Raven VS Beast Boy w/ Tara Strong & Greg Cipes | DEATH BATTLE Cast #218


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    Tara Strong & Greg Cipes join us for an epic Teen Titans duel and their podcast Ship It Show!
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    1. Ricyricky


    2. Ricyricky

      Beast boy would clearly win Number one: gigantopithecus. Number two: raven would be arrested for animal abuse.

    3. Jordon Vazquez


    4. Sophia Uskudarli Isabel Higueros

      3:38 BB slader will NOT be tolerated 😤

    5. CrucialSpitsBars

      Beast boy vs wonder twins

    6. gojirafan430

      Yo is Greg just like on ecstasy this whole time or something?


      Omg I mean I knew people were gonna vote raven but that percentage tho 🤣

    8. Sum Guy

      Hmmm a demon against a guy who can turn into animals damn this is closer then we thought

    9. *Greener's Channel

      Shouldve used only her for raven vs twilight

    10. *Greener's Channel

      #2 beast boy

    11. Tom Gipps

      Baked, cooked even.

    12. Matt Say Yay

      A month ago: Oh, that's nice. Another Cast thing. A month later: Wait, hold up! You got WHAT NOW!?

    13. ncognegro05

      Woman is so damned gorgeous.

    14. Armando Delgado

      Wow Tara strong is beautiful ☺️

    15. Zeryph Tactics

      I hope they do raven vs beast boy soon though

    16. Zeryph Tactics

      Raven vs scarlet witch all the way

    17. Wendy Williams

      raven literally morphed beastboy into a different animal.....but watch this dumbass channel make beastboy win somehow

    18. Patrick J. Colliano

      The Karens vs the Sovereign Citizens!

    19. mystacris

      Dude. You don't even know. Tara Strong is responsible FOR YOUR CHILDHOOD.

    20. Simple Simon

      I didn't see it in the first 100 comments so I'll just say it, Greg is high AF

    21. Edward Cross

      Beast Boy vs Reptil confirmed?

    22. Yvthan Rosémary

      They have never read a DC book in their life

    23. Unstable Beast

      I'd ship catwoman, marry starfire and kill joker

    24. Unstable Beast

      5:00 in the teen titans cartoon, with the trigon saga it honestly seemed like raven had more of a crush on Robin and bb was more of like a best friend/brother. To me atleast

    25. 4P0STR0PH3 MUSIC

      Are we not gonna talk about how kryptonians are weak to magic so raven would just obliterate beast boy in superman form

      1. Nagato /Pain

        Raven has become a magic user in the modern comics

    26. Itsghost7kk

      Beast boy: it’s which ever one you want to ride on. Welp there goes my childhood. 😳

    27. London Rhodes

      Watching Ben meltdown inside was really enjoyable.

    28. Littlekiraneko

      So I guess we doing domestic abuse and animal abuse today.

    29. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    30. Dominick Sanchez

      Raven wins

    31. thebigEdziu

      Damn... I didn't know DBC was guesting stars. I'm glad they didn't see me. My hair is terrible XD Does Tara always speak that way like here ?? With her lavender eyes she was alluring. And Greg was quite strange but positive guy. Could Raven detect Beast Boy if he transforms into very small insect e.g. flea ?? A quick jump on her, shapeshifting into something with a big claws or teeth and done. On the other hand Raven has more opportunities so I would vote for her. Community DB - No idea.

    32. StarZ1

      Kratos vs wonder woman

      1. Nagato /Pain


    33. DarkKing009

      A violent marriage counseling

    34. AnJ -L-Ope

      Waiting for animation of this

    35. Cam K

      I don't mean to be rude but could beast boy stop talking for like 10 minutes

    36. grunt25100


    37. Serious Spike Sam

      It's cool that Tara got here, but Greg was way too annoying for me.

    38. Gerald Evan

      easy, raven owns beast boy in battle, while beast boy owns raven in....Nevermind

    39. Killer Boy

      Raven would obviously win

    40. Fakenit66

      Urgh... White people who try to talk like black rappers. X(

      1. 4P0STR0PH3 MUSIC


    41. Jayson D

      Barney vs Big Bird Doraemon vs Dora Totoro vs Snorlax Haku (Spirited Away) vs Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) Hello Kitty vs Pikachu

    42. KinG CapitalG Leo

      Are they the real voice actors?

      1. 4P0STR0PH3 MUSIC


    43. kilarymz4life

      Ellie vs clementine please!

    44. 35 IXB4 aziz ziza

      beastboy isnt that strong all he turns into is gorilla elephant or stuff there is no earthy animal that could ever match the power of demi gods raven is the dark empress of the hells kitchen

      1. Trunks

        Yet people with no super powers can?

    45. Chad Phriday

      Poor Greg. Nobody told him they wanted Teen Titans Beastboy and he brought Go! Beastboy instead.

    46. Omar Vasquez

      Can we redo this and just have Ravens voice actor present. BBs voice guy makes me want to off myself

    47. Kayla Kosatka


    48. Michael Rondan

      Beast Boy vs TMNT?

    49. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy im trying to comment on the most recent because I really wanna see this fight

    50. Saint Maxxi

      Well it was nice that Tara Strong showed up.

    51. Joseph Eilers

      I'd really like to see Raven vs Scarlett witch

      1. Brianna smith

        Yeah I'd say Raven wins

    52. Greatest Drunkest GrandLine Pirate

      I like the prequel trilogy

    53. George Guess-Nelson

      42:47 oh yeah! she voice rikku in kh2

    54. Charlie

      Beast boy underrated. How about he turns into a tiny flying insect, flies inside your ear then turns into a whale?

      1. Brianna smith

        @Charlie Well, you do have a point. And I agree, Beast Boy should not be underrated. He can turn into aliens, mythical creature and can mix them just like when Raven turned him evil, he just made a monster himself. BeastBoy is powerful but Yes Raven takes this.

      2. Charlie

        @Brianna smith I wasn’t specifically saying that he could do that against Raven, just saying as an overlooked combat technique. Raven is the most powerful TT by far and my fav.

      3. Brianna smith

        How about Raven telekinetically put Beast Boy into a grip and crush him. Or control his transforming power like what Raven did once. She made BB from insect to mouse against BB's will

    55. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    56. Kayla Kosatka


    57. corjonbett

      Can you say curb stomp?? She teleports him into outer space, instant win.

    58. Ki-Pat Tao

      I like Raven X Beast Boy the better. Tara Strong is my favorite voice actress

    59. Armando Delgado

      Raven easily wins

    60. Injustice: All Gods

      This was obvious from the beginning

    61. Seth S.

      Tara is like: SHINRA TENSEI!! (Almighty Push)

    62. Observant Aid

      My God, she has a beautiful voice. She could describe a car crash in graphic detail and people would still applaud.

      1. Armando Delgado

        She can talk about rain drops and I would still be in love

      2. MarioToast

        There's a reason she's in pretty much everything.

    63. Mr Dee Pop

      Two characters from the same series

    64. Mr Dee Pop

      What is this

    65. Mr Dee Pop


    66. Nathan Weast

      I don't hear Beast Boy; I hear Mikey.


      Here is a idea for a death battle: Escanor ☀️ (The Seven Deadly Sins) vs Stella ☀️ (Winx Club)


      PLEASE DO A BEAST BOY DEATH BATTLE, put him against like reptile(the marvel hero) but if you do dont forget if beast boy gets angry enough the animal inside him will go off and will become the beast within

    69. Patriotic Justice

      I'd love to see Raven with Wiz and Boomstick.

    70. Patriotic Justice

      Absolutely loved Tara Strong as Raven in Teen Titans (the good one, not Teen Titans Go)

    71. MasterRoshi

      Raven vs Scarlett Witch!

    72. maxturbo45

      Yall should make it a Double Date/Couples Night Out Death Battle... like Beast Boy and Raven vs. (insert another good power couple here)... 2 v 2 m8

    73. Austin The Super Luigi Fan

      In this battle raven is gonna lose both ways by winningthe fight but killed a good friend . And not gonna see him again........ WOW THAT IS DARK!

    74. TannonLovesHisAx

      When did Greg turn in to such a spaz? He seemed way more mellow when I saw the behind the scenes of the OG show.

      1. Marumaru Jakuson

        Its what Hollywood does to people they take a character you played for years like making og batman get killed by bat woman because retcon cross-over

    75. 140694 1994

      Should have been raven or zatanna vs scarlet witch

    76. Georgy Zhukov

      Raven:Can use black magic and summon demons Beast boy: *MONKE*

    77. Leo DaKidd

      Bro... are they fried? They look fried. Imma say they're fried.

    78. King Shark

      lmao why would they think Gar turning into Superman would help...as if Superman would ever stand a chance against Raven 😅

      1. Trunks

        @King Shark then prove it

      2. King Shark

        @Trunks yes she has lol. you don't know what you're talking about.

      3. Trunks

        @King Shark yet she never actaully has.

      4. King Shark

        @Trunks no, she always beats him easily

      5. Trunks

        Superman has already beaten her so.

    79. The mandalorian Gaming Network

      Raven has the powers of trigon and could crsuh beast boys bones without any problems

    80. darcone9

      Superman is weak to magic.

    81. Austin Zahm

      Omg! Please bring Blaine on for prequels vs sequels community death battle

    82. John Mallinger

      The battle I'd like to see is Raven vs Scarlet Witch. Not sure who would win, but it would be an awesome fight.

      1. J&H tv

        @Adan Deleon I love th actual comic book fans who actually read the comics

      2. John Mallinger

        @Adan Deleon If this actually happens on Death Battle, I think we all win because the fight will be epic. At least I hope it will.

      3. Adan Deleon

        Raven will win Bc raven didn’t show her capable powers. Read the teen titans comics.👍🏽 not depend on the shows (to 2003-2006 and ttg)

      4. Nagato /Pain

        @Alexis Rivera raven never uses trigon's powers in the comics and raven in her demon form she is still her OWN power and doesn't take any powers from trigon people forget that she is a half demon and that's her real form just like her brothers she'd have been a hell lord a much worse hela at best case scenario an enraged raven one shot belial the same belial who godstomp hela but however the classic comics portrayed her a pacifist but rebirth/daughter of the darkness raven portrayed her as a goth and had good run tho

      5. Alexis Rivera

        @Nagato /Pain ur right but some people just can’t comprehend her power without bringing a comparison

    83. Frederick Douglas

      Raven wins even if Beast boy turns into a kryptonian bc the moment he transforms he would only just of begun absorbing yellow sunlight meaning in the first day of being a kryptonian he would only be at peak human bordering superhuman tops. No where near enough to beat raven. Not to mention having a sensory overload like Zod did when he first was exposed to the Earth's sun.

    84. corjonbett

      That's the thing, Beast Boy is incredibly weak. Even if he turns INTO an animal, he still is a weak human on the inside. Raven could kill him in a single blast. All she'd need to do is trap him in a shield, and let him suffocate. Easy win.

      1. corjonbett

        @Marumaru Jakuson But Raven can literally just disintegrate him on the molecular level, the simple fact is, animals aren't really a great super power. Most of them would be vulnerable to a simple gun, to be honest. He was only tough in those scenes, because he was either fighting alongside people who actually ARE tough to kill, and who ignored him while stronger opponents are around, or B: Because his opponent wasn't PLANNING on killing him, like Granny Goodness.

      2. Marumaru Jakuson

        He turned into beast from marvel as a joke he is of genus meta lycanthrope or werewolf

      3. Marumaru Jakuson

        Beast boy can replicate any xgene solong as they are mamalian descent or in english more feral than man or animalian protizoan

      4. Marumaru Jakuson

        Actually he is incredibly strong but he has to remain town joke because whenever he is serious all his team members are killed by the malla the brain and company ie doom patrol when beast boy was bad az, but i still say raven

    85. FarFromDonkey

      You do know, people that have the upper hand in the beginning will lose in the end, normally how every death battle goes. Maybe Beasty may win, Raven is a daughter of a Demon, while Beast boy (Garfield) can turn into animals

    86. Strykr_Killr

      Asides from the debate, I gotta say hearing Beast Boy's voice again made me miss my childhood

    87. Levi 2kplayer

      Why is it Raven vs beastboy they from the same team

    88. Titan Rising

      dont need to watch this raven wins

    89. y2jjerichoy2js

      This fight is not as one sided as most think it is. Beastboy would actually have a chance at killing Raven. The thing most people don’t realize is the Beastboy everybody is used to seeing in all the cartoons and titans is EXTREMELY NERFED compared to his comic book counterpart. In the comics he can literally become demons, aliens , animals, mythical creatures . He can pretty much become any living creature that exist. He’s even able to mix and match animals and become a hybrid of several different creatures combined . Yes Raven is obviously very powerful but are u really gonna tell me she wouldn’t have a hard time fighting Beastboy if he turned into a freaking dragon!? Also there’s a crazy article I read saying there’s no reason Beastboy couldn’t gain the powers of characters such as Superman, Martian Manhunter , and Starfire since those characters are Aliens and BB can becomes aliens ! Beastboy could definitely have a chance at killing Raven. The problem is in all these shows he’s WAY weaker thank how he’s portrayed in comics. The comic counterpart if Beastboy is WAY more powerful! he can also become entirely new types of creatures just by imagining them and become GIANT versions of any creature no matter how small.

      1. Play at 2x speed.

        Yeah he can become Krypto, the dog kryptonian, apparantly. Not sure why OP thinks a dragon is impressive though

      2. y2jjerichoy2js

        Look up a video on KGup by Ivan the unstoppable called how powerful is Beastboy . Also just google the history of character in the comic and google can Beastboy become a Kryptonian . You’ll find articles on it. I promise I’m not pulling none of this out of my ass.

      3. Galaxyswrld

        Do you have a source?

    90. Wolfy Howling

      Huh Strange Why Characters I Got Married Here

    91. Wonder2Eyes

      39:58 Your welcome

    92. Shadowcrux14

      You Should do Gildarts Fairytail VS All Might My Hero Academia that would be crazy!! and Ravens a badass, she'd wipe the floor with Beast Boy lol

    93. Chris Goods

      John wick vs Agent 47!

    94. Eldar Anderson

      greg is super high and Tara has too much lipstick, tldr, raven wins in all categories

    95. Steven Kasten

      I just subscribed to shipit show and it is so fun and entertaining for people who like voice actors and talking about the fandom of franchises

    96. Tyla McGilverson

      Just sayying beast boy won raven over sooooooo

    97. Misorashi

      Beast boy: Monke Raven: Not monke I think we now know who wins

      1. Quod X XD

        Terrible logic

    98. Just An Asianboy

      what about Merlin (SDS) vs Zeref (Fairy Tail)

    99. Jake Etter

      Just got one last suggestion. Pokemon team rocket vs ash. The setting goes like...team rocket (the full members of the rocket order) invade a town. Ash his friends (the most popular ones) along with officer jenny and other enforcers go out and face off against rocket in a giant no holds barred fight to the finish.

      1. Jake Etter

        The setting would be this: in the town pokemon center jessie and james stage another attempt to take pikachu. They use their usual gadgets but more leatul results. Sarena tried to save pikachu but she ended up in the same chamber with him. Jenny was injured but not out, she gave Brock keys to the police weapons locker. Ash damages the getaway vehicle and it crashed at the edge of the town. Every known member of rocket arrived at the site and looked at pikachu and Serena "This is what you waisted the name of rocket for? I should have poisoned your drinks!" That is ash, his closet friends, a patched up jenny, and some Pokemon rangers, armed both with pokemon and guns. "You have harassed this region for the last time rocket!" "We we're trying to collect powerful pokemon to take over the world, but it looks like we'll have to make due to what we got." Both sides fought both with pokemon and what weapons they had. Serena used both legs to kick the door open. Her legs were injured, but she and pikachu were free. Pikachu joined ash as he took on the rocket leader. Ash defeat him, but in his last ounce of strength pulled a gun "I will not be defeat by a child!" But jenny used the last ounce of her strength to shoot him. Ash sees Serena struggling to move with injured legs. Ash handed her pickachu and picked her up bridal style."it's finally over" Then ash and his surviving companions walled away. KO!


      raven has dark magic and shes a demon raven will win obviously