Chun-Li VS Mercury Black w/ RWBY's Eddy Rivas | DEATH BATTLE Cast #221


42 миӊ. көрүүлөр18

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    1. CrackerCat 14

      Here I thought that this video was going to be able literally what the title states. All it was is a discussion and there was no Chun-Li VS Mercury Black action. So, I'm disappointed.

      1. CrackerCat 14

        @MarioToast ok ill admit it, i made a stupid mistake. But im still disappointed that there is no animation battle of these two. Also im not a podcast person yet. So these podcasts of who would win seem dumb compared to the animation. But you know, its up to RT. Im just a 1% opinion.

      2. MarioToast

        @CrackerCat 14 That is part of what the Cast in the title means.

      3. CrackerCat 14

        @MarioToast then it should say podcast right?

      4. MarioToast

        It's a podcast, not the actual show.

    2. Timinox Primal

      Nah Chun li is winning

    3. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    4. Ameera Gulley

      Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

    5. Tim Kirtland

      Chewbacca vs. Worf

    6. Roberto Cabrera-Chavez

      Chun li wins because of arsenal Im not sure about speed. Mercury did doge a mini gun at point blank range and was able to take hits from yang. He is able to anlysis his opponents quickly. But he has very limited arsenal that is dwarfed to chun li's. And if they do the aura I'm not sure how much he could take before going down since it's not consistent. She has more ways to take Mercury out and more experience fighting people of similar speed.

    7. Gilberto Tabares

      It would be nice to see Chun-Li regain her honor. She hasn't had a fight since season one.

    8. Patrick Wentzell


    9. Jamari Stanley

      The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    10. GDAKA

      If this gets turned into a Death Battle I will popoff so hard Even if Chun wins, Mercury's fight scenes in RWBY are AMAZING - so a 3D fight would look great too

    11. Thomas Mulcahy


    12. Tadareus patterson

      Please do Omni man vs superman

    13. swandizzle185

      #2 1. Stop gaslighting Chad! 2. We haven't seen Mercury at his strongest and most capable. 3. I initially assumed Chun Li would wipe the floor with him, but I think this would be a fantastic fight to watch.

    14. Marshall Long


    15. Indiana Olson

      Yeah, but it is the universe's WEAK point so it is the easist point to break through and is a weak zone. It is like taking that defeating the invincible Achiles is a feat of power output when you do it by kicking his shins.

    16. chaosXpert

      Mercury is my favorite RWBY villain. He's a badass

    17. William


    18. thebigEdziu

      Chun-Li. Let's see how Luthor vs Doom turned out, Liam. Shall we ?? :)

    19. Kaptur America

      Sad. Just Sad. Mercury was cool but RWBY is terrible at power scaling. They don't have the heroes earn their wins, they just make the villains look stupid. Mercury became a joke during the end battle of Volume 5. Ruby head butted him.

    20. Holy RedEye

      Just hope they actually give us a good outcome and not be bias towards it. Cough cough Yang VS Tifa

    21. bhanu pratap

      Plz make a video on yujiro hanma(baki) Vs heihichi(tekken)

    22. Valkorion the Dragon of Zakuul

      Galen Marek vs Rey Palpatine

    23. Damocles _

      Either Ben is either overestimating Rwby or underestimating Street Fighter (prob both). Rwby characters aren’t all that powerful except for the Gods, Rwby characters can be put up to building to Town level (except for maybe Salem and the Gods.), while SF can be put to Island because of the Akuma island destroying feat.

    24. Mr Siloozi

      Imagine a death battle of Wiz vs Boomsick😂

    25. Mumbler Ogre

      Ben: says Mercury is lightning speed without any evidence Also Ben: Demands evidence for Chun Li dodging light-speed lasers

      1. Delta Studios

        I mean, Mercury quite literally dodged point-blank lightning from Amber in the show, therefor making him Lightning combat-speed. And not just a lean back or something, he ran away from the blast radius. Has Chun Li dodged light-based lasers before? If yes, that makes her reactions FTL.

    26. KOHMAXII

      I'm going to go with Chun-Li since she was able to compete with people's like Ryu & Bison how can literally destroy a city or more which has been shown in the Street Fighter Alpha manga. And also the reason why Chun-Li did not use the pressure points on bison because she didn't learn that technique until later on and by the time she already got it well Ryu already beat his ass again.

    27. Lightning2153

      I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty dumb because I was honestly convicted that Mercury would win. (maybe it really is just a popularity contest)

    28. Jeffrey Thomas

      I don't know what is causing it, BEN Your audio has a HIGH PITCH SQUEAL. my ears are bleeding...

    29. Dexter Ferguson

      Superman VS Ben 10 Death Battle when?

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Unless you do in suggestions

    30. Ryan McC

      Chun Lee wins this, low key Mercury ain’t got a chance against dem thicc thighs.

    31. Nathaniel Games

      It spongebob be on death battle

    32. Zachary Ames

      Saya (blood c & + ) vs. kenshin (kenshin ryourin) please?!!!!!!

      1. Zachary Ames

        Where is the suggestion link???!

      2. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Do in suggestions link

      3. Zachary Ames

        Reply and like alot pls

    33. Endrance88

      Also, you guys, please stop equating magical McGuffins to physical feats.

    34. Endrance88

      a while back on your older podcasts, I commented that I found your podcasts boring, formulaic, and not enough death-battle spirited. You have seemed to take either mine or someone else's criticism well and acted on it. Thank you for making podcasts that are actually death battles. These last 3-4 podcasts have been super interesting to listen to.

    35. TheMilk Man

      I wonder if anyone agrees with me... I would want to see world breaker hulk vesus manga/ web comic Saitama(One Punch man)...

    36. LexA 17

      How about Amazons vs Valkyries

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    37. Freak Comet

      Okay I'm about to answer your question right here right now Mercury will get demolished. No one here believes that Mercury can, this didn't even need to be a discussion. Unless Mercury's able to make a wish to the Dragon Ball he's taking that massive L.

    38. dequane brown

      Alucard (Hellsing) vs Sebastian (Black Butler)

    39. Patrick J. Colliano

      Do you guys actually do death battles any more, or is every title just clickbait to make people think there's an actual death battle when it's just the two of you talking to two other people?

    40. Caboose Leon

      Other than that if you guys do it(I hope not really it would end just to quick and for an unfair fight)Imma vote Mercury just in case hopefully it doesn't happens

    41. Caboose Leon

      C'mon this isn't even fair for Mercury in the slightest bit, I love the Mercury a lot but even I know this isn't a fair fight at all really the match would end fast and seeing Mercury die is not something I wanna see at all, With the fact that Chun Li had actual powers while Mercury solely has to rely techniques and his weapons it's already over, give him an actual fair fight

    42. Ren Amamiya

      Chun Li wins

    43. mandalor-83 1

      So where's the fight ???

    44. Bando 3x

      Elsa from Re:Zero Vs Levi From AOT let’s make it happen !!

    45. Mr. Odd

      Did they do questions an answers from the recent death battle?

    46. Gufran Ansari

      Hey I want gojo satoru fight like if u want that too👍

    47. Ariho Aine

      do ridley vs rayquaza or i'll unsubscribe please

    48. Kurai Uchiha

      DEATH BATLLE I GOT THE PERFECT BATTLE FOR YALL TO DO NEXT how about hit from dragon ball vs saitama from one punch man

      1. Bruno Ferreira

        @Nyarlathotep and there it is

      2. Bruno Ferreira

        This is only my opinion but I think Sakuya Isayoi from Touhou feels like a better matchup for Hit, despite many people depicting it as a stomp, unfortunately.

    49. Fakenit66

      If I fill out the death battle form for M. Bison vs Albert Wesker, in the 'from' section, do I write 'Street Fighter' and 'Resident Evil,' or 'Capcom' and 'Capcom?'

    50. Rassenomatjutut

      Sauron (Lord of the Rings) vs Makuta (Bionicle) Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers) vs RX (Kamen Rider) Swoop (Transformers) vs Ridley (Metroid) Lord Zedd (Power Rangers) vs Skeletor (Masters of the Universe) Kopaka (Bionicle) vs Cinder (Killer Instinct)

    51. Scorpion

      Black Panther v Scorpion

    52. Shirley Buri

      How about Scorpion vs black panther

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch


    53. I Am Casserole

      Am I the only one who wants a full "Akatsuki" (Naruto) vs. "The Espadas" (Bleach) fight!!

    54. Baptiste C

      Starfire (teen titans) vs nova (buzz l’éclair)


      Sentry vs Superman

    56. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Revy from Black Lagoon vs Valmet from Jormungand

    57. Samuel Mendoza

      Diane (Seven Deadly Sins) vs Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

    58. Rinnegan Itachi

      Icon of Sin (Doom) vs Age (Heroic Age) or maybe better Godzilla Earth vs Icon of Sin D (Vampire Hunter D) vs Alucard (Castlevania) Doom Slayer vs a scout boy selling cookies...nah vs Dante :)

    59. Starbucks Name "Marvos"

      Can we see Phil from Flexi-Tape vs Vince from SlapChop

    60. L

      Hey death battle do beyblade ginka vs bakugan dan

    61. Strike Eagle

      I would like to see who will win in a fight Raven or Scarlet Witch

    62. Laksamana Zaidan

      next atom vs ant man

    63. Peppy Rabbit

      Do Carl Sagan vs Jordan Peterson

    64. Stone Gardea

      I hope the deathbattle channel goes on for a very long time because I got a character i hope to see up here brawling against another badass comic book character

    65. Vegito Saiyan

      Can you make homelander vs omi man 🙏🙏🙏

    66. Aedan Mannion


    67. Nathan A

      Could we see Dc Raven vs Marvel Scarlet Witch

      1. 常乐

        Scarlet would win I think

    68. Alexander Contreras

      Do Spider-Man vsThe Flash

      1. Pogi Ako


    69. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    81. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    82. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    83. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    85. Everybody Hate’s Zhourn

      DO AIZEN VS MADARA PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    86. Mr.Chicken

      I kinda wanna see garra of the sand vs kaneki ken

    87. Dat guy

      Why use the one RWBY character without the powers that make RWBY characters powerful

    88. jaiden johnson

      It would be cool if you put current manga Baki against a kengan ashura character, or any other bare handed fights would be a cool change to the fights

    89. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Mystique VS Demona (Marvel VS Disney)

    90. Isaiah Jolin

      An also I have deathbattle idea Obito Uchiha [Narato] vs. Lord Garmadon [Ninjago]

    91. Isaiah Jolin

      Hey Wiz and Boomstick if you putting Dio Brando in an episode please do not forget his ice powers and laser eyes.

    92. Brain Child

      Video number 7 of asking you guys to do Trigon vs Dormammu As always, love these long videos

    93. Depressio

      Jaime Lannister (game of thrones) Vs Aragorn (lord of the rings)

    94. WeGive_No_ Ground

      Warblade vs. T-1000

    95. ZerØ-X Glitch

      Kratos VS Wonder Woman (God of War VS DC)

    96. Christopher Fiore

      Liam. The Decider!

    97. Senator Armstrong

      When can i enter death battle??? I’ve been waiting in years

    98. Christian Joyner

      Next battle the ninja vs american dragon

    99. Desta vez vou escolher um nome fixe

      Plastic Man vs Luffy please.

    100. Hineli Trujillo

      El problema que tiene Ana Maria, ese compa me da mucha nostalgia