Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain w/ Commentary!


36 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

    Furry fighting pups rip and tear... now with commentary from the cast and crew!
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    1. Characal Gaming

      this was my childhood

    2. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    3. Kayla Kosatka


    4. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    5. Yan Chan

      When well Morrigan Aensland for darkstalkers be in death battle ?

    6. Marquez Alexander

      That was a great fight two of my fav characters rumbling it out so much gore. Can we get a part 2

    7. Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle

      You should do planet fusion vs town toon death battle

    8. Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle

      you should do Hal 9000 vs ultran death battle

    9. DracoInduperator

      LMAO "Don't worry, you're not the only one with monthly mood swings"

    10. Devin Long

      Predator vs "Mando" (Din Djarin)

    11. Theo Headon

      Madara Uchiha VS Sosuke Aizen Battle PLz

    12. David rosado

      Jet li the one vs Bruce leroy the glow

    13. Mr. Hazama

      Vs Battle wiki ironically imply that the "sunking of Egypt" feat is not even "Country level" but "Small City level" due that Anakaris didn't move the actual country, but the city. So they have any B+ Class Darkstalkers at "Small City level" with "At least Supersonic+, likely higher" speed along with Class T lifting strength Can't say how to feel between Death Battle's interpretation or Vs Battle wikis on this

    14. Fernando Reaper Moreno

      You must make JUDGE DREDD fight!

    15. Andrew Aaa

      Please do a death battle with magneto don't care against who

    16. Alexson Merom

      Can you do Saitama Vs Goku but I want a death battla

    17. Don Thousand

      Do a popeye death battle

    18. Henry Bloodborne

      I know the Ben 10 vs Green lantern Death Battle left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, but I really want to see Kevin 11(Ben 10) vs Absorbing Man (Marvel) Who else agrees with me?

    19. Moonster

      Day 1 of asking for them to make Gigan vs. Gundam.

    20. Mason Furlong

      Do Kratos vs. Thanos next

    21. Davide Accardi

      Dante from Dante's Inferno vs Kratos from God of War??

    22. JR ML

      Can you guys pls do a Starfire vs Superman even tho Superman is gonna win I just want to see the awesome fight they have very similar powers😁😁

      1. Deep Six


    23. MatthewValencia

      can u do black widow vs batwoman

    24. Wade Wilson

      Solid Snake VS The Punisher

    25. Ronnie Barnes

      Riku (kingdom hearts) vs Noctis (final fantasy XV)

    26. Maraji Johnson

      Can you do lizard versus killer croc next?

    27. Vincent Ho

      I feel like death battle should do an Ace Combat video. Comparing aces. Perhaps comparing AC7’s trigger and Project Wingman’s Monarch aces.

    28. John Smith

      Naruto vs luffy pls

    29. SuperHooktailJr

      Street Sharks vs TMNT

    30. DS3RAMPAGE

      do Talion vs Geralt

    31. meme and get guu

      Do cartoon cat vs the mask and pinkie pie piz make cartoon cat wins

    32. Rodolfo Mendez

      Hey death battle love the content cant wait for the next vids. Here's a few suggestions John Wick vs The Bride Saberwolf vs Nightwolf Scorpion vs Cinder Winter soldier vs Jax Domino vs Harley Starfire vs gamora

    33. Sorcerersupreme007

      We need another teenage mutant ninja turtles death battle. Maybe with like alternate universe versions. Freedom fighter Mikey, robot Donatello, Mad Max Raph, and humongous Leo.

    34. Luis Lopez

      next up on death battle Alucard (Hellsing ) VS Sebastian (black butler)

    35. M O N I P E R 4 0


    36. pyromaniac

      Do a filthy Frank deathbattle

    37. L.J. Smith

      the three fights I want to see in season 8 are Akame v.s Killua, Quick Silver v.s Quick Man, and The Spy v.s Agent 47

    38. Mr. Popo

      King Gidorah vs Ultimate Blue-Eyes white Dragon needs to happen.

      1. RogueZero

        That's an interesting one

    39. Tina Starks

      Vision (Marvel) vs Martian Manhunter (DC) would be a pretty awesome battle, in my opinion.

    40. Matthew Janke

      You need to do Blue from blues clues vs. Bluey from Bluey.

    41. Jay D

      Swamp thing vs hulk please

    42. Rodrigo Padilla

      Hey death battle here a idea Loki vs himko (marvel vs bnha)

    43. Jaurie Henry

      No one cares about the commentary episodes, they're here to watch fights, no one cares about your day to day life on the show

    44. Jaurie Henry

      Y'all need to drop the next fight, it's been over a month

    45. CosmicSepter

      You should do Steve vs bakugo

    46. Dillydabs

      Please do Mayuri vs Orochimaru

    47. maybeididsomething

      Next death battle: wiz vs boomstick

    48. La habitación de Tonter

      Crash vs Mario

    49. mortalred81

      genryusai yamamoto(bleach) vs madara(naruto)

    50. Sam Harrington

      King k rool vs king de de de vs bowser

    51. Olutobi Odeyale

      You guys are out of ideas?

    52. Your Name Darth primus

      You should do a deathbattle between Cuthulu and kurama from Naruto

    53. TrenchCoat Dingo

      god eaters vs revenants

    54. Gafra Avril Tiyanaqu

      Palutena vs Cetrion(Kid Icarus vs Mortal Kombat)

    55. Dio Brando

      Can you make .Made in Heaven Pucci Vs the black flash.cuz it say's in comic black flash is the fastest man alive

    56. OPTIC RIM

      Hey you guys are amazing and really funny and cool and don't forget really smart and if this is ok im gonna make some suggestions for characters for your future videos like can you pls do some seven deadly sins characters pls like meliodas or ban I would really appreciate it..thx for making these awesome vids

      1. OPTIC RIM

        @Skeleton Crew ok

      2. Skeleton Crew

        Any suggestions you have put them in the suggestion form

    57. Rampage Phoenix

      Desth Battle request: (DC) Cheetah vs Sabertooth (Marvel). (My Hero Academia) Froppy vs Toad (X-Men).

    58. Andrew Castro

      please do Ant Man VS The Atom

    59. Absolute Zero#872

      escanor vs all might please

    60. Robert Orenstein

      How about Pumpkin Head VS. Alien? Scarlet Witch Vs. Zatana?

    61. Slim Bama

      Do Ken vs Sub Zero for your next death battle

    62. I am Mr.Feebas

      Jean vs wanda!!!!

      1. SuperPokemonStars

        Both are from the same universe. So no.

    63. Leo Tovar

      Bro edward richtofen from cod zombies vs Dr ludwig or more known as the medic in Team Fortress 2 good idea.

    64. Blitz

      Kazuya vs. Wesker this Wednesday plz

    65. Webslinger 1996

      I would love to see Ethan Hunt vs. James Bond or Jason Bourne vs. one of those!!

    66. Troy Hughey

      Odds : Jean Grey vs Scarlet Witch ???

      1. SuperPokemonStars

        They are from the same universe, so no.

    67. Dawn Ponce


    68. High ram Gaming

      Carmen sandiego vs kim possible

    69. LNG CreepyzTV

      *death battle idea* vegeta (Dragon ball Z) vs gaara (naruto)

      1. S N 7584

        Vegeta slaps. Don't you dare do my boi Gaara like that

    70. not who you think I am

      They should do toad from Marval vs Rash from Battletoads.

    71. Damian Aguirre

      If any of you guys read the Moro arc for dragon ball Goku can match up to super man so he might win

    72. shadowdarksun

      hollow knight vs ori please

    73. Erik Laursen

      You should do Usopp from One piece versus Golden Ball from one punch man

    74. Misterr Gutcheck

      Shining Gundam Vs White Glint (gundam vs Armored core) make it happen Roosterteeth

    75. David rosado

      Jet li (the one) vs Bruce Leroy (the last dragon) the one vs the glow make it happen God damn it

    76. 832Hippie

      Baki vs Ohma (Kengan Ashura)

    77. Taylor Okamura

      Do John Wick VS Jason Borne!!!!!!!

    78. ferocious donut

      Rowena from supernatural vs harry potter from harry potter

    79. AJ Jones

      Piemon(Digimon) vs Rascal(Glitterforce) vs Gambit(Xmen) 😀

      1. SuperPokemonStars

        @AJ Jones Many Mega Level Digimon have god powers. Gambit is just a special human, while i don't know what to say about Precure power scaling. Kefka & Dimentio are both Genocidal clowns with god powers.

      2. AJ Jones

        @SuperPokemonStars That could be possible outside Batman's Joker.these 3 are the only other Joker characters I know lbvs😀

      3. SuperPokemonStars

        Piedmon is too powerful for the other 2. Rather have him fight Kefka or Dimentio.

    80. Dry Bones

      'Day' One of asking for a Doom-Slayer/MC rematch.

    81. Daniel Garland

      Speaking of Galactus... Big G vs. Unicron!

    82. NightFlame

      Can you do a gozilla vs naruto? I was having a discussion about it and wanted to see your guys input.

    83. KhaoX

      I was thinking Boa Hancock (one piece) vs Mirajane (Fairy tail). Because you know...looks.

    84. SammanTheMan Sayegh

      Yo could you do a JOSUKE fight

    85. Ki-Pat Tao

      Werewolf fight is awesome.

    86. Nathalie Florival

      Or Madara (Naruto shipuden) vs Dio (JoJo bizarre adventure

      1. Nathalie Florival

        @S N 7584 sure that to

      2. S N 7584

        Madara is most likely fighting Aizen Sosuke from Bleach.

    87. Nathalie Florival

      Can the next death be: cell (Dragon ball z) vs kars (JoJo bizarre adventure)

    88. ReeseScony

      You guys should do Sora vs Aang!

    89. Matheus Costa

      Merlin (nanatsu no taizai) vs scarlet witch (marvel)

    90. EthanxHenderson

      Sakura vs all might???????

      1. S N 7584

        All might prime can win if you count her punching Kaguya as an outlier, if not sakura (sadly) stomps.

      2. EthanxHenderson

        Naruto and mha

    91. Simon Teh

      Doctor strange vs goku pls pls pls pls pls pls

    92. Godzilla Destroy all monsters

      King Kong vs king ceasar

    93. Brandon Foley

      Interesting idea: Candy Mare from Something Sweet to Bite vs Necromorphs from Dead Space. Fan Fiction isn’t said to be disqualified. Both are corruptive monsters that are at least universal threats, one is magic, other technology, both are resistant to poisons of sorts (Sunset Shimmer Candied version was harmed but survived radiation whereas Necromorphs are affected by Stasis), both have children songs (Nightmare Night vs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), both affected by specific circumstances (dismemberment and fire vs sunlight), and wonderful dichotomy between the ponies of other battles and this, plus need horror. Otherwise her vs The Thing, or the Flood. Same as above but different categories. She has at least a canon front profile and given the whole shapeshifter, any avatar is good.

    94. Sonia Mclean

      I want to see Gilldarts from fairytail vs red hair shanks

      1. S N 7584

        That's only gonna happen at EOS one piece

      2. S N 7584

        Shanks barely has any feats. The best you can do is scale him.

    95. ZR1 F80

      Scarlett Witch vs. Jean Grey

    96. kevin lambert

      Domino vs Jinx (good vs bad luck)

    97. ethan cullen

      Typhoid mary vs Harley Quinn (marvel vs DC)

    98. pyroshark

      Next should be tanya degurachaff vs seras victoria

    99. Xavier Soto

      Death battle matches that you could make: Yugi vs ash Vision vs superman Rambo vs john wick The predator vs venom Sub zero vs captain cold Black widow vs batgirl Sorry if any of these are already death battles but yeah Love the channel hope you do one of these fights 🙂

    100. Ultimate Godzilla

      Can you do a Godzilla versus Kong death battle