Shadow HedgeHOGs the Spotlight in DEATH BATTLE!


196 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    The edgelord hedgehog is back to claim a victory beyond a Shadow of a doubt!
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    1. Ruben Lewies

      I hat shadow

      1. Nathan

        No one cares

    2. the Longneck Man

      tengen toppa gurren lagann

    3. Ridge Gamer

      Please Tell me What the song Is called used for Shadow's Analysing 00:49

    4. Jamari Stanley

      Do The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

    5. alli335 tv

      Chaos blast

    6. Philip Barlow

      Any idea what that background music was? I’d like to look it up

    7. Fancy chicken

      The one and only, shadow the hedgehog *Shadow androids and shadow prototypes in the arc*

    8. MIT TJY

      OOoo make some more X-Men battles I got some Magneto VS Madera Psylocke VS Hiei Gambit VS Hisoka Cable VS Future Trunks Magik VS Asta (black clover) Mystique VS Chrollo (hxh) Rogue VS Ryuko (kill la kill) Mr Sinister VS Orochimaru Sabretooth VS Katakuri (one piece) ShatterStar (Xforce) VS Zoro (One Piece) Onslaught (xmen) VS Aizen (bleach) Storm VS Kakashi Apocalypse VS Lord Beerus

    9. こうさか


    10. Ryder Draconis

      I'm getting sick of death battle using speed of light as an easily attainable feat. Dodging lazers isn't light speed and it never should be considered so.

    11. thebigEdziu

      So how many super powers has Boomstick have ?? Or would love to have ?? :)

    12. Chaffy

      First person to comment after the battle oh yeah yeah I am so great

    13. Tristan Daniel

      Shadow might win. He has more power than speed compared to Sonic. I haven’t had the chance to get into Kill La Kill.

    14. Luis angel Tamayo dominguez

      They're gonna nerf the sonic franchise like they always do

    15. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    16. YehaaMedia

      I just hope they don’t lowball shadow this time.

    17. Ezra Wyvern

      Death Battle: I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU DEAD! Shadow: Excuse me?!

    18. HyperSonicXtreme

      Here come the first members.

    19. Sikk Flo

      Can we get a death battle with at least one of these Dante dmc vs meliodas 7 deadly sins Trevor philips vs Johnny Gat (GTA vs Saints row) Baki hanma vs ohma tokita Taskmaster vs deathstroke Deadshot vs punisher Cell vs ultron

    20. Ruchelle Miller

      You forgot about super shadow

    21. Ruchelle Miller

      If shadow wins he will win the same amount that sonic has won

      1. Ruchelle Miller

        @S N 7584 oh ok I just watched the fight I’m so happy he won

      2. S N 7584

        @Ruchelle Miller first members see the match early

      3. Ruchelle Miller

        @NitroRX 38 how do you know that

      4. NitroRX 38

        @Ruchelle Miller Next time is doctor doom vs lex luthor

      5. NitroRX 38

        @Ruchelle Miller chaos blast

    22. syndiquaza

      This entire fight will be incredibly unfair to Ryuko

    23. langbo9999

      Does that mean boomstick is the owner of dead note

    24. lssjgabriel

      I hope for once shadow wins a death battle

    25. Accelarater

      When did Cell get the Nickname "Shadow"? Lol

    26. Seth Hardy V2

      I know these comments are about the death battle, but I still remember the good old fashion Mario VS Sonic Death Battle. Since then, Ive hyped myself for all the upcoming death battles. I wonder. Will Chaos Control beat the Pogchamp meme, or will the pog stay alive and live another day?

    27. red boi

      I remember when yall use to listen to us where are yall getting these stupid death battle ideas from

    28. Travis Derby

      To be honest buu saga vegeta should have lost to shadow but if we use post TOP vegeta that would be a different story

    29. James your average anime protagonist

      Oh no shadow its seems you have to fight your waifu.

    30. Jake The fox

      As much as I HATE to say it, he's probably gonna lose again

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won LMFAOOOO

    31. D. San

      Putting a super speedster against her seems unfair

    32. Sir Minty

      So against Vegeta, Shadow should've won. Mewtwo he should have won, and now they're putting him against someone who he'll OBLITERATE to make sonic fans less upset about it. For you Vegeta fans out there, Vegeta wins nowadays. But back when they first made it, Shadow should've won with no difficulty. At the time, Vegeta was not low-multiversal at full power. Nowadays he'd give Super Shadow a good smackdown. If they stick to the video game version of Shadow.

    33. Corey Hall

      They are finally giving Shadow the proper analysis he deserves. I hope they include Shadow's powers from Sonic Battle as well.

    34. Crimson Butterfly

      Blares "I am all of me" from the highest possible peak You got this, Shadow! I believe in you!

    35. Anthony Rabi

      Maybe this time shadow can take the gold

    36. Thomas Vineyard

      Alright hear me out Carol Baskins vs Thatveganteacher

    37. Haulin Heavy

      I hope they put in Hyper Shadow so that he could up the odds.

    38. Deon Knight

      remember shadow last to death battles shadow lost so the winner is ryuko

      1. NitroRX 38

        In your dreams, shadow won🤣

    39. ArchieSatAMfan17

      Infinite the jackal vs Vlad Plazmius. Sonic the hedgehog vs danny phantom

    40. ArchieSatAMfan17

      Aku vs Bill cipher plz. Samurai Jack vs Gravity Falls.

    41. NAV615

      I can already tell shadow is gonna lose 😑

      1. S N 7584

        He won😂😂😂😂

      2. NitroRX 38

        @NAV615 chaos blast

      3. NAV615

        @NitroRX 38 WHAT

      4. NitroRX 38

        He won

    42. Charon GràBuen

      Can you answer the age old question? Who would win? John wick or agent 47?

    43. Sharingantwist

      Y’all doing my boy dirty!!

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won😁

    44. Enlightened Perry

      The dark mouse vs the dark night with 3 hours prep time

    45. Arelis Ricardo

      Please give shadow a chance to win this death battle

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won

    46. Sebastian James

      first a edgy spiky haired guy, then a edgy spoon wielding frieza looking thing now a edgy goth gf? death battle you've done it again

    47. Zach Mansfield


    48. Stick Bush

      I just realized that egg man has a sister

    49. Fox-Miles , Savior of Foxes

      Who’s he fighting this time? Godzilla or someone else far more powerful than him?

    50. Cyrelle\Sonic18

      Will Shadow lose again for the 3rd time?

      1. NitroRX 38

        Nope, he won

    51. sticky guy

      I Wonder why Shadow and Sonic just can’t win any fight

      1. NitroRX 38

        @sticky guy same

      2. sticky guy

        @NitroRX 38 My bad you’re right, have a great day ;)

      3. NitroRX 38

        @sticky guy he just won

      4. sticky guy

        @NitroRX 38 because he never won anything, but I hope he wins this time

      5. NitroRX 38

        Then why did shadow just won this battle?

    52. sonic burn

      Shadow brings chaos to death battle

    53. Ryan the Iron Spider official

      Yeah baby that's what I've been waiting for this is finally mean that we're finally getting the Shadow the Hedgehog versus big Yoshi fight

    54. psyxypher

      You go from Lizard to Hedgehog because a hedgehog stops growing.

    55. yoriichi tsugikuni

      Vegeta:Sayornala Mewtwo:Sayornala Shadow:Sayornala Vegeta and Mewtwo: *Ur Not Supose to say that*

    56. Grimdar88

      If it ends up like the mewtwo vs shadow fight then i’m gonna facepalm hard.

    57. Pixelated Potato

      I’m not sure how ryuko could even win this exchange, this feels like a bit of a mismatch to me.

    58. Sex YT

      the only character to lose twice in a row

      1. Pesci is the best character

        Hulk literally 2 episodes ago.

    59. Chad Ohunayo

      This is unfair. Shadow vs Ryuko. He doesn't even need to use the chaos emeralds.

    60. death con 5

      Shadow will win

    61. Esaias Squires

      Shadows gonna win

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won

    62. Jarrett Middleton

      If shadow loses to a emo edged girl, I’m gonna lose it

      1. NitroRX 38

        @Jarrett Middleton roosterteeth

      2. Jarrett Middleton

        @NitroRX 38 where’s your proof and don’t spoil it

      3. NitroRX 38

        Dont worry, he won

    63. Wodens Throne

      We're just going to ignore Super Shadow? Alright then, lol.

      1. Pesci is the best character

        This isn't his full analysis section.

    64. Xavier Bean

      I like how it’s HedgeHOG instead of Hedgehog

    65. Sister Mary Wormhorn

      $100 says it's another loss under his belt, he's like Genos, always coming back for abuse. Worst part is I actually like Shadow but I know when my favorite character is on the losing side.

      1. NitroRX 38

        Shadow won

    66. Himitsu Murasaki

      Honestly, what chances does Ryuko have against this guy? Guess they finally went easy-mode on Shadow given his loosing streak

    67. Schem Hamephorash

      I have no doubts that Shadow will win since Ryuko is a little known and not particularly popular character. The anti-Sonic bias is only active during Death Battles against iconic characters (Mewtwo, Vegeta, Mario, Wally West ...).

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won

      2. Schem Hamephorash

        @Ryl Harris Yes, but less than Mario or The Flash. And probably less than Shadow as well.

      3. Ryl Harris

        Ryuko is quite popular actually

    68. Brandon Kers

      i think in the fight between ryuko and shadow there will be a sword fight.

    69. Meme lord 69 Albert

      I hope shadow wins

    70. IceRiven Riven

      I think Ryuko Matoi win.

      1. IceRiven Riven

        @NitroRX 38 ha ha ha. you're funny )

      2. NitroRX 38

        @IceRiven Riven next time is lex luthor vs doctor doom

      3. NitroRX 38

        @IceRiven Riven get roosterteeth and youll see

      4. IceRiven Riven

        @NitroRX 38 Nope. She win

      5. NitroRX 38

        She didnt lol

    71. Some Guy

      Ryuko: "sayonara"

      1. NitroRX 38

        Spoiler: Shadow: uno reverse card

    72. Pedro Torres

      He came out twice, and lost to Vegeta and Miu two.

    73. Felix is Fabulous

      When doing a quote from whatever media the character is from, they should use the Hot Topic quote from Snapcube

    74. assasing123 sleep

      This feels stupid, the characters are nowhere near in power levels, shadow be moving at lightspeed and battling a cosmic power level entity like sonic, whereas the msot ryuko ever did was fight an alien and she barely won despite having the help of her sister and a a battleship.

    75. Nick DeGugs

      You made him lose twice already, why should we even bother?

      1. InfernoHelix

        @NitroRX 38 yes but some of us do not use it. I have an account but I use it for red vs blue. Please do not spoil it for people who do not have rooster teeth

      2. NitroRX 38

        @InfernoHelix did you know roosterteeth exist?

      3. InfernoHelix

        @NitroRX 38 You don’t know that. The video hasn’t been premiered yet.

      4. NitroRX 38

        He won

      5. InfernoHelix

        @Nick DeGugs well. It’s true. He has none

    76. donjay

      It should have been Shadow with his KS emeralds versus Thanos and his Infinity Stones

    77. Andrew Hall

      Ma boi!

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won😁

    78. Ana Silvester

      After shadow vs ryuko can you do Archie Sonic vs mega Man .exc

    79. Nexus Prime24

      If Shadow loses again his going to be on the same losing streak as the other Final Fantasy characters.

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won

    80. Trey Walker

      I want Shadow to step on me with his bare feet so badly😩

      1. Yourbrother_ Blkbear

        Um sir, this is a wendy's 🥴

    81. Isidoro David Maya

      I hope shadow uses guns in the fight🙏

    82. cazzracc11

      They're soooooooooo gonna give shadow a handout win, and you can't prove me otherwise hope ryuko returns for redemption one day if i'm right

    83. Robert Forrest

      I think the reason Gerald went from the magalizard to a hedgehog was because in the background of one level in sonic 2, there are hieroglyphs on the wall. It pictures Super sonic defeating the death egg, I think maybe Gerald came across these caves and saw the hieroglyphs and thought that's what the ultimate lifeform would look like. This also explains why Shadow's hair is the same as Super Sonic's. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

    84. GaMastrr

      Bro if they give him a 3rd loss, I'm unsubscribing.

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won

    85. Victor Nova

      Fantastic. They're going for the edgelord jokes and completely disregarding Shadow's original, and far more compelling, character.

    86. Cyclone_ Marble

      Let’s Hope Shadow Wins After his Devastating Loss. (Cough Cough Mewtwo.)

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won!

      2. julian vazquez

        And cough cough spoon.png cough

      3. Aaron RM

        And *cough* Vegeta *cough*

    87. Fundy Productions

      Joe-Fixit vs Mr. X Hulk needs a W

    88. Nomicon Gaming

      The downplay here is so bad it almost hurts

    89. Crimzon Nova

      Every death battle had some significance between both combatants that are relatable. What’s that with Shadow and Ryoku?

      1. Crimzon Nova

        @Cameron Dees makes sense. thank you.

      2. Cameron Dees

        they have the exact same character arc, have a similar designs, are notoriously edgy, and have blue colored rivals that are equal to them in every way

    90. lightyoshiman

      Gerald went from the lizard design to the hedgehog design because he was inspired by the murals he found when he went to the mystic ruins while there he came across two murals of prophecy one that predicted sonic 3 (where sonic was fighting eggman) and the mural we see in sonic adventure (with perfect chaos) he went with the perfect chaos design first (biolizard) but it had health problems so he then went with the sonic design which is how he got to shadow


      Every character can fly except Tails🤣

    92. Aoi Casey Jones

      🙄 I HOPE shadow wins this one but I'm going for my Girl Ryoko!

      1. NitroRX 38

        Shadow won

    93. David Dayeen

      This is like feels like when they had The Mask fight Deadpool , just so Deadpool could loose. There just looking for someone Shadow can beat. No disrespect to Shadow he's my favorite sonic character but this feels one-sided , power-set wise. Shadow doesn't even wear clothes.

    94. Colin Nze

      If Shadow loses then someone is dying. I'm sorry I have to take my anger out by someone.

      1. Colin Nze

        @NitroRX 38 wait a sec the battle hasn't started yet? Which one were you talking about?

      2. NitroRX 38

        @Colin Nze k

      3. Colin Nze

        @NitroRX 38 just don't tell me how he won.

      4. Colin Nze

        @NitroRX 38 I hadn't watched it yet dangit!

      5. NitroRX 38

        He won

    95. James Bios

      I'm glad Shadow the Hedgehog is back in DEATH BATTLE & I Hope he WINS this Time 😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃👍

      1. NitroRX 38

        He won!😁

    96. The S T A I N

      I'm sorry what's the similarities between these characters. Their colour scheme?? In that case when are we getting beerus vs barnie

      1. Ajax

        @Cameron Dees have you seen kill la kill?

      2. Cameron Dees

        they have what is basically the exact same character arc

    97. Hunter Red hood

      If shadows loses death battles are stupid

      1. Hunter Red hood

        @NitroRX 38 has it happened already

      2. NitroRX 38

        Shadow won, but death battle is stupid anyway

    98. EZOR BLACK

      Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources

      1. Troodon Talon

        No, they can't. That would be literally impossible because there would be too much information to work with and the sources would all contradict each other.

    99. MrBirbo The First

      Didn’t shadow fight fricken Vegeta, the guy that can destroy planets easily?

    100. Jacob Weatherford

      Shadow is literally fighting his favorite anime character lol