King Mickey Fights for the Light in DEATH BATTLE!


209 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    King Mickey isn't just the pipsqueak mascot we all know and love - he's ready to fight for the Light.
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    1. Brimestone Lewis

      Don't feel bad, Wiz. Boomstick is only popular because everyone loves a fool.

    2. BoB Ben

      Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

    3. Michael Molina

      Yeah 😅😅 kingdom hearts is very straight forward sure sure

    4. Mashrafee Alam

      2:08, *Wait now hang on, why 2024?* Also, what's going to happen in that Year?

    5. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    6. Rman Nayr


    7. Rman Nayr


    8. Sunrie

      Holy...not pearl...


      Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources

    10. Booksmart The Alicorn

      *BEST DEATH BATTLE EVER!!! King Mickey Mouse won the battle against Yoda! * :D

    11. Kayla Kosatka


    12. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy im trying to comment on the most recent because I really wanna see this fight

    13. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    14. jalen jackson

      This isn't micky mouse club house

    15. Kevin T Matsunaga

      What's a "place holder?"

    16. Zachary Cardon

      What video is playing at 2:03?


      This is the video of the Winner

    18. NatanisLikens

      Dr. Manhattan VS Franklin Richards

    19. Bigp1077

      I'm calling it Mickey is gonna win why? 1)Owns a keyblade 2)Has the infinity gauntlet 3) Owns a lightsaber and the powers of the dark side

    20. sh4d0wfl4re

      Has Yoda even shown lightspeed or high dimensional feats..? I somehow doubt that he could dodge the area of effect for Stopza, nor could he move while under a time freeze like keyblade wielders can sometimes do. (Riku in KH3d, might require doing the dreamwalking as he failed to do so in KH3, Sora has also shown the capacity to have limited frames of movement while under a stop spell in KH3; it is uncertain how proficient in time magics and the unchained state Mickey is compared to Sora/Riku). I am also pretty sure that KH is on a different power tier than SW

    21. Mario lee

      Mickey Mouse must be dow

    22. Donelle Bullock

      let me put it like this. 1 basic shadow > Goku Naruto and Ichigo easily. This is because just one can plunge a world into darkness, and these guys take on armies.


      yoda yoda will win i know it

    24. Gabe Carroll

      I was one of those people who thought Meta Knight was gonna be Yoda's oppenent, but hey I ain't complaining

    25. Mr.Dad

      Goofy isn't a dog. He's a cow


      SPOILER King Mickey Wins

    27. Stephen Brantley

      Just saying......

    28. Stephen Brantley

      Ok..... I'm gonna do this...... you should put more marvel vs dc battles...... but I assume since you're DC fans that you don't wanna show how badly marvel outclasses you

    29. Tyler McNamer

      This became a letdown. I was looking forward to watching Mickey take on Felix the Cat. Oh well. This is Kingdom Hearts Mickey.

    30. Yunarium Lovania

      I can already see it. Mickey will lose then boomstick be like: awww dang it! I guess we're not gonna have that replacement for you wiz. You can stay..... Lol that's my theory

    31. Blaze

      Ultima is the most powerful non elemental magic

    32. PartTimeLazy

      From what I know, Mickey's a dead mouse. He's probably gonna lose...

    33. TheLegendOfSora73

      Haven't actually watched this preview analysis, since I'd prefer to wait for the actually full version. Still, I'm not entirely sure of Mickey's chances against Yoda, since a lot of his feats is up to interpretation; I know that he's fought against insanely strong villains like Xehanort (Young and Old), Ansem, Xemnas, but exactly HOW strong they are is a little unclear.

    34. Hynotama

      The king better beat the green rat from star wars.

    35. Vivian Savage

      Mickey mouse is really popular in Disney I seen him in combat

    36. Vivian Savage

      You know in the next death battle they should put Godzilla versus Kong I know everyone wants to see that come on let's put Godzilla versus Kong 🤯🤩🤩🤩

    37. Meyson

      " King Mickey fights for Disneys lobbys and copyright* "

    38. milodon316

      honestly i can't picture yoda winning this

    39. Blues2Dark

      This is going to be GOLD!

    40. ukulele Pichu

      I think the next death battle that you should do should be Discord vs. Bill Cipher two beings that can warp reality now that would be a cool fight.

    41. Kinichi Chan

      Please do, Scarlet witch vs Dark phoenix

    42. MarioSonicPhillyFan 700

      Yoda is going to win

    43. Hashim ThaDream

      The messed up part about this Death Battle is that no matter who loses....DISNEY still wins. 🤯🤯🤯

    44. nuggistrike

      Disney already kild starwars ! Micky win by default

    45. M4D L4D

      Idc who wins, this'll ne fun because I KNOW how to do a mickey impression and this excites me

    46. horatioux

      Running out of ideas we are

    47. the lamb sauce

      We better see a micky mouse death

    48. BROgrammer plus

      Death battle...what ever you do make Mickey evil(himself) and I'll be happy

    49. Henry Perazzo

      Swordsmanship wise Yoda wins 100% Force/Magic Should go to Mickey though, as the Force has more drawbacks and limitations. What do you guys think?

      1. Spencer C

        @BlueCanine now I will say that can be difficult. yoda is impressive in legends from what I am aware of. but not impossible

      2. BlueCanine

        @Spencer C yeah. Yoda is old and has to use a bit of his Force to even move around all fast, plus Mickey has access to healing spells so I say Mickey could win just by outlasting him at least.

      3. Spencer C

        I mean, without force enhancements mickey wins in swordsmanship due to actually having full maneuverability

    50. OneWingedAngel

      Me: So Mickey has a versatile arsenal, though I'm sure Yoda can counter most of it. Death Battle: Mickey can even stop time... Me: Wait wha- Death Battle: ...for the length of an entire battle. Me: ...Well, no need to guess on this one. 🙄

      1. Donelle Bullock

        Also you can see they have villains that use laser swords.

    51. matt bryant

      This is actually an interesting matchup.

    52. Xexomaru

      "And so, the world will know!"

    53. Willy's Wonderland

      Can you do Mickey Mouse Vs Spongebob Squarepants please

    54. Alex Blake

      Ummmm, this seems like a serious mismatched. In Kingdom Hearts we see masters literally destroying buildings/cities, not to mention they have ACTUAL magic. Like the ability to spam the heal magic, fire magic, wind, ice, thunder etc. Hell the plot involves time traveling and fighting against duplicates. O.o Like the power scaling isn't comparable at all to Star Wars.

      1. Ford Prefect

        In Obi Wan vs. Kakashi, they confirmed they're using Legends, which inadvertently made Obi Wan scale too a planet buster... And Yoda is leagues and years above Obi Wan

    55. Aaron AshCaster

      Yoda dead. Mickie got plot armor

    56. Anthony Purington

      I'm calling it. Mickey is going to win. Because if he doesn't, he's going to sue Deathbattle into oblivion!

    57. Red Death

      The mouse must die.

    58. Raymond Bonilla

      10 years? It’s hard to believe it has been that long. Thanks for all the entertainment, guys!

    59. Brandon Harper

      Didn't they say a few years ago that they were never going to have Micky on Death Battle?

    60. ArmaBiologica35

      Should have been normal Mickey vs Bugs Bunny.

    61. Max555

      You know, Mickey is gonna win, if Death Battle received a paycheck from Disney, or else this video will get claimed by Disney and demonetized

    62. Tyler Brown

      *Thanos vs Beerus*

    63. ivorbigguns

      Make Daisuke Jigen (Lupin the III) vs Ryo Saeba (City Hunter)

    64. kyle smith

      Normally I would give this to Yoda since he massivly outclasses Micky in every way but that time stop is so insanely broken. I can't help but feel that he's going to use it at the end to pull a win out.

    65. 600billionlazer

      I don’t know whats funnier the fact that Yoda vs Mickey Mouse is a thing that’ll actually happen or the fact that Mickey is going to win like its barely even a contest.

    66. Devin Long

      Predator vs "Mando" (Din Djarin)

    67. Apocalyptus

      And also an unnecessary evil.

    68. swagersol haynes

      If Mickey loses he’ll jus cancel the Mandalorian outa spite

    69. Mike Dubo

      Hail to the King, baby.

    70. Ryan Avery

      Scarlett witch vs dr Manhattan

    71. Ice Cold

      A lot of me just saying "no" To the explanation born kingdom hearts.

    72. Taylor Cocciolone

      They're gonna give this battle to Mickey and I'm already angry

    73. Magi604

      Yoda is gonna stomp.

    74. Jake Glashofer

      in no way shape or form does mickey beat friggin' yoda in a fight to the death .... don't even mess with me.

    75. Corey Hall

      Regardless of the outcome of this death battle, Disney wins this fight.

    76. Mr Nostalgic

      Yeah yoda will win

    77. Kawd

      Wait, what game is that at 1:31, and why don't I know it?

      1. Kawd

        @Meteornome ohhhhhh. Gotcha!

      2. Meteornome

        @Kawd he's unlockable if you complete all the missions.

      3. Kawd

        @Meteornome I don't remember playing as Mickey in that one, but I'll definitely take your word for it.

      4. Meteornome

        358/2 Days released on the DS in 2009

    78. Antonius Evan

      Star wars belong to Disney, meaning no way will Mickey loses. Also, honestly, can Yoda move in Time Stop?

      1. Spencer C

        the only way he could move (unless he somehow has an ability to actually allow that I am unaware of) would be for him to literally not be in the area off effect once it goes off

    79. Minos GR

      Say did someone say the door of darkness

    80. turbokid991

      Kinda shaping up to be an "Experience vs Youth" kind of battle, isn't it?

    81. Private Citizen

      Featuring cloud, squall, tidus, lightning, and noctis.

    82. Private Citizen

      You should do a final fantasy battle royale like the mega man battle royale.

    83. jorge fings

      Next death battle Ryuji yamazaki (Kof) vs Goro majima (Yakuza)

    84. Nijimaru Okuyasu

      I can't wait for this battle

    85. Bandit X

      Kirito from sword art online vs berserk

    86. TWO PIECE

      yoda can only lose to toon/disney force.

    87. Javs

      Ofc Mickey's gonna win. Mickey owns Yoda, literally.

    88. The Wanderer

      so this is how you kick off 10 years? wtf? what a freaking JOKE!

      1. ThunderStar30

        All I see is salt

    89. runningwild09

      why do I have a feeling that mickey will when while yoda will some how not.

    90. luisli97

      Micky mouse owns yoda

    91. Nathanel Miner

      Remember when they said that Mickey can't be in death battle

    92. Rebecca Miner

      John Matrix vs John Rambo

    93. Angel Rodriguez

      Is it just me or is it the only reason why they're fighting is because it just small and not for their skills

    94. Garrett Glass

      This gives me hope for Goofy vs Captain America.

    95. Jeremiah Johnson

      I've been requesting this for awhile this should be a good fight

    96. Megapop101

      Hopefully Marvel's Sentry comes into one of these soon, I would like to see who they think could rival his power.

    97. fstbr4

      Here is a better one: Frank Moses from 'Red' Vs John Wick. Its too bad that Red came out before John Wick as Frank Moses can do all of what John Wick can do but he's retired.

    98. Arnav siwakoti

      Please no Mickey in death battle I don't want to unsub to this channel but I will

      1. Marioparhmari

        @Arnav siwakoti that was very obviously a joke And if your comments was a joke That's a oof on my part

      2. Marioparhmari

        What's wrong with Mickey

    99. jayworld99

      yoda will win hands down

    100. Noice :0

      Mickey, King is