        He's supposedly going to be showing up in Black Panther 2. Although, I've seen some people think he's the Power Broker

      2. DekuDude888

        With the new more powerful heroes they're introducing, I'm sure Victor will arrive soon enough

    83. crazy wave

      U gotta love the marvel vs Capcom 3 doom combo references 😂😂 if ur not using footdive atleast twice in ur combo r u really using a doom infinite 😂

    84. William Cooke

      Luthor: I have a force field dog Doom: well I have a dinosaur that eats force field dogs Luthor: I have a dino freezing device Doom: I have an antifreezing device

    85. Wilmer Gomez-Velilla

      Mr fantastic vs plastic man

    86. Cyrus Farn

      Can't believe MFDOOM wasn't the fight soundtrack

    87. Bloody Kain

      Lich King vs Night King?

    88. Kwaku Anansi

      Batman may have plot armor, but Doctor Doom has plot everything.

      1. Ginger McGingin

        Dr. Doom *is* the plot.

    89. Aryn Z

      *F O O T D I V E*

    90. Marsha, a Wandering Shade

      They didn't just swap minds, but also vocal chords. Honestly not a fan of that trope to be honest. Guess it was too much effort to try and have them mimic eachother's inflections, huh?

    91. Ace Wyrick

      where the hell was all this when lex was fighting iron man

    92. David Flores


    93. Erroll George

      Do Zoro vs. Asta ! Two demons with 3 swords

    94. Egalitarius

      No love for Lex with 2 loses

    95. Edgar Cruz

      15:32 now for THIS is come to watch and i love it ... FOOT, FOOTDIVE!!

    96. thegamerator10

      When you realize Lex was likely fighting a Doombot.

    97. Dee Munson

      Honestly I would like to Doom go up against Rick Sanchez. I don't see Doom losing none the less.

    98. Dee Munson

      The things Dr Doom can do with a mother box is alarming

    99. David Mesa

      the writing is so good

    100. Bair Sensei

      Idk how anyone could be surprised by this lol if u know anything about doom u know lex stands no chance lol even superman can't beat doom lol still waiting for the day we see super skrull with all the fantastic 4 abilities vs monkey D Luffy