Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!


247 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

    The pint-sized Jedi Grandmaster is ready to prove that size matters not in a DEATH BATTLE!
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    1. Bully Maguire

      Mickey... The fanbase has demanded a rematch. Mickey: OK, your point? This time however, you will be fighting... Mickey: Yes? Baby Yoda. Mickey: ... Mickey: I am not about to fight a baby. You have no choice. Mickey: ... When this battle is over, the fanbase will kill you, for this. I hope you realize.

    2. BoB Ben

      Juvia Lockser vs Suigetsu Hozuki

    3. Milan Unosson

      better if they did yoda vs meta knight

    4. Jensen Gong

      Superman vs home lander

    5. Rman Nayr


    6. Rman Nayr

      THIS FIGHT BE WILL EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. thebigEdziu

      Hehe :) Boomstick doesn't treat himself seriously... not at all.


      Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources

    9. Dav Dav

      The Atom vs. Ant man!!!

    10. Kayla Kosatka


    11. Tavares newsonJR

      Please do reptil vs beast boy im trying to comment on the most recent because I really wanna see this fight

    12. Jorge Raya

      Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

    13. Blue Bee

      Anyone else notice that they put at the back instead of the front so it just says *Trusts I’m death battle Yoda does* XD

    14. Al To

      Espero que se entretengan y que pues siga su serie pero me pregunto si mád no los a mencionado a este gran canal de youtube. El crítico sherman saluda jajaxp.

    15. Rod25

      Whats with the 10 years?

    16. jeff melvin

      Dr Manhattan vs darkseid

    17. Dragonewt 0640

      What is the source for the clip at 3:09. I can't recall that at all, did I miss something?

    18. ShirtlessShulkTv

      Easy dub


      This is the video of the loser

    20. AshBloodfire

      Based on how well Obi-Wan scaled, I gotta give this to Yoda.

    21. Mankizen Gaming - MLBB Trivia & Genshin Impact

      first time i discover Deathbattle was Goku vs Superman part 1. its in 2012 or 2013 . well time flies fast .

    22. Peter Parker

      What does it mean he trusts in death Battle?

    23. godsknite

      This episode brought to you by Disney.

    24. Dark Man

      Win Yoda will.

    25. Charles DeLiberis

      you can do it yoda chop that rat in two

    26. The Banana Melon

      You could really just fill this season with Star Wars duels that should’ve happened but never did Like Darth Vader vs Darth Maul Star Killer vs Anakin Luke vs Anakin Ahsoka vs Luke Din Djarin vs Jango Fett

      1. Mordanpix Channel

        The most of Death Battles are about one character from a series vs another character from another series using something they have in common. Fights between characters from the same universe only happened in some Battle Royales.

    27. Low Key Im Loki

      We're talking about a telekinetic hobbit vs a mouse that held his own against a 13 year old kid that can cut through skyscrapers with a single swing of his sword. Are we really expecting any other outcome? :/

    28. core production

      Liam Neeson’s character’s name is Qui-Gon Jinn

    29. Chris

      ..mickey vs yoda? But. But why?

    30. Capsirus

      1:32 - 1:36 Does anyone know where this clip is from?

    31. Sage Animations

      jedi are basically space wizard warrior samurai

    32. Gavin Rowe

      Honestly I'd really like to see Captain Rex or Captain Fordo for a death battle. Sure Captain Fordo has a lot of unknown story but I'd like to see him more now when you brought up the tartakovsky clone wars. But Captain Rex would also be nice to see too.

    33. Spectatsaurus Power

      At least he’s not fighting seagulls, so Seagulls, STOP IT NOW!!!

    34. Spectatsaurus Power

      I never expect Yoda to face King Mickey ever, this is a first. Who wants to bet that Yoda and the Force can take the win? I’m in to see it

    35. Xavier Blackwater

      Does anyone think the Death Battle team takes suggestions for future videos? Because I have a few ideas.

    36. setsunaxlnrs

      I'll say it again: THEY'RE SETTING MICKEY UP TO TAKE A MASSIVE L. Did you see what happened to Kakashi?!

      1. Elijah Gray


    37. Trafalgar Lawn

      Yeah, Yoda can't compete with someone who can stop time. Bad matchup.

    38. AlabamaSoldier

      King Mickey: I've paid for you with a small fortune... Yoda: And power over me, this gives you? Hm?

    39. Limbo Slam

      okay, so it was yoda that I saw in the battle teaser

    40. matt bryant

      Lol yoda bout to get his ass whooped by his daddy.

    41. Space Jesus

      They’re counting 2003 This will be easy.

    42. Mehrio Time

      *lego Yoda Screams in the distance*

    43. cristian vasquez

      if yoda dies there will be riots

    44. Smug Reptile

      So.....since obi won last time. Anyone thinking they are gonna pit Yoda against someone more powerful than jedi?

    45. Sandeep Singareddy

      Everyone in this comment section has terrible grammar

    46. Devin Long

      Predator vs "Mando" (Din Djarin)

    47. Ink Blot Games

      If the force is still an infinite source of power like with obi wan vs kakashi, then something tells me yoda’s got this.

    48. Spider Gang

      “Got u sucker I don’t have feelings” 😆😆

    49. Mazi Sigmond

      Yoda is a Grandmaster and such a serious character in my mind. I know that Mickey mouse is strong in the game but I think it's a mockery to have Yoda fight him.

    50. 2neilas

      😆😆😆! OmL!

    51. Wolf Ninja

      Yoda is 900

    52. bloodraven432

      I wouldn’t say that Sidious and Dooku were top tier Sith. Wasn’t one of the bad guys from Kotor II capable of draining the Force from entire planets, rendering them essentially inhospitable?

    53. Daryn Nehrkorn

      Hm, stronger than Yoda this mouse is not

      1. Elijah Gray

        Hella wrong

    54. RedwoodTheElf

      "Ataru" - Japanese for "You're going to get hit"

    55. Jouxney

      Nicky owns him. So Micky wins the fight in my eyes 😂

    56. nobody Flores

      Yoda win he better

    57. Bruh Train

      Spiderman vs batman remake

    58. John Paul Castillo

      Really? Either way, disney wins. Lol

    59. Khairullah Haidari

      I love the intro

    60. Edward Flores

      Seeing the Soul Calibur VI game guest starring Yoda put a smile on my face 😀.

    61. Nadia Hooks


      1. Elias Fr

    62. Renegade Gamer

      Cant wait for Deathbattle to just up and have Yoda get Merc'd by Mickey with the half assed Calcs n research they do..

    63. Howler's Domain

      Free Star Wars from the corporate chains of disney! Free it yoda! 😆

      1. Elias Fr

    64. Bean doodle

      when i saw the yoda vs mickey fight i be like welp, now im gonna see a brutally killed mouse

    65. R u i

      Bet Yoda to win this match, I will.

      1. TigerRider MinecraftJava

        You sure

    66. Scrap Fox

      Song of DBX: Cuphead vs Bendy..near the end, it was.

    67. WarMastaP

      so far Yoda has more views and more likes keep it a fanboys

    68. HunterBeatBilly98

      Have been in kingdom hearts i wasn't. Take rage on mice i will. Order 66 i must commit.

    69. R.I.P Geno Cultshit

      No chance, Mickey has. Handed to him, his ass will be.

    70. That Guy77

      Yoda please kill Mickey Mouse for being a Nazi who enslave all them kool fictional universes . They better not destroy the Aliens Predator universe 😢

    71. super saiyan caleb21

      Interesting, this is

    72. morphingninja

      "Wait is he actually Kermit?" Well... his first appearance was essentially a Muppet...

    73. Deion Mason

      Where back

    74. Joshua Waldorf

      Underdog vs Mighty Mouse.

    75. Gerardo Santana

      Yoda. Do us all a favor. Rid us of the rat.

    76. moniker

      They forgot to mention he fought a mountain once

    77. CallumLikesStarWars Official

      I can sense something...Something in the force...An epic battle is coming

    78. JayD_SansYt Studios

      Yeah um I really hope this death battle doesn't get as gory as it could potentially get

    79. Chase Hilton

      Neither do I, Boomstick, neither do I

    80. jeremy Knees

      With all the sw stuff, this was a nice background. Yoda really is bomb

    81. Niccolò De Caro

      I knew they would have eventually shown this fight, but I don't really remember whether I was one of those people who suggested it in the comments or not. Anyway, I'm so excited about this! My money is on Mickey (which is actually what a lot of billionaire companies have been saying recently!)

    82. Anonymous324

      If Yoda does lose, I hope you guys play his LEGO Death Sound or I will be severly dissapoineted.

    83. reel real

      Whiz is MEAN LOL

    84. Zippier Tiger3

      Any one know when the full vids gonna be out?

    85. Unstable SMRT

      Excited for this, I am

    86. Zippier Tiger3

      About time they made a new death battle iv been waiting so long shame to see my face childhood character die tho as I doubt Yoda can be beaten by a mouse Edit:no I'm not a star wars fan it's just pretty obvious because everyone knows Yoda needs a nerf

    87. Bangarang Rufio

      Imagine my surprise, not knowing who Yoda would be fighting, but watching the vid and thinking, "King Mickey uses Ataru style too! Man Kingdom Hearts borrows so much from Star Wars." Then THIS MATCH UP. I'm beyond ecstatic hahaha.

    88. zeoking silver

      "Gotchya sucker I don't have feelings."

    89. dequan300

      As much as I want mickey to win ,Yoda has this in the bag

    90. King Sama

      "Gotcha sucker, I don't have feelings" 😂🤣

    91. collin Nicolazzo

      Excited am i

    92. Alexis Polenne

      #TeamMickey on this one I do love Yoda, but man do I love this reckless mouse even more so.

    93. Lil_Cajun

      lmao. keep in mind Disney has been vaccinating Mickey since the 1920's. I dont think he can give yoda the necessary amount of rabies to win.

    94. spoonyluv19

      He's also the father of Grogu, the most marketable character in the star wars franchise.

    95. Barristan Bold

      I’m not confident that will Yoda. The way the two introduces Yoda doesn’t seem right

    96. Sirthinkalot

      kill him, if mickey did. Punished by allah, Mickey will. no match for allah, mickey is. ensure his win, Allah will. agree, anyone else?

      1. Spencer C

        @Sirthinkalot here is the thing, In KH, the greek gods exist. yet they don't rule over all creation. they only rule over their small segment of reality. allah would be no different. just one of many gods playing in their little pond in the grand scheme of the setting.

      2. Sirthinkalot

        but he is the one true god. omnipotent, he is.

      3. Spencer C

        given this iteration of mickey, allah would not be the one true god so ... no

    97. Gallen Dugall

      The Force is plot contrivance. It has no rules. Winning or losing is purely a matter of what the plot calls for.

    98. Kakashi Sensei

      For the next fight can you do Saitama(One punch man vs Superman(DC comics)

    99. BaconStrips0

      Powerful sith Lord and Dooku don't belong in the same sentence.

    100. Jalen Ikezeue

      May The force Be with All of you